How to know IMEI of a locked iPhone

How to know phone IMEI

Dear friends! In this post I publish 7 ways to find out the IMEI of your Android phone and iPhone. Read my other tips and tutorials.

IMEI, what is it and how to know it? All phones, from simple handheld to expensive powerful smartphones, have their own unique international equipment identification number, better known as an IMEI. This number usually contains 15 or 16 digits, and telecom operators use it to identify devices registered in networks. IMEI is unique and difficult to change, it can be used to block the registration of a lost or stolen phone. In some cases the IMEI can even be used to track the location of the phone.

But how to know the phone’s IMEI? I know several ways to find out the IMEI is to enter a special code on the keyboard, look in the settings, look in the account information and other. All these ways I’ve described step by step below.

NOTE. The serial and IMEI numbers in the images below were blurred on purpose.

What is iPhone IMEI

Apple products are in demand on the market of modern technology, even though they cannot be called cheap. Scammers often try to take advantage of this by selling fake devices at a reduced price.

Apple IMEI. helps you find out information about your smartphone and thus protect yourself. In the production process, each device is assigned a unique number.

It is deciphered as International Mobile Equipment Identity, which means the international mobile equipment identifier. This unique code is stored in the firmware of the gadget and is tied to the radio module. With its help, the phone is registered in the network, and this allows you to make emergency calls even without a SIM card.

Modern devices have an IMEI in the form of 15 digits. When buying, it is advisable to check the device using this code. So, Imei allows you to find out the following information:

  • The first two positions are the factory identification;
  • the next ones display the year in which the smartphone was manufactured;
  • then two is the number of the production week;
  • The three after that are the unique identifier;
  • The penultimate two are color information;
  • and by the latter you can find out the amount of built-in memory of the device.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the first two digits, because by them you can determine whether the smartphone has been repaired before it went on sale.

Even if the phone was previously in use, it cannot be passed off as new. A buyer can check the IMEI on the iPhone and as a result of this check find out. It is impossible to start using smartphones from Apple without activation. The Imei cannot be changed, there are no two identical codes. So, checking iPhone IMEI by activation date is a reliable method of protecting against a counterfeit purchase.

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What you can check with iPhone serial number?

The device’s connection to iCloud (Apple ID). activation status

Since January 28, 2017, the iCloud page stopped opening (, where you could check the activation lock status. In addition, links to this service have disappeared from Apple’s technical support site. Apparently, the page was removed by the company itself, without giving any reasons.


Find iPhone features a locking activation feature to prevent third parties from using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch if your gadget is lost or stolen. The activation lock is enabled automatically when you turn on Find iPhone (In iOS 6 to iOS 10.2.1: Settings. iCloud. Find iPhone; In iOS 10.3 and newer: Settings. Apple ID. iCloud. Find iPhone).

With activation lock enabled, a third party will need to enter the Apple ID and password of the device owner to disable Find iPhone, delete data, reactivate and use the gadget.

This measure allows you to protect your device if it falls into the wrong hands and increase the chances of getting it back. Even if the user remotely removes all data from the device, the activation lock will prevent unauthorized reactivation.

How to find out iPhone UDID?

There are several ways to find out iPhone UDID online, below we will describe two of them.

The easiest way to find out the UDID of your device is by using iTunes:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • Once it’s successfully installed, launch iTunes
  • Now turn on your iPhone and connect it to iTunes via USB cord or Wi-Fi
  • Then open the tab with your iPhone in iTunes

The second way to find out the UDID on a locked iPhone is if iTunes can’t see the phone:

  • Turn on your iPhone and connect it to your computer with a USB cable
  • Go to Start.Control Panel.Devices and Printers
  • At the bottom you will see Apple iPhone and Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
  • Right click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and choose Properties
  • Next, go to the Hardware tab and click on Properties at the bottom
  • In the window that appears, in the Value field you will see iPhone UDID, right-click on it and select Copy
  • Now create a new text document and paste this number, we are only interested in the letters and digits after USB\VID_05ACPID_12A8\

Now you know two ways to find out the UDID of your iPhone and can order the service to determine the Apple ID of the previous owner!

As practice has shown, the easiest way is to be careful with your registration data. The first time you turn on your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, write down all the data you entered and received, and if you buy an iPhone from someone else, either by hand or online, demand to erase the accounts and passwords. If you do, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, like searching for the previous owner and contacting Apple Support.

