How to install WhatsApp on two SIM cards

How to install the second WhatsApp on Android

There are situations when you need to install several identical circuits programs on one smartphone at once. For example, one SIM card is working, and the second is personal, and WhatsApp is needed to communicate in both areas. How to get out of this difficult situation and not combine working correspondence and personal? How to install the second WhatsApp on Android and use two separate communication channels for your pleasure? Let’s figure out whether 2 WhatsApp messengers can be combined on Android and how to do it.

The official version of WhatsApp involves the installation of one application on one phone, which delivers the application users some inconvenience. Fortunately, the Android platform is very flexible in terms of installing third.Party software, so making two Watsaps on the same phone with Android will not be difficult.

Technical characteristics and methods of installing the parallel channel WhatsApp may vary depending on the version of the operating system and the parameters of the smartphone.

Using WhatsApp on an iPhone with Dual Sim or Other Smartphone

If a smartphone with one SIM card

Whatsapp messenger, like many other similar programs, is tied to the phone number: 1 SIM card = 1 phone number = 1 WhatsApp account.

The only option here is the use of third.Party applications.

If a phone with two SIM cards

Installing two Watsaps on one Android phone with two SIM cards is quite realistic. There are several proven ways and programs used by millions of people around the world. The total number of WhatsApp users on Android exceeds 1 billion., and about 20-25% use the parallel installation program.

2 WhatsApp on one phone

Two WhatsApp on one smartphone with Android

Functionality for communication in instant messengers under two payrolls can be realized in three ways:

  • By cloning applications. For example, such a function is in Samsung smartphones;
  • Putm of creating a second workspace. Two different phones with different sets of programs and different settings are obtained as part of one device;
  • Using third.Party phone applications where there is no cloning and second workspace.

Each method has its own characteristics.

Cloning applications does not load the smartphone with excessive tasks. A second client appears in NM. Just one application else. But there is a small minus. The clone will use the same phone book as the main WhatsApp, if the possibility of choosing those contacts that will be displayed in the clone is not implemented.

The isolated second working space loads not only the processor, but also user memory. The second copy of the phone will be created here, the device has to process a double data flow, which negatively affects performance and autonomy. The smartphone works slower, the battery life is reduced. Dignity. Separate phone books.

Former software allows you to implement cloning devices on smartphones where this function simply does not. Disadvantage. You need to put an additional application that can load the phone, reducing its performance. There are also advertising in third.Party applications.

The following are three instructions that allow you to launch two Watsaps on one phone operating under the Android operating system. Each instruction corresponds to one of the methods of cloning applications.

– Cloning WhatsApp

In smartphones of different brands, the name of the function is different. For example, in Samsung devices it is Dual Messenger or a double application profile, from ASUS. Twin Apps, from Huawei. App Twin. The general instruction looks like this:

  • Unlock the smartphone and find the function of cloning applications;
  • In the list of applications for which cloning is available, select WhatsApp;
  • Find the label of the cloned WhatsApp, start the application;
  • Aim in the messenger with your second telephone number.

Please note that Samsung may offer to choose a list of contacts for the clone. The same is possible in smartphones of other brands. This functionality is implemented or not. I will understand in the process of installing and setting.

– We use the second space

The second space is implemented in the smartphones Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi, if you take only well.Known brands. Function names. Second space, Private Space, Dual Apps and T. D. There are no difficulties with activation of a function. Meet the instructions:

  • Find the function of turning on the second space in the menu of your smartphone;
  • Set up the second space with the second Google account. You can use the existing or register a new one;
  • Open the Play Market and install WhatsApp, open the installed application;
  • Register in WhatsApp with the phone number confirming and confirming.
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We recommend using this function on powerful smartphones. With a productive processor and a large amount of RAM.

– cloning by third.Party applications

If there is no cloning function in the smartphone and there is no second space, you should not despair. You can always use the Parallel Space application. It provides cloning of installed instant messengers and social networks. Instructions for installation and configuration:

  • Open the Play Market and download the Parallel Space application;
  • Wait for the completion of the installation and open the installed application;
  • Accept the terms of the license agreement and read the list of applications installed on the smartphone available for cloning;
  • Run the cloned WhatsApp and get back with a mobile phone number;
  • Choose what contacts the clone will work with.

A small drop in performance is possible on weak smartphones.

