How to invoke the keyboard on Android

How to set up a virtual and physical keyboard on Android

The official Google keyboard is pre-installed in many smartphones. But if yours is an exception, it’s definitely worth a try.

Gboard boasts a bunch of handy features. It features word suggestions and auto-corrections, easy cursor movement, themes, inserting gifs and emoticons, Google translator and voice dialing. The developers are constantly adding new features.

Best of all, the keyboard is free.

How to resize the Samsung keyboard

Personally, I don’t really like the standard keyboard size. I think it’s too big. If it was a little bit smaller, that’s a different story. It’s cool that Samsung takes care of its users and adds this feature.

To resize the keyboard on your Samsung, you need to:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to General Settings, Samsung Keyboard Settings.
  • After that, go to Style and Layout.
  • Then select Size and Layout.
  • Use the sliders to set the size you want and click Done.

Resize the keyboard to your preference.

Try playing around with the size and find the right size. It seems to me that you should not make a big keyboard, because the keyboard will stretch to half of the display, but to make it smaller. it would be just fine!

You can also go to Keyboard Settings from any app. Just open the application where you can enter text and click on the icon with a gear. It’s either at the bottom of the display next to the space bar or right above the keyboard.

How to Turn Off Phone Keyboard Vibration. Disable Tuning

Vibration mode during the touch of a button is not always convenient for the user. How to disable it?

If your phone is the standard Android system, follow these instructions:

Now that you are presented with the best Android keyboard apps, it is not difficult to choose an option to your liking. Update the stuffing of your smartphone, according to the needs and do not be afraid to change its “character” to make it better, just as in the case of installing a new keyboard.

Now you know how to install an advanced keyboard, the only thing left is to choose the most functional and comfortable.

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Now that you are presented with the best Android keyboard apps, it is not difficult to choose an option to your liking. Update the stuffing of your smartphone, according to your needs and do not be afraid to change its “nature” to make it better, just like with the installation of a new keyboard.

The creators of the Galaxy Note dreamed that every user could change them, customizing them as much as possible to suit their needs. With one hundred percent external similarity, inside they can be equipped completely differently, meaning a wide choice of software, which is supplemented and updated every day.

How to enable key sound on Huawei and Honor

The sequence is almost identical to other gadgets on the Android platform, everything goes in the “Settings” item. How to do:

  • go to the path. “System”. personalization of touch notifications;
  • choose the type of KeyBoard used, it can be standard or installed through an additional utility;
  • the “Input” section. the section that is responsible for the signals;
  • move the slider to adjust the intensity.

Not everyone likes the sound of keys in a smartphone or tablet, because it is trivial and annoying, and attracts extra attention of others. I will be well aware of the students who like to tap the phone at class. To avoid unnecessary attention, you can either turn down the sound or mute it altogether, which would be even better.

Not everyone likes the sound of keys in a smartphone or tablet, because it is banal and irritating and attracts unnecessary attention of others. I am well aware of students who like to fiddle with the phone in class. To avoid unnecessary distraction, the sound can be either turned down or turned off, which is even better.

There really is nothing difficult: you do not have to delete or download anything, because everything is done by simply setting the system. But for all its simplicity, finding the necessary settings without a “tip” is quite difficult. That’s why I have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step instruction, which will help you to do it quickly and without problems.

  • Open “Settings” and in the menu that appears select “All Settings” and scroll down the list almost to the bottom.
  • Select “Language and Input”, and in it, click on the gear next to “Google Keyboard“.
  • You need to uncheck “Keyboard sound” option in the opened settings of the standard keyboard.
  • Sound is disabled! If you suddenly miss it. just return this checkbox and everything will be back to the way it was before.
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This method is quite simple but takes time. If you urgently need to mute the sound of pressing keys for some time. set the device to “Silent” mode.

You can disable the keyboard sound on your Lenovo tablet or smartphone with literally a few steps. However, an inexperienced user may spend a long time browsing through the settings sections and not find the right item. We decided to create a useful instruction that will help to solve this problem. So, it is necessary:

Removal of conflicting software

Installed add-ons can cause the main typing tool to malfunction. Such programs include sets of smiley faces, voice synthesizer and others. If the keyboard on Android is missing after installing one of these types of apps, you should uninstall it. The process is as follows:

  • Open the settings of your mobile device, then the “All apps” section.
  • Find recently installed software related to the functioning of the keyboard.
  • Go to the page of the application and perform its removal by pressing the “Remove” button.
  • Restart your smartphone.

How to change the default keyboard on Android

But it’s not enough to simply download a third-party keyboard. You also need to set it as a system keyboard. You can do this in the settings:

First, you need to set the new keyboard as the default one

Now, when you invoke the keyboard, Gboard will appear on the screen. This will disable the keyboard that was set as the default. If you want, you can remove it altogether or “Stop” it in the settings, so it won’t pop up with offers to bring it back.

How to change the language on your Android keyboard

If you need to change the language on your keyboard, this is also done through Settings. Open the settings of your Android and go to “Language and input” (“Language input” in English).

In this section, you must open the subsection “Google keyboard” (if you use a keyboard from another manufacturer, the name may be different).

This will open a list of available languages for your keyboard.

In order to change the language on the keyboard, activate the language you want and turn off the language you do not use.

Changing the default keyboard settings on Android

All phones have the standard keyboard, which is included in the shell of the operating system. Many people are not satisfied with it because of some options, such as automatic T9 word input or an unsuitable language. If you are an inexperienced user, it is better not to change the built-in utility. Setting the Android keyboard is carried out according to the same principle:

  • All options are gathered in the general settings of your phone. Go to the menu where all the applications are collected and click on the gear icon. Note that in modern smartphones there are two options. Easy Settings and Google. you need to run the regular utility, as it is the one that will manage the built-in options of the device.
  • In the list of available settings find the item “Language and input”.
  • From the list of sections, select “Keyboard and input methods”. In this part you will need to change the settings.
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First, let’s understand how to switch the language on the Android keyboard. By default the standard keyboard has special buttons for switching languages, changing the input method. If you don’t have them, you’ll need to go into the “Input Languages” panel to configure.

Depending on the firmware of your phone the language panel will have from 3 to 300 options to choose from. Select the current language, click on it and go down to the “Add language” line. Set an additional value. Now all you have to do is click on the globe sign to switch the language. In the same section you can activate or deactivate the voice keyboard on Android.

Also with the help of keyboard options you can change the use of word prediction and automatic punctuation. If you do not use these options, the smartphone will not correct words and double-space punctuation. For inexperienced smartphone users, these options are often awkward.

Personally I prefer Swype, because with the relatively compact size of the Meizu MX2 it is convenient to enter text with one hand, holding the phone. For those who like traditional keyboarding the Smart Keyboard is the best choice, and for those who want to try something new, SlideITI and SwiftKey are the best choices.

You can find information about the Meizu MX2 on our website mymeizu.There is a forum thread to help newcomers, MX2 owners, as well as a thread to discuss the model.

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