How to Know the Production Date of Samsung Galaxy S7

How to Know the Production Date of Samsung Galaxy S7

How to find out the production date of a Samsung phone

Remember that in any difficult matter regarding the repair of your smartphone, you can always get reliable and complete advice from the specialists of the Samsung service center.

You can determine what these or other signs mean by using the decryption table in the figure below. If your smartphone is quite old, and the information on the panel has been erased, then you can try other methods.

Also, the first method is not suitable for devices with a solid case, in which there is no access to the battery, and, of course, the panel under it. If you have your own effective method, share in the comments with our readers.

How to check the Samsung warranty on a serial

These products include:

  1. consumables (e.g. battery, drivers, headphones, belts, covers, etc.)
  2. software;

To clarify which components are not yet among those that are not subject to exchange and repair, consultants can. Therefore, when checking, it is best to try to enter two options for the numbers presented.

In cases where an iPhone or another phone is participating in the electronic guarantee program, you do not need to submit documents at all.

How to check the ema Samsung warranty period

Samsung provides additional consumer protection services and offers special certificates to repair or replace the battery in the device.

How to find out the warranty for Samsung

The verification is carried out simply visually, or via the Internet on the official website of Samsung.

Therefore, since this phone has two numbers for verification, it is best to check both SIM cards.

To find out this code on your phone, just dial 06 # and press the call button.

How to check if the Samsung warranty is valid

Well, you can also enter # 1234 # there will be an assembly number and date. This is definitely not fake. In the Samsung salon, they advised: call the support center by phone 8-800-555-55-55, they will check the number and IMEI, etc.

The buyer will not be able to demand that the company fulfill its obligations if:

  1. The model of equipment is not intended for deliveries and sales in the territory of the country in which the service is carried out, and has not passed certification for compliance with standards in it.

The model and serial number must be verified with the data on the packaging.

In case of any discrepancy, the service center may refuse to accept the product for repair.

Samsung how to check if there is a guarantee

The service life of the device is calculated from the date of its manufacture, unless the manufacturer has provided for another solution.

The official warranty on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is valid if you keep the warranty card filled out properly.

Lawyer consulting

  1. How to check the warranty on a Samsung phone?

Warranty and serial number.

How are they connected? Each Samsung mobile phone has a serial number. Sometimes it can be found on stickers that can be seen by disassembling the phone.

And the serial number of the smartphone is of great importance to him.

A serial number is like a passport number for a citizen.

It allows you to identify every Samsung device. And, of course, it is associated with a guarantee. When the seller completes the purchase of the phone, he gives you a warranty card.

It should include both the purchase date and the Samsung serial number.

When buying, be sure to verify these parameters.

How to find out the warranty for Samsung

Only original Samsung phones are serviced at service centers for free under warranty, so be sure to check the model if it was purchased from an unofficial representative.

No modern smartphone or even a button mobile phone can be turned on by twenty-second pressing the power button or by pressing several keys at once.

Any difficulties with turning on, the on / off and incredibly inconveniently located ON / OFF button indicates that the device is fake. And in this case, convenience is not a subjective concept.

Samsung e-Warranty Check

A sample application can be found on the Internet. If the check is carried out via the Internet, then you need to fill in the data list: IMEI consists of 15 characters that allow you to find out information about a mobile phone, plasma TV and any other product of this company.

On some smartphones, for example, the Galaxy series, this code is assigned to each SIM card slot. Therefore, since this phone has two numbers for verification, it is best to check both SIM cards.

To find out this code on your phone, just dial 06 # and press the call button.