How to install whatsapp on iPad

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for mobile platforms and computers. Everyone has at least 2 people they know who use this messenger. And iPad users have a fair desire to install and use WhatsApp on their tablet. Most likely, with this idea, you stumbled over the lack of the app in the App Store. In this article, we will talk about how to install and use WhatsApp on iPad, and tell you about the most popular problems with the application.

iPad is an Apple tablet. There are 2 versions of the same tablet. Pro and regular version. The first version of the iPad is aimed at professionals working with design, music, etc. The regular version is aimed at the mass buyer.

But both the Pro version and the regular version are used for watching videos, movies, news on social networks. That is, the tablet is used for entertainment more than 50% of the time. So why not use the tablet version together with the smartphone version?? WhatsApp syncs messages of 2 apps with a single account. With this version you will be less distracted. And typing on the big screen of the tablet is much more convenient.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

Surely the first problem iPad users have when installing WhatsAapp on iPad is the lack of a tablet version of the program in the App Store. And, unlike other programs available for the iPhone, the application can not be found and when you turn on the display of iPhone-only programs.If you try to install the program from your computer, iTunes will also give you an error.

To get around all of these obstacles, we will have to do a few simple steps:

  • Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer and go to the iTunes Store.
  • In it, find the WhatsApp program itself and download it to your computer

You will then need to use the third-party software iFunBox (download here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices similar to iTunes.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer and make sure it is detected in iFunBox.
  • Press the Install button and search for the installation file.WhatsApp ipa program that was downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • Once you have successfully completed the procedure, the WhatsApp program will appear on your iPad screen.

However, it will still be impossible to use the program on the iPad, as it will report on launch that it is not designed to work on the tablet:

Now you’ll need an iPhone which either doesn’t have WhatsApp installed or deleted. Please note that after deleting WhatsApp from iPhone you can’t restore the copy of messaging data from iCloud when you install it again. The standard window for registering the number should appear on the phone.

After the application confirms your phone number and sends a confirmation code via SMS, complete the setup and connect your iPhone to your computer with the iFunBox program running.

Now reconnect your iPad to your computer and run the iFunBox program. In the same way, go to the WhatsApp folder and download the folders copied from iPhone.

All you need to do now is to reload the program on your iPad and start using it.

Note that WhatsApp will not work on both devices in parallel, messages will only come to the device on which WhatsApp was last used.

How to install WhatsApp on the iPad

You can join the WhatsApp test through TestFlight

Important: At the time of publication, the testers for the current beta version of WhatsApp are already staffed. Therefore do not be surprised, if on the page of joining the preliminary access program you will be refused. This is completely standard practice. So it’s recommended to check from time to time to see if there are any openings. Maybe someone will come out of the testing program and you’ll have access to the beta.

It’s hard to say when WhatsApp for iPad will be released. Practice shows that developers can test iconic innovations for quite a long time. So the tests can drag on for a month, or two, or even six months. And, given the extent of cross-device support as such, we can assume that it will not appear until this fall at best, if not delayed until the end of the year. So don’t expect an update in August or, most likely, in September.

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How to use WhatsApp without an iPhone

In fact, the essence of the innovation is that now you do not need an iPhone to run the desktop version of WhatsApp. That is, you can run WhatsApp on your computer without a phone. Here’s how to do it:

First, you need to join the testing of the new feature

You need to connect to WhatsApp Web, as before, by scanning a QR code

After successfully activating WhatsApp Web, you’ll be able to put your iPhone away instead of keeping it around like before, when the desktop version of the messenger didn’t work without the mobile version. While it does pull chats from your smartphone, it’s no longer needed to make it work. And sending messages, calls and other manipulations will use Wi-Fi, to which your computer is connected.

  • First, you can now put away and even turn off your iPhone, and WhatsApp Web will continue to run;
  • Secondly, WhatsApp on iPhone will not shut down, as before, but continue to work independently;
  • Thirdly, WhatsApp on the computer will not consume mobile traffic, using a Wi-Fi connection.

Downloading and installing the application

Officially download WhatsApp for iPad is not possible, you can not install the service with a SIM card, because there is no application in the store. Therefore, you need to use a browser or unofficial download methods to install.


With the help of TweakBox owners of the tablet, Apple phone can download, install various mods, services that cannot be launched through the official store. The program works on the basis of Jailbreak, applies its working tools. It should be pointed out that thanks to the service the participant will become an unofficial client. For this reason, the confidentiality, security of the messenger is not guaranteed.

install, whatsapp, ipad

First you need to download, correctly put on the operating system and configure the program without SIM, and then through it install WhatsApp. To do this, you need to follow a clear step-by-step instruction:

  • Open the Safari browser, go to TweakBox;
  • Click to download the application, allow actions with the profile settings;
  • Then click on the “Set” button and enter the password;
  • Click “Done”, go to “Settings”;
  • In the “Main” section, select the available corporate program and click on “Trust”.

