How To Install Word On Ipad

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If you hold your finger on the file icon, a context menu will open, allowing you to copy the file, rename, delete, send it or a link to it by email, and perform some other actions. Pay attention to this opportunity, because you get a full link to your file on the Internet, thus being able to open it and use it anywhere and on any computer, if you have Internet access.

How to install CloudOn on iPad

Go to settings

  • In the search bar (in the upper right corner of the screen) write cloudon
  • On the found application, press the “free” and “install” buttons
  • Wait a few seconds for the app to download to iPad

    You can now create, delete and edit microsft office files (i.E. Word documents, excel spreadsheets and Power Point presentations) on iPad.

    How to use CloudOn

    How To Install Word On Ipad

    When you first start, you will need to choose which cloud service you will use: box, DrobBox or Google Drive. We select DropBox, and enter it under our account. In the future, the program will enter the system automatically.

    After that, we will see a window with files, which can be of three types. The button for switching between different windows is at the very top of the screen. Depending on the type of file display, this button is also slightly modified.

    The first option for displaying documents: your files and folders will be located at the bottom (that is, files and folders saved in DropBox). Above them there is a window with brief information about the file, which is indicated by a triangle.

    The second option for displaying documents: folders and files are arranged in a row one after another, only their icons are displayed.

    The third option is tabular. Objects are located one below the other, on the right is a brief information about each of them.

    Microsoft Office for iPad

    To manage office documents on the iPad, there is a free CloudOn application (do not confuse with the iCloud cloud service).

    Let’s pay attention to two small and easily solvable problems:

    This app is only available in the US App Store (at least at the time of this writing). That is, if you are registered in the Russian App Store, then to use CloudOn you need to create a second, American account. How to do this is written in the article: How to get an American Apple ID.

    Cloudon uses one of three cloud storages (Box, DropBox and Google Drive) to work. The most convenient service for these purposes seems to me to be the DropBox service. That is why two articles were previously written on the site: What is DropBox and How to use DropBox.

    To be honest, you can register in DropBox through CloudOn, and the application may not be installed on the iPad itself, but this is a little more complicated, so this option will not be considered in this article.

    Top left buttons

    The arrows at the top left are for navigating to the windows you opened before or after the current one.

    House. To go back to choosing cloud storage (remember where we chose DropBox)

    To the right of these buttons is a white status bar, on which you can see successively the folders in which you are now. When you click on a folder, a list of files contained in it drops out.

    Buttons at the top center of the screen


    The method is difficult to use, but it leaves the system intact and does not deprive us of the right to warranty repair. How to install WhatsApp on iPad

    • Download and install iTunes on your computer;
      • Then download Whatsapp in the AppStore, then find the WhatsApp file with the ipa extension on the computer;
      • Install iFunBox and go through the activation process. Little secret: for free use of the version, when activating on the official website, push the payment date to the maximum period;
      • Connect iPad to PC via USB;
      • Launch iFunBox and select “Device” from the menu, then “Install ipa application”;
      • We start the installation process of the WhatsApp we downloaded earlier. A message will appear on the screen stating that the device is not supported by the application. We skip it;
      • We take the iPhone and make a backup copy of the correspondence in WhatsApp through the item “Settings”. “Chats”. “Copy”. “Create a backup”;
      • Then remove the application, download and reinstall;
      • Disconnect the iPad from the computer, connect the iPhone instead;
      • On the desktop, open the iFunBox, look for the “programs” tab and click on the arrow next to the All My Apps item;
      • Among the applications available on the iPhone, select the previously installed Whatsapp, click on it and go to the root directory of the program.
      • Copy the Library and Documents folders to the desktop;
      • Turn off the phone, connect the iPad instead, do the same procedure with opening through iFunBox and change the Documents and Library folders in the root directory to those copied from the iPhone.
      • Done! Whatsapp for Aypad installed.


      This method is effective, but after using it, you automatically lose the right to warranty service for your phone. Using the jailbreak procedure is a kind of flashing of the tablet. Add the Bigboss repository and use it to download Whatsapp.

      Whatsapp on iPad: how to download and install on a tablet

      Whatsapp is one of the most popular communication applications for modern people: it is convenient for creating individual and group chats, making free calls and exchanging files. But the main disadvantage of the messenger is the lack of support for a number of devices and even entire operating systems. It is possible that versions of the application for those platforms that are not available today are under development, but users have already found several ways to solve this nuance on their own. Today we will figure out how to download and install whatsapp for ipad for free.


