How to Install Youtube on Samsung TV

How to Install Youtube on Samsung TV

It is possible that after installation the YouTube application does not work correctly, what should I do in such situations? Everyone can fix software failures on their own. To do this, you just need to adhere to expert recommendations. However, we first determine whether to install this application on the TV at all or whether you can still do without it.

Why do you need YouTube on TV?

Regardless of the type of connection, the functionality of the television is extremely limited. Therefore, even satellite TV is extremely difficult today to surprise sophisticated users. Streaming services reached the peak of their popularity, so everyone prefers to watch various news there.

The desire to install the YouTube application on Smart Samsung is more than justified. On YouTube, each user can find a lot of interesting content. Consider only the most obvious areas:

  • Musics;
  • Trailers for new films, series;
  • blogs, live broadcasts;
  • TV shows.

You can watch movies, TV shows, and TV shows on YouTube. Therefore, the installation of this application can be considered a complete analogue of television. Of course, the from this service can be opened through a browser, but installing the application looks like a more comfortable, convenient option.

Installing YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

As noted earlier, you can access YouTube through a browser, but this is not very convenient. Therefore, it is better to use an alternative option. find and download a widget for Samsung Smart TV. TVs from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung are running the Tizen operating system, which is developed on the basis of Linux. Users will not have to set up YouTube on the TV, since the proprietary application of this service is included in the list of preinstalled programs.

Imagine that you accidentally deleted the application, so you need to install YouTube on Samsung TV, how to do it? There is nothing complicated about it. Follow the step-by-step algorithm:

For Smart TV, downloading the application is not difficult. No need to download software from unverified sources, since pirated software can adversely affect the performance of the TV.

An alternative way to restore the ability to views from the YouTube service:

  1. Download the widget of the same name specifically for your operating system.
  2. Unzip the contents of the downloaded archive into a separate folder.
  3. Insert the flash drive into the USB port after turning off the TV.
  4. Turn on the TV.
  5. Launch the Smart Hub. YouTube will appear in the list of applications.

Everything is very simple.

Samsung update on Samsung TV

If the YouTube application does not open on Samsung Smart TV, then you can restore it to work by updating the software. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions:

An alternative way to restore YouTube on a Samsung TV is to install the latest version through the settings. Open the basic parameters of the TV, and then go to the menu where the software is uninstalled. Find the application you need, and then select “Refresh”. Nothing complicated.

Now you know how to update YouTube on TV. You should not have a problem with this. Samsung TV operating systems are similar in interface to Android. Therefore, the installation, updating, removal of software is carried out according to a similar principle.

Installing and setting up TV Cast app on Samsung

Updating YouTube on a Samsung TV does not always solve the problem. It is possible that downloading the latest version of the software will not give the expected result. However, there is an alternative way to solve the problem. install the TV Cast application on Samsung Smart TV.

Key features of this program:

  • Regardless of the TV model, it functions correctly, without lags, delays, failures;
  • Using this software, you can play content uploaded to YouTube, as well as open all sorts of other pages;
  • The universality of the program is manifested in the fact that it playss of any format.

This application can be used by those who have at their disposal TV from Samsung, which was released later than 2010. Using TV Cast allows you to plays from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer on a Samsung TV. There is only one condition. devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

When the Internet connection is properly configured on all devices, you need to open the main application menu. Use it to open the web page that contains the you need. If the software is installed on a mobile phone or tablet, then after opening the desired page, you can play the content directly on the big screen TV with one click.

Using TV Cast, users can plays from YouTube. Pre-register a personal account to fully utilize the functionality of the service. You’ll get access to a personal library, subscriptions and interesting channels.

  1. Set up the Internet connection on the TV via Wi-Fi, cable or adapter.
  2. Install the TV Cast app.
  3. Launch the software and enjoy its functionality.

If you plan to configure the connection using an Ethernet cable, then you need to crimp the wire on both sides. Now you know how to download, update and restore the correct operation of YouTube on your TV. There are other programs that allow you to plays from this service.