How To Install Whatsap On iPad iOS 11

You probably already noticed that the AppStore does not have an official version of WhatsApp for iPad, while there is not even a smaller version, as is happening now with Viber. Why developers do not go to meet fans of the tablet is not clear.

Recently, more and more often in support of the site, the question has come about whether it is possible to install this application on the iPad at all? And now we can answer with confidence. Yes you can! To do this, either watch the instruction in Russian, or read the manual and pay special attention to the screenshots!

The is very short, but it reveals important points, so we strongly recommend watching it before installation:

So let’s get started. To get started, take care of the following:

  • A computer with any operating system, including MacOS;
  • IPad 3, although it should work on tablets from the second generation to the iPad mini 2;
  • IPhone (while a phone is required); Soon we will tell you how to install vatsap on an iPad without an iPhone.
  • A separate SIM card for the vatsap account on the iPad;
  • Cord for smartphone and tablet and the presence of the Internet on all devices, you can Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

How To Install Whatsap On iPad iOS 11

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

After downloading, open iTunes Library in the Programs section. Right-click on the Vatsap program and open its location. Soon we will need the application, therefore, for convenience, it is better to move the downloaded.Ipa file to the desktop.

Now download and install the main program on the PC, thanks to which we can install and activate Vatsap on the iPad. This program is called iFunBox.

To download whatsap, you need to connect the tablet to the pc and open the iFanBox program. Wait a while until the program detects the device.

In the iFunBox Classic section, select the Install application function. Select the WhatsApp.Ipa file from the desktop, where we moved the application from the iTunes media folder in point 2.

After opening the application installation report, you need to remove the device.

You can admire the new program on your new iPad Air.

But to use it until it succeeds. Since you need to activate the program using a mobile operator, that is, assign a phone number.

To do this, we will use WhatsApp on iPhone and a SIM card with a phone number, which we will use in WhatsApp on the iPad. Put the SIM card in the smartphone, reinstall on the Vatsap iPhone and activate this phone number via SMS.

Connect the iPhone with the activated application to the computer. In the iFunBox program on the left, in the Applications section of the App Store, open WhatsApp and copy two Documents, Library folders to your computer. Remove iPhone.

Connect the iPad to the computer. In the same section, select WhatsApp and delete the first two folders in the window on the right. Copy in their place the two folders that were previously saved from the iPhone. Then disconnect the tablet from the computer.

Thus, after following this instruction exactly, you will receive a jailbreak-free WhatsApp messenger on your iPad air. Therefore, this method of installing the messenger can be called the only official. In the same way, you can install Vatsap on iPad mini, on which it will be even more convenient to use the application, since it is smaller in size and the program is designed for iPhone.

Be sure to share in the comments your success in installing this program and if something suddenly fails, ask questions! We will certainly help to sort out any problem as soon as possible.