Bonus method

Whatsapp messenger has a separate business application. It will help us register with the second recording. The scheme is extremely simple:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business application from the Play Market store;
  • Pass the standard registration procedure with confirmation of the mobile phone number;
  • Indege the company’s name instead of the name of the company, ignoring the rest of the settings.

We use third.Party applications

Applications are a comfortable way to install two numbers in VOTSAP in several clicks. You can download them on the official website of the developer and install them on your mobile phone memory. You can also download applications from the store. The name of the application necessarily fits in English.

Parallel Space app

The Parallel Space application is designed specifically so that users can cloning the messenger in a couple of clicks. When using it is not required to have any permits, you do not need to turn off the antivirus program. Parallel Space is downloaded from the Play store Market (introduce English letters). After downloading in a couple of seconds, you need to install applications on a mobile phone.

Then you need to enter the application (you can without creating an account). The name of the messenger is introduced, a copy of which is required to create. In this case, this is VOTSAP. To start cloning, choose the corresponding menu item. In the course of the procedure, prompts will pop up, you should press for confirmation of the procedure. After downloading, the second version of the VOTSAP appears in the form of a shortcut on the smartphone desktop. The case remains for the small one: you need to enter the new version and register on the second phone number.

Then you should turn off the mobile phone and restart it. Now two rooms will work on one account.

OGWHATSAPP application

OgwhatsApp can be found in the search engine and go to the official website for downloading or immediately entered the application in the store and find it through the search line. The procedure is as follows:

  • Enter the Messenger Messenger WhatsApp.
  • Select the settings point.
  • Open the line “Chats”.
  • Carry out backup.
  • Download file manager.
  • Find whatsApp.
  • Change the name of the folder for WhatsAppold.
  • Return to the settings of the Watsap system.
  • Select “Appendix” item.
  • Be sure to clean the cache. Temporary data storage.
  • Delete completely VOTSAP from the phone.
  • Rename “WhatsApppold” in OgwhatsApp.

Then the case remains for the small. It is necessary to register in a new application. It is held for the first issue. The work will be in the same mode, the functions of the votsap do not change.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that for the correct work of the messenger to two numbers, you should again download the official version of Watsap from the site. Then, under the second profile for another number, registration is carried out by another SIM card. So it turns out that the smartphone will work adequately with two numbers.

App Twin

This application was also created to cloning the official version of the application to the mobile phone. The program is downloaded from Play Market. Installation occurs in a couple of seconds. Then they open the application and look for the icon of votsap.

The algorithm of work is easier. He is intuitive to the user. The application independently creates a backup copy of the messenger on request. Download the second is not required. You just need to register the second phone number.

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GBWHATSAPP. Created specifically for the WhatsApp messenger application. Cloning occurs automatically after the installation of the program. You just need to find the corresponding field in the menu.

The disadvantage application is its inconsistent work. Users complain that the parallel operation of two phone numbers stops if the messenger updates are received.

Cloning via App Cloner

Permits for work are not required. The application is downloaded from the official website or through the Play Market application store. You need to go to the program after its installation (registration does not need to be carried out, but it will give a lot of additional capabilities). Then select the icon of the Messenger Wottsap in the section and create a backup copy. It is worth following the prompts of the system. After creating the second messenger, the corresponding shortcut will appear on the screen of a mobile phone. It is required to enter a new phone number and in a standard way registration.

New WhatsApp functions

Despite everything, useful innovations in WhatsApp still have. One of them is the opportunity not to add a number to the phone book in order to correspond with the subscriber. This noticeably saves time if you need to write someone, but you will not want to clog your phone with extra numbers.

Whatsapp will become even more convenient: you can filter chats

Against the background of innovations, another problem has long been brewing. How to filter a large number of contacts and groups? It is reported that the company also work on this: in the future, a separate chat filter button should appear. It is expected that four filters will appear in the application:

In the future, the number of filters may increase, but wasn’t it easier to enable users to create folders themselves as in Telegram?

In any case, the updates still need to wait. But at any moment you may encounter the fact that your account will be blocked just like that. By the way, we talked about this in our article.

Official rules for using two profiles on one phone

Dual Messenger

Fortunately, in the new Samsung smartphones models, Dual Messenger is installed by default, thanks to which users are opening the opportunity to use two accounting messenger accounts at the same time, and for this you do not need to download various files from the Internet!