      The activation process takes place step by step, just like from other devices. To activate, you will need to scan the QR code from the device screen using the application installed on the phone.

      Download WhatsApp for iPad

      Since the WhatsApp application was officially developed for smartphones, there is no version for iPad yet, but there are two ways by which you can download and install WhatsApp for iPad:

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatsapp on iPad

      The advantage of using the messenger with the iPad will speed up the communication process: a large screen and a convenient online keyboard allow you to type faster and in large volumes. The device is more convenient to use for communicating in Russian for those whose iPhone is not russified. Making calls is also much easier: the iPad can be placed on the stand, the image will be static, and the sound will be smooth. The iPad has more memory, and it is more convenient to store multimedia files on it, so it will be easier to throw off large volumes or.

      However, the biggest drawback is the process of installing the application on this device. It takes quite a long time, and this process will require not only an iPad, but also an iPhone with a certain version of iOS in order for Whatsapp versions to match.


      Apple devices are fashionable, so they have a large audience of followers. True, such devices have their own characteristics and limitations. For example, you won’t be able to download WhatsApp to your iPad in the standard way. To help those who want to know how to install WhatsApp on iPad. This review with instructions.

      Properties of WhatsApp Messenger on iPad

      Let’s look at the capabilities of standard sms and mms, which are more improved in the WhatsApp application. Using this system, you can send text notifications via 3G / EDGE / Wi-Fi connection of another Watsapp member anywhere in the world.

      Download other versions of Whatsapp:

      Here you can use such a convenient service as collective chats. Forget about sending one message to several people and discuss all the important questions in the dialog box. The collective discussion can be called a specific topic and set a thematic image for the group. With WhatsApp Mesenger, you can easily sends and audio recordings absolutely free. The list of contacts is replenished automatically by scanning the address book, studying the application’s user base and adding them to favorites. Immediately after launching the application, you will find out which of your friends are using WhatssApp and start chatting.

      The application also has a voice messaging function. By pressing the button with the microphone icon, you can record and quickly send a voice notification to the right person. Recently, the application has a function for sending your location, which can be indicated as a separate point on the map.


      As you can see, downloading and installing WhatsApp on your iPad is possible. Of course, the method we proposed will not replace the full version of WhatsApp and requires synchronization with the installed application on the iPhone. But given that the WhatsApp developers have never released a version for the iPad, this method is the easiest and safest for lovers of Apple products.

      Whatsapp on ipad and ipod touch

      Preliminary disclaimer. Installing the messenger on the iPad will require the help of additional devices and programs. Programs will need to be treated with extreme caution in order to avoid malware.

      Installation via iFunBox

      Ifunbox is a special converting program with system controls. To carry out such an installation, you need an iPhone, iPad and a desktop computer.

      The installation steps on how to install WhatsApp on ipad are free and will include the following steps:

      Stage 1. Installing WhatsApp on iPhone:

      On iPHone, enter iTunes.

    • In the search bar enter WhatsApp.
    • Agree to install.
    • When the download is complete, click the button on the file so that it appears in the explorer.

      Step 2. Installing iFunBox.

      On the computer, enter the browser and print the name of the iFunBox official website.

    • Select the computer OS and download the software in Russian.
    • Open iFunBox.

      Stage 3. Uploading data to tablet:

      Next, you need to connect the iPad to the computer (preferably via USB).

    • In iFunBox, open the “Application install” folder (top right).
    • Download will be completed.
    • Don’t be alarmed if iPad shows a compatibility error.
    • Disconnect the device from the computer.

      Stage 4. Reinstallation of the messenger on the iPhone:

      Launch Program Manager.

    • Agree to completely remove the software.
    • Initiate a re-installation (do not agree to a backup or cloud copy).
    • Connect iPhone to computer.
    • Go to iFunBox, select the section “Applied programs”.
    • Select and copy the Library, Documents folders from the iPhone (choose the storage location so that it is easy to find them).
    • Disconnect the gadget from the PC.

      Stage 5. Transferring data to the iPad:

      Connect iPod to PC.

    • In iFunBox, open the “Application install” folder (top right).
    • Copy there the “Documents” and “Libraries” folders unloaded from the iPhone.
    • Upload WhatsApp to iPod.
    • Launch messenger.

