How To Install Whatsapp On Microsoft Phone

Since the mobile operating system from Microsoft is becoming more widespread on a variety of phones, there is nothing strange in the fact that more and more users want to download Viber to Microsoft. But at the same time, probably, not everyone has a clear enough idea of ​​how and where this can be done. In practice, it turns out that everything is quite simple.

Where can I download Viber for Microsoft

Oddly enough, but by going to the official website of the project at: It’s impossible to get the coveted Viber for Microsoft phones. Computer versions are available for download here. for Windows, for Mac OS and even for Linux. as well as for Android and iOS. But for MS Windows Phone. alas, Viber is not available on the Microsoft website on the official website.

However, this does not mean that users of this OS are in a hopeless situation. After all, you can always, for example, look at the Windows Store at: And there is a large number of third-party resources, including torrents, where a large number of programs for mobile phones with OS from Microsoft are available. Of course, you need to approach the selection of resources carefully: after all, nobody has yet canceled the dangers of viral infection on the Internet.

Download, installation and first launch

Viber can be downloaded on Microsoft Lumiya 640, and on many other models of smartphones. Each user will cope with this without difficulty. It will be enough to just follow the link. and download the installation file. Then it opens in the existing file manager. and starts the installation. Everything else happens in a fully automatic mode, the user will not be required to perform any special actions.

As soon as Viber is installed, the corresponding icon of this program will appear on the desktop of the smartphone. Click on it. the program starts. The program also offers to scan the address book of the smartphone and transfer all contacts to your contact list. It is recommended that you take this opportunity to not enter data manually.

But at the first start, you will have to register a new user. For this:

  1. We inform the system of your mobile phone number;
  2. An SMS with an access code will be received at the indicated number;
  3. The received code fits into a special Weiber field;
  4. If the codes match, you can start using Viber.

Viber features on smartphones

Being launched both on the Microsoft Lumia 535 phone and on any other smartphone, Viber provides the user with the following features:

  • Exchange of free messages. both in group chat, and in tête-à-tête mode;
  • Public chats organized by world celebrities or well-known companies are available;
  • You can attach a variety of files, stickers, fragments (up to 10 megabytes in size) to your messages;
  • You can even call for free from one Viber to another Viber. over, not only traditional voice calls are available, but also calls through communication;
  • You can also make calls to mobile phones that are not registered in the Viber system, and even to the most ordinary city numbers. True, this is already being done for money. But the tariffs in the Viber Out service are still more profitable than dealing with various kinds of roaming.

Summing up, we can safely recommend the Viber messenger to the widest circle of users for downloading. And it will be possible all the time to stay in touch with your friends and relatives. no matter where in the world they are.

How To Install Whatsapp On Microsoft Phone