If your gadget does not have such a tool as Dual Messenger, you need to find and download it in Play Market.

If your smartphone already has a Dual Messenger, you only need to cloning the application:

  • Open the Settings Department on the smartphone.
  • Click on the function “extended functions”.
  • Find the Dual Messenger tool in the list of “advanced functions” and click on it.
  • Find in the list of available applications that are compatible with Dual Messenger, WhatsApp.
  • Click on “install”. The clone of the selected application will soon appear on the main screen and will be ready to use.
  • Register an account in a new application through the second phone number.

Whatsapp Business

Previously, on gadgets that support the use of two SIM cards, only one room could be connected to the WhatsApp app. Fortunately, the developers have worked out the possibility of using two different accounts on one smartphone and created WhatsApp Business. The development company positions it as an application for owners of small business, because through it you can easily conduct communication with customers, but users can also create personal profiles there.

How to install it? Everything is quite simple!

  • Go to Play Market and install the WhatsAppbusiness application.
  • Create a second account tied to the second SIM card. The process of creating an account in WhatsAppbusiness is the same as in the usual WhatsApp.

How to create a WhatsApp clone on Android

Many smartphones allow you to run WhatsApp twice

  • In the window that opens, find the WhatsApp application and turn on the duplication function;
  • After that, the second WhatsApp will appear on the desktop, where you can log in from another number and use it as an alternative.

Huawei introduced a service for installing WhatsApp, Instagram and other prohibited applications

However, if your smartphone does not support the duplication of applications by default, you can use a third.Party utility that serves the same purpose. In fact, programs that create a copy of already installed applications and allow you to run them separately from the main one, quite a lot. However, I chose Dualspace because of its simplicity and convenience. It is implemented in the format of the folder into which the clones of all installed applications can be added. That is, in fact, the device creates a virtual area from which copies of third.Party or standard software are launched.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp on a computer

What is especially pleasant is that the new function, like ordinary correspondence, has through encryption. This guarantees the same level of security as the default application. Here’s how to start working with several WhatsApp devices and what you can do with this function.

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Whatsapp beta testers receive some ledges that are not available to other users. To join them, you need to do the following:

      Log down in your Google account. It is necessary that it be the account that is used on your smartphone.
      Go to the WhatsApp beta page in Google Play. Https: // play.Google.COM/Apps/Testing/Com.Whatsapp
      Click “Become a Tester”. If you have already entered the Google account, your participation in the test program will be confirmed automatically, and if not, you will be offered to log in.

The small problem is that sometimes the tester pool is overflowing and they are no longer accepted, but you will learn about this on the page of the application of the application. The main thing, remember that you will receive new functions, but you will have to forget about the stability of the work.

“WhatsApp Business” is the easiest way to use a messenger with two numbers on 1 smartphone

The easiest and most effective way to use two WhatsApp records on one phone will be the use of the WhatsApp Business application (Android, iOS). The functionality of this application does not conflict at all with the standard “WhatsApp Messenger”, you can easily install both applications on your device, and have your own version of WhatsApp for each of your phone number.

install, whatsapp, cards

The installation of the application does not differ from the usual version of the program. Install the program, pass authorization through your phone number, and use its capabilities. At the same time, try not to confuse applications, and avoid various incidents in their work.

How to Use WhatsApp for 2 Numbers on Dual-SIM Android | Guiding Tech

How to install two WhatsApp on one phone

On the official resource of Watsap, you will not find what you will learn about from this part of the article. That is, officially this option does not support. But so far no punishments, or accounts of accounts for installing two instant messengers on separate numbers of this telephone, have not been.

The application that will be used to duplicate the messenger is legal. It should be downloaded from Google Play. In the search, enter its name “Parallel Space” and install on a smartphone. It will create a second version of almost any applications of social networks and instant messengers, so that in the future it can still be useful. Follow the finished instructions:

  • Download the program from the application store Parallel Space.
  • Open on a smartphone.
  • In the list of available applications, mark WhatsApp.
  • The program will immediately start installing the second application WhatsApp.
  • When the installation ends, it will have the name “WhatsApp”.
  • Launch the second messenger on the phone, get back in it from the second number that you have not yet used for the WhatsApp messenger.

The label for the second Watsap can also be dragged to the desktop so that it is convenient for you to manage two messengers. The application used will allow you to double the majority of social networks on your gadget.

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