      For this option, such tablet PCs as iPad mini and iPad air are suitable.

      Step-by-step installation instructions

      First you need to go to the App Stor application, type the phrase “messenger for whatsapp” and hit search. Then click on the “download” button. Depending on your personal settings, the iPad may ask you to confirm this operation and enter your Apple ID under which you are registered in the iTunes Store.

      After downloading, open the program. We agree to the request to send you notifications and after that you will see the QR code on the tablet screen.

      Next, you need to take your iPhone and open WhatsApp on it. We go into the settings, find the “whatsapp web” function and enter it. On the screen you will see a scanner that you need to point to the QR code in your tablet.

      The iPad will do all the other settings by itself, namely: it automatically syncs with the phone and downloads all the information with your contacts, chats and WhatsApp history to the tablet. The most important advantage is that these devices can work simultaneously.

      That’s all, the issue has been resolved, and you will be able to communicate with your loved ones using your favorite iPad device.

      The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

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        How to download Play Store on iPad?

        Today is a very interesting and strange topic for an article, but since people are interested in this issue, I will tell you a little about the Play Market for a tablet with the name iPad.

        I will also tell you about installing applications and games from the Play Market. How can this be done and is it possible to do at all, let’s get started.


        How to install Play Market on an iPad?

        The conclusion from the above can be done that it is simply impossible to install or just use the Play Market on iOS and it is unlikely that it will be possible to implement this in the future. Of course, it is quite possible that they will create some kind of emulator that will allow you to download games and play them, but this will be rather curtailed and the likelihood of this is very small.

        The benefits of using the App Store are pretty obvious:

        • Always the newest applications;
        • Convenient modern interface;
        • Only tested applications and games that will not harm your device.

        Android has always been famous for a large amount of garbage in the Play Store, and quite often you can install a program that can steal data from you or just harm your device.

        Fortunately, owners of iOS devices do not expect such a fate, and after downloading any game to your iPhone or iPad, you can sleep peacefully.

        Play Market for iPad

        In fact, such a request can probably be written by people who have only previously used devices only on Android, or just happy owners of iPads in search of applications.

        In order to deal with this issue once and for all, I propose to first deal with the two concepts of Play Market and App Store. This will paint a little picture about everything.


        Now you know everything about the connection between such two things as Play Market and iPad. It simply does not exist, except that they both belong to the world of mobile technologies.

        The App Store is always at your service and if you need to download something, then just write it in the search or look for the best in the tops.


        Using TweakBox, iPhone and iPad owners can download and install various mods and applications that cannot be launched on this device or are not available in the App Store. Tweekbox works without jailbreak the system, being its alternative. Tweakbox uses developer tools for its work.

        First, download, install and configure TweekBox correctly, as its normal performance depends on it.

        Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the TweakBox website. Click “Install Now”.

        Select “Allow” to go to profile setting.

        In the window that opens, click “Install” and enter the password to confirm.

        Tap “Install” and then “Finish” to exit the settings.

        Go to “General”. “Shenzhen Span Logistics Limited IEAP”.

        Press “Trust” and then again a similar button. We have completed the initial TweakBox setup.

        Now let’s move on to the installation of Wotsap itself.

          Open the downloaded and configured TweakBox app.

        Agree to the privacy policy with the “I accept” option.

        Go to “Apps”. “Tweaked Apps”.

        Scroll down the list and find “Watusi for WhatsApp”. Click on it.

        Tap on the “Install” button. Confirm the installation by choosing the appropriate option.

        Find the WhatsApp icon on your desktop and click on it. You will see the standard initial setup of your profile with a phone number entered.

        After installing and activating the application, the user will receive message notifications even on the locked screen. However, there are several drawbacks to this unofficial WhatsApp client: the presence of ads in the messenger and the lack of adaptation to the large iPad screen.

        Web version

        Almost all popular instant messengers have their own web version, which can be viewed through any browser. All basic functions for working with dialogs, files and documents are the same as on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the user will not receive notifications of new messages, which some will not like.

          Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the WhatsApp web site. Click on the Share icon in the top bar. Then click “Full Site”.

        The next window will contain a QR code. It needs to be scanned through a phone that has WhatsApp installed and an active profile.

        Pick up your phone, go to the app and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

        Tap “WhatsApp Web”.

        Find the plus sign.

        Scan the code displayed on the iPad.