Thus, the TweakBox system will be installed. To download and start using WhatsApp, you need to go into the program, accept the security policy, go to “Applications”, select the third category from the top, scroll through the list and find the first tab Watusi with Watsap. Then download the app and activate it.


To install through BigBoss mini you need to download, put on a personal computer utility in the extension IPA. Then download the program, connect the tablet to your computer. Transfer the folder with the program to the tablet and follow the standard setup procedures. Be sure to click on the “Trust” button in the “Basic” section of the utility. Once the procedure is complete, you may need to reboot your device, update the program. After the above actions, you can safely use the messenger.

Web version

Almost all popular messengers work on the web version. The basic functionality to work is available on devices. There is access to dialogs, files, documents and other media. However, there are no pop-up notifications. To open the web version of the messenger WhatsApp Web, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Open the Safari browser, go to the WhatsApp website;
  • Click on “Share”, click on “Full version of the site.”
  • In the next window, scan the code through the installed WhatsApp with an active profile.

Ultimately, the installation will be completed successfully. The user will be able to actively start using the messenger, update the application as needed.

Note! You can scan the code through the section “Settings”, “Web” and the button “”.

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor works in the same way as the TweakBox. Utility uses Sideload technology. To work at first you need to put the program on your PC, download it in the extension IPA. Then generate a password. To generate the numbers, go to the official Apple website, enter your ID account information. Click on “Create password” in the “App Password” window and in the field that pops up, type any word. The system will then generate a unique password.

After generating a password, you need to open the utility, connect the tablet to your computer. Download the application by entering your Apple ID. Enter your password and wait until the download is complete. Before you open the application, you should enable the trust function through the settings. After that, the WhatsApp icon will appear on your desktop.

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Jailbreak. a utility with which you can access files, quickly download any file from a third-party source. Please note! Breaking into the operating system of the product is fraught with unstable operation of the hardware and loss of security of its use. In order to download WhatsApp through Jailbreak, you need to find the program on your computer and install it on your system.

Then you need to unpack the downloaded file through the archive. Then it remains to connect the tablet to the computer, run the file, click on “Jailbreak” and at the end of the process agree with the requirements to unlock the device. After the shortcut appears on the desktop, you need to restart the gadget, then update the service.

To order the messenger, you will need to install the iPhone Configuration Utility. In the utility panel, select Applications, Install and WhatsApp. Once the process is complete, launch Cydia on the iPad, from the BigBoss tab find WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

The primary difficulty encountered during the installation of the messenger on the iPad is the lack of a version of the application for the tablet in the AppStore. In addition, WhatsApp cannot be found even if iPhone app visibility is enabled.

Thus, when installing the application from the PC iTunes will also give an error. To prevent such a situation is necessary:

  • Then you need to access the iFunBox application (it is available on almost all operating systems).
  • Next, you need to connect iPad to PC and make sure that it is visible in iFunBox.
  • Click on the installation and select the appropriate file with the extension.The ipa in WhatsApp that you downloaded from the iTunes Store.

If all the points have been completed correctly, the WhatsApp application will pop up on the screen of the device. nevertheless the operation of the application on iPad will still be unavailable In order to solve the problem you will need the iPhone, which does not have the messenger. Then you need to do the following steps:

  • Open the desired application and tap on WhatsApp.
  • Make a copy of the entire contents of your “Documents” and “Library from iPhone” folders on your PC (with any operating system).
  • Reboot your iPhone. After that, you’ll need to restart the app on your iPad. Once the download is complete, you can use the app.


WhatsApp will not function on two gadgets at once. That way you’ll only receive messages on the phone where WhatsApp was last used.

Roman Vladimirov. Apple product expert, Consultant at, co-author of articles. Working with Apple products for over 10 years.

How to install WhatsApp on an iPad or iPod touch with a jailbreak?

Open Cydia on your iPad or iPod touch and go to the Search tab.

Find the WhatsPad tweak distributed through the BigBoss repository. Install it. The download tweak is available absolutely free of charge.

Download and install the free iFunBox file manager for PC or Mac.

Connect your iPad or iPod touch to your PC or Mac using a USB cable.

Launch iTunes and go to the App Store tab. Search for the WhatsApp app and download it to your PC or Mac.

Open iFunBox and click “Install Application” button.

