How to Install Windows 10 on Computer Video

It is no secret that one of the main source of income for computer services and computer specialists is the notorious reinstallation of Windows. Now you can decently save on this, just by doing everything the same as in this article. You can install Windows 7-10 on your computer, laptop or netbook. I tried to explain each step as fully as possible and provide several options for the development of events.

A few words about reinstalling Windows

In fact, everything is quite simple, but for clarity, I divided the process into several points, and not all steps are mandatory for everyone. At the same time, points can be completed in several ways, depending on which is more suitable for you. The methods go in order of preference, from my point of view. That is, if the first method worked, then the rest does not waste our time.

In short, the whole process looks like this: first, the Windows image is downloaded from the Internet (the image is a copy of a real disc) and written to your DVD-ROM or USB flash drive. You can take a ready-made disk, for example, from a friend. Hereinafter, a flash drive also refers to a memory card or external hard drive.

Then the computer starts from the DVD-ROM or from the USB flash drive and the installation process begins, which is similar to installing one large program. In the end, you will have to install device drivers, if required. The installation process of Windows 7 or 10 is almost the same, and everything described is suitable for any version of Windows.

If you already have an installation disk with Windows 7/10, then go directly to step 5.

If you bought a new HDD or SSD, you can simply transfer the old system to a new disk.

Search Windows on the Internet and download

I must immediately warn that the use of unlicensed Windows is not legal, but, nevertheless, few people use the licensed version at home. Watch the how to find the right image with Windows 7 on the Internet for free:

If you have RAM from 4GB or more, then download the x64 version of Windows, otherwise take the x86 version. From the editions I advise you to choose “Ultimate” or “Professional”, but not lower than “Home”. I also advise you to download images with a minimum of changes from the original, and not different assemblies, although among them there are normal options.
Here are a couple of sites where you can find something good: choose assemblies fresher and with a lot of likes in the menu. “Operating Systems”, first you need to register

We will download the image of Windows 7-10 from torrents, I hope you already know how to do this. Some sites may offer to download Windows from file hosting services, for example, letitbit, depositfiles, vipfiles and others. This does not make sense since without Gold-access from file hosting will be a very long time to download. Also, do not get fooled by high speed paid downloads.

I strongly recommend using licensed Windows to be more secure.

Burning an image to a DVD disc (if installing from a disc)

It is impossible to simply transfer the downloaded file with the extension “.iso” to disk or to a USB flash drive, for this we need a special program. To burn the image to disc, you need a blank DVD-R or a rewritable DVD-RW disc. CD-R / RW discs will not work, as there is little space on them. Watch a tutorial on how to burn an image to disk using the free program Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.

Download UltraISO (trial version from the official site)

Writing an image to a USB flash drive (if installing from a USB flash drive)

To record the installation image on a USB flash drive, you need a USB flash drive with a capacity of 4 GB or more.

Watch a tutorial on how to burn an image to a USB flash drive using UltraISO

I warn you that multi-boot images (several versions of Windows in one image) most likely will not boot from a flash drive. Burn such images to DVD.

The second way, using the USB Download Tool from Microsoft. It works ONLY FOR ORIGINAL IMAGES! (not the original image will be recorded, but will not load). He also writes to DVD.

I recommend recording the image with UltraISO, otherwise you probably have to prepare the drive with special formatting.

See how to prepare a flash drive using the HP Format Tool

When using an external hard drive, instead of a flash drive, special formatting is not required!

The second way to prepare a flash drive using the program RMPrepUSB

Booting a computer from bootable media

To boot from a newly made bootable DVD-ROM or flash drive, you need to “explain” to the computer that it needs to boot from it, and not from the hard drive. Maybe your computer will boot from a recorded device, check it out. Those. insert a disk or flash drive and restart the computer. If it started to load from there, then go to the next item.

For a better understanding, let me explain how a computer or laptop boots up. In general, when the computer turns on, it looks at its settings in the so-called BIOS. a program that controls power-up and initial setup. In BIOS, it is recorded from which device it is loaded: from a hard disk, CD / DVD-ROM’s, flash drives, etc. So we need to set the computer to boot from the installation DVD-ROM or from a USB flash drive.

There are many varieties of computers, but all exhibit this approximately the same. I made somes for you from different computers. If you watched all thes, but it’s a bit wrong with you, then anyway, using the information received you can easily figure out how to enter the BIOS and set the desired boot device in your case.

There are three main varieties of BIOS interfaces: Award BIOS (Award-Phoenix BIOS), AMI BIOS and UEFI. Award bios are mainly with blue windows, AMI with gray-blue windows, and UEFI with a beautiful graphical interface (and not a BIOS at all, but by inertia they call it that, but it doesn’t matter). In order to enter the BIOS, you need to press one button at startup. BUT WHICH BUTTON? Please note that as soon as the computer is turned on, some information is displayed on a black background and below it is suggested to press one or more keys. One of them is BIOS entry.