        The open tab on the iPad will be updated and the user will see all the usual functionality of the mobile messenger on the tablet screen.

        The advantage of this method is that the web version is convenient to use, as the image is adapted to the iPad screen.

        Cydia Impactor

        A utility similar to TweakBox using Sideload technology. It assumes that having a paid developer account, the user can download and install applications bypassing the App Store.

        First, we need to install the program on the computer and download the file with the IPA extension (the format used for archiving programs and games for Apple devices).

        Please note. Some applications and their versions may not work correctly (crash, slow down, etc.). Try downloading a newer IPA file if you have problems.

        Before working with Sidia, we need to generate a special password.

        Go to the Apple website and enter your Apple ID login / password.

      • In the opened window of the “Application password” section, click “Create password.”. Enter any name for the shortcut and click “Create”.
      • The system will generate a unique password.

        Whatsapp installation process in Cydia Impactor

          Open Sidia and connect the iPad to your computer. In the Cydia window, select the device you just connected. Transfer the IPA file to the program window and click “Start”.

        In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID login and click “OK”.

        Enter the password generated on the Apple website.

      • Wait for the download to finish.
      • Before opening the application, you must enable the trust function in the iPad settings.

          Open the settings, go to “General”. “Profiles and controls. Device “.

        In the “Developer Software” section, find your Apple ID and tap on it.

        Press “Trust” 2 times.

        Now the user can find the WhatsApp icon on the desktop and use it. Unfortunately, the app is not adapted for iPad.

        Installing WhatsApp on iPad

        Today WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers that allows you to exchange messages, and documents. This application is especially often used on smartphones and tablets for greater mobility.

        Installing WhatsApp on iPad


        It is easiest to install applications on jailbroken Apple devices bypassing the App Store. This can be done through such file managers as iTools, iFunBox and iMazing. For more information on how to use them to download IPA files to your device, we talked in Method 5 of the next article.

        So, in the article we have covered all the ways to install the WhatsApp application on the iPad. This can be done both through the standard App Store and using third-party programs.

        What is Microsoft Word?

        It is a program for creating and processing text files. You can create documents of various types, types, with absolutely any content and structure. This opportunity is provided by the wide functionality of the program.

        You can use it in your studies, work, for the behavior of educational programs. To do this, the user can operate with tools such as

        • Tables
        • Images
        • Photographers
        • Schemes
        • Figures

        The program interface is in Russian. Therefore, anyone can master it.

        What is a Word and how to download it?

        Greetings to you, readers and just visitors to my site!

        Are you familiar with the Microsoft Word text editor? If so, great! If not, you will find it very helpful to read this article. And also this information will be useful to everyone who uses this program. And today we will talk about how to install Word for free.

        Opportunities Word

        unlimited scope for formatting and changing text. You can make a document of any format and type

      • You can choose ready-made standard text styles, or you can set your own. There are all the possibilities for this.
      • Ample opportunities to create tables
      • A good option is to check that the test is written correctly. We agree that it is very convenient?

        By the way, there are several more ways to test literacy. All of them in this article

        To install Word on a computer, laptop, you need to know your operating system. Read more about how to determine it here.

        You also need to know the system requirement of your PC.

        There are enough resources that will allow you to download a Word on the Internet for free without registration.

        Programs are available on these sites for free and without a license.

        There are different types of this program: for Windows 10, 7, XP. You need to select and download software suitable for your operating system.

        How to install Word for free

        First of all, you need to go to the selected site and download the files to your computer. Be sure to check them for viruses before installing.
        Which antivirus to choose, you can read here

        The procedure for installing free antivirus is here

        Next, after checking, you need to open the downloaded files and start installing them.

        You must choose a location on your computer where to install your Word. As a rule, this will be the C drive. It is intended for installation of all system programs. But you can choose any other drive of your choice.

        After completing the unpacking and installation, you can launch Word.

        You can choose any view and settings convenient for the user.

        What other ways are there to use Word for free?

        Use a word online on the official website. It is completely with the same functionality as the usual one. Only WordArt function and diagrams are missing. This version will handle the rest of the tasks perfectly. You only need to create your online account.

        Word mobile application for smartphones. Absolutely free. Suitable for phones with large screens and tablets.

        Download link from the official site for Android

        So, today we have considered all the ways how to install Word for free on your PC.

        I hope you find this information useful. In order not to miss anything. Subscribe to my channel and read new articles first!

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