How To Keep A Land Turtle In An Apartment

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It seems that the turtle is an unpretentious creature. How much is needed for simple turtle happiness? But, if you are not indifferent to the health of your pet, then, nevertheless, it is advisable to create quite comfortable conditions for him. To prevent the turtle from getting bored, it is recommended to keep several individuals.


For the maintenance of land turtles of all types, it is advisable to use horizontal terrariums. The minimum size of a terrarium for one turtle is 50x42x40cm and, naturally, the larger the terrarium, the better and more spacious your turtle. From the equipment you will need heating (you can use an incandescent lamp (DSLR) or a thermo-mat), ultraviolet (special lamps with an ultraviolet spectrum for reptiles), preferably a thermostat, thermometer, hygrometer, etc.

During the day, the temperature in the terrarium should be 2830 C, at night 2325, the temperature regulator is responsible for the exact maintenance of the temperature day and night.

Since turtles are reptiles, they love water, use it both for drinking and for swimming. For convenience, drinking bowls and bathing trays must be dug in the ground. Deep pallets should have convenient “exits” to help awkward turtles, and the water level in them should not exceed half the height of the shell of the smallest of them. For drinking and swimming turtles, water should be at room temperature and must be left standing.

The soil should have a thickness of 3 to 10 cm, sand is not suitable for this. Small pebbles without sharp edges are ideal soil for turtles. Keeping turtles without soil leads to deformation of the extremities and colds. Like any animals, turtles need shelter. Usually they use a wooden box turned upside down with an entrance, which allows the largest tortoise living in the terrarium to easily pass through it.

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Do not forget that the terrarium needs a weekly cleaning. And the inhabitants of the terrarium themselves do not interfere with the adoption of hygiene procedures. You need to wash turtles with soap no more than once every two weeks. In the absence of specialized products, turtles can be washed with baby soap and a foam sponge in warm (36 degrees C) water.

How To Keep A Land Turtle In An Apartment


Turtles are vegetarian, their main diet consists of fruits and vegetables. Before feeding vegetables and fruits are thoroughly washed. Never give a turtle rotten or moldy foods. Solid feeds are grated or finely chopped with a knife, mixed thoroughly so that the gourmet tortoise could not choose only her favorite food. The fruit-vegetable mixture is served on a wide pallet with low edges in order to ensure that all turtles 9 if you have several of them) eat moths at the same time. In winter, oat or barley sprouts should be added to the nutritional mixture, and in summer, dandelions, clover, plantain, pea stalks and leaves. Once a week, it is advisable to add a little ground beef to the feed. In small portions, mineral dressing and seaweed can be added to the feed.

In winter, land turtles, especially young ones, are irradiated with ultraviolet, in the summer they must be taken out to the sun. If conditions allow, you can make a special paddock for keeping turtles in the fresh air throughout the summer. The land in the pen can be sown with clover, dandelion and other plants, with the exception of poisonous, such as buttercups.

Land Turtle Care

Daily care for turtles consists in replacing the soil, replacing the water in the drinking bowl (if there is one in the terrarium) and feeding.

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Weekly care for turtles is a terrarium wash. In addition, twice a year (before hibernation and after it), all land turtles should be shown to the veterinarian.

Land tortoises washing

Periodically, turtles must be washed. In the summer – as it gets dirty, with soap – no more than once a week, with plain water two to three times a week. In the end – do not forget that the tortoise animal is semi-desert and should not be rinsed every day. The drinker in the terrarium should always be, and as for the bathing.

If the animal is not too dirty – just wash it with water and gently rub it with a foam (soft) sponge. If the reptile gets better quality, rub the wet sponge with soap and it (again lightly) wipe off the dirt.

It is better not to wet the head of the tortoise at all, in order to prevent water or soap from getting into the eyes, mouth and nostrils (at least, the ears of the turtles are closed). Do not sharply tortoise the turtle. The entire washing procedure should take a maximum (with severe contamination) – five minutes.

You place the turtle in the bathroom (i.e., in the basin) and detect it for half an hour. Take it out of the water after thirty minutes and wipe it with a soft paper (or clean terry towel).

Do not bathe the turtle in a tank with great depth! It is still land, not waterfowl! She can drown! While swimming, periodically watch the turtle.

After bathing, rub her shell (only shell!) From above and below with olive oil, this will strengthen its structure. Just soak a cotton wool in the oil and gently polish it. Then put the turtle back into the terrarium. After swimming, never (even in the summer!) Do not take the turtle out of the draft or the street.

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What do land turtles do?

What is a turtle pastime? In food, sleeping, communication with oneself and … loneliness. The last point often dominates most turtles, and this undoubtedly worries their owners. But how to entertain the turtle? With a dog and a cat, everything is more or less clear, but reptiles are largely mysterious creatures. However, they (most of them, at least) love toys, competitions (among themselves), stroking the head and the like. What should be done so that animals are not tormented by boredom?

First of all, this must be remembered even at the stage of purchasing turtles – you cannot take one turtle. The animal will be bored, and the owner himself, gomo sapiens, with all his will, will not replace the tortoise society with other turtles. It is desirable, of course, that the turtles were at least three, and preferably four. And it is better than one species, in order to avoid the clarification of interracial relations, which clarifications can be very painful for both warring parties. Of course, the turtles should have enough space in the terrarium and food in order to exclude conflicts where possible.

Attention of the owner. More often (at least three times a week) give your turtles a little of your time. Do not think that they do not care who feeds them and cares for them, who cares for them. If you do all this, then they, of course, will remember you. And they will thank. If you love your pets, look after them, then they will pay you back with gratitude.

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