How to know the state of your Samsung battery

How to find out the number of charging cycles Samsung?

Find the file named fg_fullcapnom. This is where you find the remaining battery power. If you have Android 7 installed, the value you find there should be multiplied by 2. If you want to know the number of charging cycles, find the file Fg_cycle in the folder “battery” and open it.

  • Hold down the Option key, and select the Apple menu. Select System info.
  • In the “Hardware” section of the “System Information” window, select “Power”. Information about the current number of cycles can be found in the “Battery Info” section.

A scientific approach

Battery capacity is the ability to store and release DC energy.

Use the multifunction charger to determine the actual battery capacity.

  • You need to wait until the phone is discharged and turns off.
  • Then you need to connect your smartphone to the charger and set the battery type and charging mode.

The device will read the capacity during the process of charging, based on the time and the current value of the charge with a constant value.

This way you can quickly find out the capacity of the battery.

How to check the condition of the battery Xiaomi?

In the case of some Xiaomi devices, you can check the level of battery wear and tear. And we will tell you how to do it. You need to dial the special code from the cell phone: # # # A menu with information about the battery will be displayed on the screen.

To check the car battery. take an ordinary multimeter and measure the voltage of the car battery. the red probe of the multimeter to the positive “red” terminal of the battery and the black probe to the negative “black” terminal of the battery.

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Checking the wear and tear of the USB battery with a USB tester

If you want to get more accurate information about the battery status of your Android phone, you’ll need a USB tester. It is a small device designed to measure the voltage and current that passes through the USB port. Also testers usually are equipped with the function of measuring the energy consumption, which allows you to measure the real capacity of the battery of your phone.

Usage principle of the USB tester is very simple. It needs to be plugged into the USB port of the charger, then the device under test is connected to it and starts charging. After that the screen of the USB tester shows the current charging parameters (voltage, current, energy consumption).

In order to check the phone’s battery life with the help of a USB tester you need to perform the following actions:

Visual inspection

You do not need to be an expert to distinguish a “healthy” battery from a spoiled one. In fact, most of the problems are visible to the naked eye. If your phone has a removable battery, take it out with the device turned off beforehand and see if there are any symptoms like swelling, corrosion around the metal contacts, greenish or white spots. If this happens, it is not long to part with the phone. If you find suspicious spots or distortion of the shape of the battery, do not delay to contact the manufacturer about the replacement or buy a new battery. Under no circumstances should you put the problem battery back in so that the electrolyte doesn’t spill inside the unit and damage anything in it. The place of the “sick” henceforth in a plastic bag, and in the long term. in recycling.

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How to check the real capacity of a car battery?

With a multimeter you can measure the exact amount of current flowing in the circuit and time it until the voltage drops to 10.8 volts. The resulting time multiplied by the current would be the real capacity of the car battery. You can also read about how to check the battery of your phone and its real capacity.

There are several applications for analyzing battery capacity available in Play Market, but the most popular and accurate (you can find comparisons of results obtained in the program and using hardware capacity meters online) is AccuBattery, available for free (there is also a Pro version, but for our task it is not necessary).

How to check the condition of the battery on the Android

In addition to the above methods, there are several other methods that allow you to understand how to find out the battery capacity of your Android phone. The workability of each method of checking depends on the specific model of the smartphone, as well as how old it is.

Visual inspection

If the gadget discharges quickly, it is first recommended to remove and take a close look at its battery. As a rule, on a worn battery will be observed various scuffs, condensation, possible bloating. If you do not replace such a battery in time, do not find it in an online store, the smartphone can suffer.

Using a multimeter

Multimeter is a device that performs the necessary measurements of electrical equipment. To use it to check the battery in your phone, you need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • Remove the battery. If the device is fixed, you have to unscrew a couple of screws.
  • Set the voltage on the multimeter to 10 to 25 volts.
  • Touch one terminal of the device to the positive phase on the battery and the other to the negative.
  • Compare the reading displayed on the unit with the reading on the surface of the battery itself.
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Please note! A significant difference between the two indicates that the battery is not of good quality. In that case the battery should be replaced.

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Problems with charge level detection

Unfortunately, most wireless devices do not display the battery level. Unpleasant situations can arise due to this. For example, right in the middle of the road, the headphones turned off because the owner did not charge them, because he thought that they currently have a full battery.

If the example above is just an unpleasant situation, there are cases where a dead speaker badly fails no one. It happens if the device was supposed to play music during the performance, but it turned off a few minutes before the start. To avoid such situations, you need to solve the problem of determining the charge level of your wireless devices.


If your phone isn’t working and you can’t install apps, then you’ll have to search for the specifications of the device online in order to find out the battery capacity. It will be enough to enter the name of the phone into any search engine and browse a few pages, most likely, the necessary information will be quickly found.

You can also use websites that collect information about cell phones. For example, you can use the search at

know, your, samsung, battery

This way you can quickly find out the capacity of almost any modern Android phone.

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