How to find out the previous owner’s Apple ID

You received a used smartphone or tablet and you want to know the Apple ID of the previous owner? If he hasn’t deleted the data from the device sold or given to you, you can specify the Apple ID in the settings of iCloud or in the AppStore, acting according to the above instructions. If there is no data, you will have to find the previous owner, ask him to disable the “Find iPhone” function and unlink the current account.

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If the previous owner used Find iPhone, your device will have an activation lock on it. you won’t be able to activate it under your account.

Finding out iPhone IMEI

Many users are wondering how to find out iPhone IMEI? There are several ways to find out this identification number. The first way is the most common. we can find out the IMEI by dialing #06#. IMEI will appear on smartphone screen as soon as you dial this command. By the way, it works on almost all cell phones and smartphones, as well as on some tablets.

Are there any other ways to know iPhone IMEI? Absolutely. you just need to look at the back of your smartphone. If you are holding an iPhone 5 and higher you can easily check the IMEI of your device. If you are the proud owner of an older version of the smartphone, pull out the SIM card slot. you will see the IMEI of your smartphone on it. Subsequently, the IMEI disappeared from here, moving to a more correct place.

The IMEI number is imprinted not only on the back cover or on the SIM card slot, but also on the packaging for the smartphone. Take the box out from under your device, take a look at it, and find the information you need. Here IMEI is written not only as a sequence of numbers but also as a unique barcode where the numbers are encoded.

Once you’ve verified that the IMEI on the box and the IMEI on your smartphone match, you’ve completed the first step of verifying your smartphone before you buy. both numbers should match. The same IMEI number should be shown on the iPhone screen after you dial #06#.

IMEI on your iPhone is available with iTunes, a favorite app for all Apple fans, which can read the IMEI number from the smartphone’s memory and display it on your computer’s screen. IMEI is displayed in the main “Overview” tab, which shows technical information about the connected device. Here you will see the two most important values. the serial number and the IMEI. Of course, IMEI and serial number should match the one on the package.

The last way to find out iPhone IMEI is to check device settings. Pick up the iPhone, go to “Settings. Basic. About this device. Here you will see all technical information about your device. In the common list you will find the IMEI, which you will have to compare with other data.

Is it possible to find out the IMEI from the iPhone serial number?? While serial number and IMEI are unique, they are not really connected.

There are several methods to find out iPhone IMEI:

  • The IMEI number can be found on the back of the iPhone. But this method is suitable only for owners of iPhone 5 and higher. For older models, the IMEI is located elsewhere;
  • If you have an iPhone 3G, 3 GS, 4, 4s. you can always find the IMEI on the SIM tray. Apple has stopped putting the number in the SIM tray since the iPhone 5 and decided that it makes sense to put the IMEI on the back;
  • If the phone display is not working and there is no serial number on the phone. You will need iTunes. When you connect to the program, you will need to, go to the iOS device information section where the iPhone IMEI is located;
  • To find IMEI via iTunes without connecting iPhone you need to go to settings of this application (go to “iTunes”. “Settings”). In the window that opens select “Devices. The list of backups of the devices that were synchronized before will open. Hover your mouse over the desired one and lock the cursor. information will appear with the phone number, serial number and IMEI;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Main”. “About this device” on your phone you will find a lot of different information, as well as IMEI.
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Knowing the phone’s IMEI, you can get full information about your iPhone: serial number, iPhone model and operator, sim card serial number, activation status, iOS version installed on the phone, warranty expiration lines, Find my iPhone status, lock status (phone is locked or unlocked).

How to know the IMEI and serial number of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The serial number and IMEI will be indicated on the original box from the set of iOS-device. The data must be identical to that found on other iPhone or iPad items (SIM tray, case, etc.)

As we have already noted the iPhone 5 or 5s have the IMEI number engraved on the case, the same can be said about the “old” iPhone 2G.

Previous generations of phones have no IMEI on the case. If you have an iPhone 3G, 3 GS, 4, 4s. you can always find out the IMEI by looking at the SIM tag of your device. You can use this method only if you know for sure that no repairs have been done to the device, as it is quite easy to mix up the part at the service center or just when you move the SIM card from another phone.

How to know the IMEI if iPhone is lost

Unfortunately, most users are interested in IMEI only when their device has been lost and they need to find it. If the box and receipt are not an option, you need other ways of finding the IMEI.

The Apple website and having an Apple ID account will help you in this matter.

To find out the IMEI of a lost iPhone you need:

We wrote more about the procedure to find a stolen iPhone using various methods here.

We hope that our instruction will be useful for you. Leave your feedback and questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And don’t forget that you can always apply for help to the specialized iLab service center.

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