How to Know When an iPhone Was Activated

They sold you an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller says that it is new. Before you start working with the new Apple smartphone, you must activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting a smartphone with an inserted SIM card to Apple’s activation servers. To do this, just connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

How to Know When an iPhone Was Activated

And only after the owner of the iPhone receives confirmation of activation, he will be able to use his device.

Thus, if when you first turn on the smartphone, the user immediately gets to the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and settings screens, then he was already in use. At the same time, if the welcome screen appears after the first power-on of the iPhone, this will not mean that the gadget has not been used. The fact is that a screen with the word “Hello” in different languages ​​of the world appears every time you reset your iPhone to factory settings or after the iOS recovery procedure on your computer. In other words, even unpacking the sealed box and the appearance of the welcome screen when you turn on the purchased iPhone does not guarantee that the smartphone is new.

Detailed tutorial

On the Apple website there is a section “Checking eligibility for service and support », in which you can quickly and effortlessly check whether the iPhone purchased by the buyer has not been used before. All that a user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device. For activated gadgets, this number can be found in “Settings”, In chapter “The main”, Menu item”About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the welcome screen, its serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the iPhone serial number is indicated on a label on the back of the original box.

So, to check the iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Checking eligibility for service and support » on the Apple website.

2. Enter in the appropriate field the iPhone serial number (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Proceed.


The iPhone serial number NEVER contains the letter “O” (the number “0” (zero) is used.

3. If when checking an allegedly new iPhone (or Apple’s officially restored (ref, refurbished)), the message “Activate your device », then it really confirms that the smartphone had no history and he really is new.

After activation, in the service “The right to service and support ” there will appear (perhaps not immediately, but during the day) the estimated end date of the Service and Repair Right, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day. In other words, to find out the date first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the settlement date.

NOTE: Data on the Apple server may not change immediately, usually it occurs in the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.

If the activation date that you performed will differ from that indicated in the service “Checking eligibility for service and support », then you can safely make claims to the seller. the smartphone has been activated earlier, i.e. Unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.


We give an example from life. In the post-Soviet space, the sale of gray (illegally imported) activated iPhones under the guise of new ones is often used. How does this happen? New locked (tied to a mobile operator) iPhone sold, for example, in the United States, at a fairly low price. They are bought by “businessmen” for the purpose of subsequent unlocking (decoupling from the operator) for a fee.

However, often in order to unlock such an iPhone, in most cases it is necessary to unpack its box, restore the software and pack it again. By and large, this is a new phone (in fact they were not used), identical to that purchased from an official reseller, but the date of its first activation will not correspond to the date of activation by the buyer, since it was already made earlier. Naturally, the service and support period for such a phone will be less than a year.