How To Know A Smart TV Or Not

To expand the capabilities of the TV, manufacturers have been using Smart TV for several years now, such TV sets are also called “smart TVs.” So what is a smart TV in a TV, how to use it, what features does it give the viewer?

Smart TVs can work on the Internet, combine all the media devices at home into a single network, allow you to play games, install additional applications on the TV. And all this thanks to the functionality of smart TV.

How To Know A Smart TV Or Not

Samsung Tizen System

The main advantage of smart TVs is their access to the Internet on their own, which allows you to watch movies online without a computer, without downloading. There are many services on the Internet with films, photos, music, and all this is becoming available to you. For example, YouTube or Netflix, Megogo, Tvigle and others.

I must say right away that smart TV is an additional functionality on the TV and it does not affect the quality of the image or sound. You can watch live television without these new features.

LG WebOS Interface

In modern television sets of any well-known brand, almost all models have Smart TV.

Companies use different operating systems on their models:

  • Samsung. Tizen;
  • LG. webOS;
  • Philips, Sony. Android TV;
  • Panasonic is its own development based on Firefox OS.

Smart TV features on TV

Each manufacturer can pack Smart TV package in their own way, and at the same time they are also updated regularly. They create their own separate centers on the Internet with their own sets of materials for users of a particular television company.

Initially, smart TV was intended to receive content for a TV from other sources, and not just from broadcast channels. For this, a connection to a computer via a local network and Internet access were used to watch online. Today, this feature of smart TV has remained the main one.

Using the operating system as the basis for the operation of Smart TV allows you to expand the functionality of the TV. For example, you notice that Sony uses Android TV. And most viewers are familiar with Android smartphones. So that’s how the functionality of the TV can be expanded, although the TV and smartphone have different versions of Android. You can download applications from Google Play and install on the TV. And these are weather widgets, news, various games, etc. And each operating system has such capabilities, only its services are there.

Plus, all OSs have the ability to work with social networks, where you can chat while watching movies or broadcasting sporting events.

Manufacturers for such television sets produce special control panels, they are made specifically for their operating systems, so that it is easy to manage. Today, such smart remote controls are made universal so that they work with all the equipment from one company.

Smart tv allows the viewer to control the TV using gestures or voice. To do this, the TV has a built-in camera to monitor your gestures. For voice commands, a microphone is built into the console.

You can also connect smartphones to the TV, and this makes it possible to control and transfer media files.

The technologies are developing so much that it is already possible to control all household appliances of the same brand from the TV using special services, which include refrigerators, washing machines, etc. This is how the idea of ​​a smart home is realized and smart TVs play a central role here.

How to use smart tv

For the smart TV to work fully, in order to use all the functions, you need to connect the TV to the Internet. To do this, use the cable from the router and the Ethernet port on the TV or the built-in Wi-Fi module. For Wi-Fi, you need a router in the house connected to the Internet input cable from your provider. The communication channel should provide a speed of at least 2 Mbit / s, but this is a minimum, and preferably 10-20 Mbit / s for watching 4K.

On the TV, through the settings, find the “network” item and there, using the prompts, connect to the Internet. On a TV, this is easier than on a computer.

After that, you may need to register on the official website of the TV manufacturer to gain access to the full set of smart TV functions.

LG webOS

with information about different Smart TV systems:

All services using the Internet are of course a convenient thing, but do not forget that you only have to use the remote control and virtual keyboard all the time. This may cause some discomfort in working with the browser. Here everyone will have to choose personally whether he needs all these innovations with such ease of use.

But modern smart TV systems already have pre-installed services that open when you press the cursor and there is no need to open them through a browser. Preset Services. these are widgets of popular sites on the Internet devoted to films, music, news, etc. Therefore, you can watch movies from the Internet quite simply. over, many companies implement the ability to control using gestures or voice commands in their television sets.

Android TV on Sony

You can make Smart TV from any TV, for this you buy a set-top box on Android and connect to the Internet and a TV of any brand. Functionality will get the same or even more.