Specify the directory with the iFunBox IPA file located:

And press the “Open” button, then the application installation process will start on your iOS device.

Once the installation process is complete, quietly launch the Cydia app WhatsPad on your iPad or iPod touch. At the first launch, just like on the iPhone, you will need to enter a valid cell phone number.

Tested Ways

Each of the options described below will not require you to install JailBreak and will not make you spend hours digging through the settings, the main thing is to repeat a small algorithm of actions:

Developers from. which owns WhatsApp, have long ceased to pay proper attention to the audience, and so independent studios from around the world have taken up the cause. So, for example, Alejandro Perea Navarrete offers to try out a bold innovation. WhatsPad Web. Version is optimized only for tablets and offers a standard interface, full synchronization of contacts and familiar settings, emoticons and voice calls.

Of the disadvantages. bugs of a technical nature, but available notifications, optimization is excellent, and the problems with the implementation of these actions will not arise, even for beginners.

Ways to install WhatsApp on iPad

Let’s look at the main ways to install WhatsApp on iPad tablet, from legitimate to those that contradict Apple’s policies.

install, whatsapp, ipad

Web version

This is the easiest, most legal, but definitely not the most comfortable way in terms of using the messenger. In principle, many users of desktop PCs use this method, but we cannot call it the most successful.

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Running a web version of WhatsApp is really easy, using the system browser, but compared to the standalone product, it has many flaws that will make it difficult to use the communicator. For example, in the web version, a double tap triggers the zoom, and there are many such little things. But you won’t have to jailbreak it. True, you will not be able to switch on the messenger just like that, even this method requires the presence of a smartphone with a registered account.

So, how to launch the web version of WhatsApp:

  • Entering messenger on the iPhone;
  • open the last tab (it is at the bottom right);
  • Tap on the QR code button at the top right;
  • the QR code scanner will appear on the screen;
  • on the tablet in the browser open the WhatsApp website and click on the button to sign in to the account;
  • the QR code scanner will open;
  • use smartphone for scanning of the issued QR code, then synchronize both devices.

This will allow you to log into your account and legally use the messenger on the iPad. The functionality will be almost the same as on the full app, and yet stripped down. It’s worth enabling notifications right away, because without this, new messages will go unnoticed.

WARNING. In the browser version of WhatsApp, some options regarding account setup will not be available. You also will not be able to control the messenger gestures, some features of the program will not work, including you will not be able to call on WhatsApp from iPad. In short, the existing restrictions will prevent you from using this option as a full-fledged app.


Many owners of Apple technology have repeatedly used this unofficial store to download games/applications that are not available in the official. It will help us out this time too, allowing us to install WhatsApp on the iPad without a phone or access to the file system of the tablet.

  • After downloading TweakBox from the official website, press the “Install” button;
  • enter the password, click “Done”;
  • Open “Settings” on the tablet, go to “Main” and look for the line “Shenzhen Span Logistiks Limited IEAP”;
  • Tap on it, click on the “Trust” button;
  • Launch TweakBox, agree to the terms of the user agreement;
  • Select the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen, in the submenu tap on the “Tweaked Apps” item;
  • a list will appear in which look for the line “Watusi for WhatsApp”, install this application in Russian;
  • it remains only to launch the messenger and go through the registration procedure. You do not need an iPhone for this, but you will need a separate SIM card for your tablet.

Cydia Impactor

The purpose of this utility is similar. the ability to install applications on devices running iOS, if it is impossible to install them through the AppStore.

Although we don’t need a smartphone here either, but we can’t install WhatsApp on iPad without a computer. Another prerequisite. the presence of iTunes installed on your PC, and necessarily the latest version of the program. You can download it directly from the developer’s website. Now you need to find and download the WhatsApp installer (file with IPA extension) and the Cydia Impactor installer to your tablet. Install the last program immediately.

  • Go to, log in to your account. Go to the settings, go to the “Security” tab, select the “App Passwords” section and tap on the “Create Password” button;
  • Enter the name for the password, and after clicking on “Create” it will be automatically generated by the program;
  • Run Cydia Impactor and then connect the tablet to the PC. A small menu will appear in the Cydia application, select the item “Just connected device”;
  • open the directory with the WhatsApp installer, transfer it to the Cydia Impactor, press the “Start” button;
  • In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID and the password generated by the site.

Before you start using the application, you must activate the trust feature on your tablet. This is done as follows:

  • go to “Settings”, select the sub-item “Basic”;
  • Go to the “Profiles, Device Management” tab;
  • Look for the “Developer software” subsection, where your Apple ID will be displayed, tap on it;
  • Click on the “Trust” button twice.
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