For Award BIOSes, this is usually the Delete (Del) key, and for AMI, the F2 or F10 key. Something like “Press Del to enter Setup” will be written at the bottom of the screen. Setup is the same as BIOS. It is necessary to press quickly and several times (just in case), otherwise the computer will continue to boot further. If you do not have time, just restart it again using the “Reset” button on the system unit or using the CtrlAltDel key combination.

If when you turn on the computer on the whole screen there is a screen saver, and nothing is visible behind it, then try to press the ESC key to hide the screen saver and read information from the screen how to enter the BIOS. Also, which button to press can be found in the manual for the computer motherboard.

Watch the how to enter the BIOS Award and set the boot device

On the Lenovo G500 lineup models, you need to press the OneKey (Recovery) key while the laptop is turned off, and on some models FnF2 is triggered. I also propose to see the full version of the article how to boot a computer from a disk or from a flash drive.

In all modern computers, you can boot from the desired boot device without changing the BIOS settings. To do this, you need to carefully look at which buttons it is suggested to press when the system starts. It may offer to invoke a boot menu. Then it will be written “Press F9 for Boot menu“, eg. The button for invoking the boot menu may be different. For BIOS Award is usually “F9”, and for AMI it can be “F12”. An example for Award bios I showed above in the corresponding.

See how to choose a boot device on a Lenovo laptop and others

If you have a computer with UEFI, then when you get into the BIOS, you will see the following picture:

How to Install Windows 10 on Computer

At the bottom of the screen there is a section “Boot Priority”, where you can use the mouse to set the desired boot order. You can also click on the “Exit / Advanced mode” button in the upper right corner and select “Advanced mode” in the window that appears. Next, go to the “Boot” tab and in the “Boot Option Priorities” section in the “Boot Option # 1” field, set the default boot device to a USB flash drive, DVD-ROM, hard drive, or other available device.

If the computer or laptop does not want to boot from your image, then on the “Startup” tab, set the value “UEFI / Legacy Boot” to “Legacy Only”

Owners of Hewlett-Packard computers will likely find this picture in BIOS:

Select the desired device, press Enter, then move it to the very top and press Enter again. Save the settings in the “File. Save and Exit. “

Install Windows on a computer

After booting from the installation disk, installation begins directly. Watch a tutorial on how to install Windows 7 on a computer:

Installation from reinstallation is almost no different. Only if Windows is installed on a new computer, then during the process you need to create partitions on the hard drive on the “unallocated area”, and when reinstalling, simply format the existing system partition, after copying important data from it to another location (if any).

After installing Windows, you need to activate, otherwise the system will work only 30 days. The owners of the licensed version carry out activation using the built-in wizard (via the Internet or by phone). Unlicensed versions of Windows 7-10 are activated using special programs. I warn you that this is not legal, therefore, for informational purposes only. I recommend to purchase a licensed version of Windows and not have problems with activation.

I show the most versatile activation method using RemoveWAT. If possible, activate by following the instructions that accompany the torrent download page. Also keep in mind that illegal activation does not guarantee stable operation of the system.

Watch the how to activate using the RemoveWAT program

The RemoveWAT program is searched and downloaded from the Internet on its own, but usually you will already have all the instructions.

Driver installation

After completing the installation of Windows, you must install the driver. Without them, the computer will not work at full strength. To check if you need drivers, open “Device Manager”. To do this, click the “Win ​​Pause” buttons and select “Device Manager” in the window that opens on the left.

There should not be exclamation marks in the device manager, i.e. should be such a picture

If there are exclamation or question marks, then you have to install the missing drivers

It’s good if you have driver disks that came with your computer. Then insert them one by one and install the drivers from the autorun menu of each disk. If there are no disks, then just use one of the special programs.

One of the best options is DriverHub, which writes a separate article with a.

You can also watch a tutorial on how to automatically install drivers using the Drivers Installer Assistant program from the SamDrivers package

This method does not require an internet connection, but the downloaded file is an image. Therefore, to use it, you need to write it to a USB flash drive in any of the ways described above. Or simply extract the files from the ISO image, as from a regular archive using the WinRAR program and run the program.

The third way, using the DriverPack Solution Full program

This is the full version of the program, which includes a database of all current drivers for today, so it takes several gigabytes. It can be downloaded via torrent from the official website of the program. Installing drivers using DriverPack Solution Full does not require an internet connection.

There is a lite version of DriverPack Solution Lite,

This method requires an Internet connection, so in order to use it you must already have Internet configured.

Comment: if after reinstalling Windows you have all the drivers installed (according to Device Manager), I still recommend downloading and installing separate drivers for your card, especially if you are a gamer.


After reinstalling Windows, you can begin to install your usual programs. If something is not clear, then ask in the comments. I will answer. Also write feedback in the comments, your opinion is very important to me!