How to Know a Sony Bravia Model

Smart TV is a feature that is present on all modern Sony TVs. Due to this, on devices you can perform all the same operations as on a computer, and even more. A user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watchs online directly from TV without going to a computer. But you need to connect the Internet. You can also browse the web and install various applications.

In addition, in order to use the Smart TV function, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive Sony devices, but you can opt for the budget category of TVs. Particular attention should be paid to the programs and applications that you install on the TV, since it depends on their quantity and quality which functions the device can perform.

How to Know a Sony Bravia Model

All manufacturers of smart TVs install an original browser, which is included in the package of other equipment, as standard equipment for their devices. For Sony, this is ForkPlayer, which has a ton of interesting features and makes the TV more convenient as well as enjoyable. But this player can be installed not only on Sony TVs, but also on other devices that run on the Android system.

As a result, you can:

  • Watch online channels, movies ands from various sites;
  • And also the browser helps to view information on a USB flash drive, or stored in the TV’s memory.

Any user can add this application to Sony TV. They download the player either from Sony’s official website or from unofficial resources, of course, if you’re not afraid to catch a virus or install a low-quality, outdated application.

In addition, there is a standard Smart menu, which is also used as a search application if the usual set of content does not suit the user. Through the Smart menu, you can do anything you want, since this is the main tool for the device. It reflects any program that works on the TV, and here, this list can be thinned out or replenished.

What features does ForkPlayer have for Sony Smart TV

The specificity of ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV is that this TV application receives content directly from the site. But most programs on the Internet do not work in the format in which TV can perceive them. This application processes the signal and after that its format is converted. But these are not the only features of the application:

  • The user can watchs and listen to music from any site;
  • Downloading applications for Sony Bravia through ForkPlayer is much easier than from other browsers, again, due to the relatively large functional potential;
  • By installing on Sony Bravia Smart TV, there is already used a list of the most popular sites and online movie theaters where the user could enter;
  • A person has the opportunity to save their favorite playlists. Thus, you can view content even without using your Sony Bravia Smart TV, but from other devices where ForkPlayer is installed;
  • In addition, you can install and add other applications, both official and non-official, but suitable for a specific model.

Installing Smart TV applications on Sony via ForkPlayer, like other functions, is possible only if you register on the official website of the application. When this procedure is completed, the user will have to go to your personal account and add other devices to the list that can cooperate with each other.

How to update web content through the Smart TV main menu

Updating web content on a TV is one of the most important steps towards making the device work as it should, no matter what year it was released and how long the software was updated. You need to update the installed content with no less frequency than flashing it, because we are trying to download new and update old applications that are already on the TV list.

This procedure is done in this way:

  • Take the remote control, and find the “Home” button on the panel. It will display in the menu where you need to find the “Settings” section, and select the “Network” sub-item;
  • In the “Network” menu, select “Update Internet content” and wait until the automatic configuration is complete;
  • When the update is completed, return to Sony Smart TV again, that is, press the Home button again. In the “Processed” field, you will see those programs without which television will not be able to work. They are installed by default. If they are not enough, there is the opportunity to add a few more. To do this, go to the “All Applications” section;
  • If you find some additional widget that is not yet in the menu, you can add it to “My Applications”, after which it will also appear in the main “home” list.

After these settings, you can easily use Smart TV on a Sony TV, watch television and browse Internet content.

How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

There are several ways to install widgets on Sony Bravia Smart TV using ForkPlayer. Now we will try to consider the two most popular ways.

First way:

  • Open the “Network Connection Settings” in the TV menu;
  • Choose a manual installation method that allows you to connect or disconnect any module at the request of the user;
  • Next, in the settings, you must change the primary DNS. The added number should look like this: But not the fact that it will work. If you still can’t connect to the network, you can try to get around on the other side, and use a slightly different set of numbers: When this does not work, then the last option, as a rule, is ideally suited: Much depends on the model of the TV, so it is advisable to try everything;
  • Wait until you are connected to the Internet;

After the connection is completed, you should start the NOW.RU Theta application, although you can use Lifeshow if you go through the Opera Store. As a result, the ForkPlayer widget will be launched. It remains to make simple settings and you can work.

The second way:

  • It is necessary to register on the resource;
  • The field after registration is completed, a message will appear on the TV screen about the ID address that is assigned to your Sony Bravia TV and from which it will work in the Opera Store for free;
  • You can view the ID like this: go to the Menu, go to the About tab. But you should hurry, because the address is valid only for fifteen minutes, and if you do not have time to enter it in the field, you will have to send a second request. You can do this by clicking on the #ID icon;
  • Having received the address, you need to bind the device by entering the code in a special line, after which the category “Develop” will appear in Opera Store;
  • Go to the website, entering its parameters in the URL Loader column, and save the received information;

In order to open the “” and “” sections, in the settings you will also need to change the DNS (DHCP) to or, as in the first version. After installing these widgets, configuring applications will become much more practical and convenient, and the next updates will take a minimum of time.