How to install viber on Samsung Galaxy

Installing Viber messenger on your Android device

Downloading and automatic installation of Viber from Google’s Android application store is the most preferable way to solve the problem voiced in the title of this article. This approach is officially recommended by the creators of the messenger, and in most cases is the most affordable, easiest way to get the application. The requirements for the effective performance of the following two instructions are the presence of Google services on the device, and logging in to the “corporation of good” account.

Mobile device

The fastest way to download and install Viber on a smartphone or tablet running “green robot” is to get a client of the service from a page in Google’s mobile application-catalogue.

    Follow the above link from any mobile web browser. Or start Play Market by tapping on the tool icon on the desktop of the OS or in the menu of the installed on your smartphone software. Tap the name of the “Applications” tab in the Store section bar at the bottom of the screen, type Viber Messenger in the “Search for games and applications” field, click on the “Search” button at the bottom right.

Viber for Android go to Google Play Market to install the messenger, search for the application in the Store

Clicking on the result shown by the system, you will be redirected to the Viber messenger application page: free calls and chat from Viber Media S developer.a.r.l.


Installation of any application presented in the Google Play Store can be initiated through the web version of the service, which can be accessed through any browser, preferably a desktop one. This allows you to solve the problem considered in this material remotely, that is, to install Viber on a temporarily unavailable physical Android device and simply can be in one situation or another more convenient than using the mobile application Store:

    Using your preferred PC browser, follow the link below to the Google Play Store website:

Then log in to the service by giving it the username and password of the Google account linked to the phone on which you want to install Vyber.

Note. If you have already signed in to your Goodreads account using your browser, and it is different from the account you have on your mobile device, you will see a profile picture instead of the sign in button. Click on your avatar and then select “Sign out of all accounts” or “Add an account” from the menu that opens, then sign in to your target account.

Click on the “Find” button to the right of it,

Go to the messenger page on Google Play Market by clicking on the area with the icon of the data exchange system and the developer of Viber Media S among the results.a.r.l

A quicker solution to the problem of going to the Viber page in the web version of the Play Store would be to open the following link in the browser:

Tap the Viber icon that appears among the installed applications, and proceed to sign in to the service or create a new account in it.

Whatsapp features and how it works

The application supports all popular Samsung smartphone models from gt-s5230 to the latest ones like NOTE 3 and even all models with two SIM cards!

It does not matter how far away you are from your conversation partner. it only takes a second to send a message. You don’t need to use logins, make up passwords and remember them. just activate the program via your cell phone number and use it at your pleasure. With this app, you can communicate with your family and friends for free, while using a minimum of resource.

The application has many useful features. for example, you can put a photo on your avatar or send a message to multiple users at once, without entering the dialogue window.

Among the other advantages of the program. sending photos, video and audio files between users absolutely free of charge! over, the transmission of messages is very fast, unlike conventional SMS. You can activate or deactivate the delivery report, read report and other useful features, if you want. Agree, it is very convenient to know if the recipient has read your message or not.

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Of course, you will have to pay for mobile internet, if there is no WI-FI nearby. But even so, it is much more profitable than the standard costs of mobile communications. In the beginning, the application synchronizes with the user’s phone book and automatically displays which of your friends is already using the messenger and to whom you can write right now.

To start working you need to download whatsapp messenger for Samsung

, After that, go through a simple registration procedure and start using the program. If you suddenly decide to delete the application from your phone. no problem, you can restore the entire message history in less than half a minute when you restart it. You can download whatsapp on Samsung for free from various resources, for example, using Play Market.

How to start using Viber on your phone: step by step instructions

Immediately after launching, you will be prompted to continue installing or to transfer the history, if you previously used the messenger on another device.

Next, you will need to specify the number that is used as an identifier to connect Viber to your phone for free.

Even before you get access to the features of Viber and start using them, you need to approve the work with contacts.

Only after everything is correct, the activation will be done, and you will be able to use Viber on your Android phone.

The first thing you should do is add a photo, so you can be recognized by your friends, and also enter your name. You can also cheat and download everything from your social network.networks.

Next, Viber will ask when you were born. this is nothing short of a way to limit access to “adult” content if the app is installed and started using it too young phone owner.

You can ignore it and indicate only that you are old enough to use the Viber app as you please.

And yet, before you can comfortably use Viber, the program will require additional permissions on your smartphone:

Now you’re ready to go. If the step-by-step instructions on how to use Viber on Android haven’t bored you yet. go ahead, we’re moving on to the most interesting.

How to install Vyber on your phone: step by step instructions

On Android, to download and install Viber on your phone for free, you just need to find it on Play Market.

You can use the search by typing Viber in the search box.

Another option how to install Viber on your Android phone for free is to open it using the link

Then you need to click on the install button, and when finished. “Open”.

A welcome window will appear with the option “Continue” to install the Viber app on your phone. Alternatively, you can use the link below to restore the history of communication on another device.

Note that if you want to install a free Viber on your phone in Russian, you need to set Russian as the system language (the installer is guided by the default settings of the OS).

Next, you need to specify the number, which is used for authorization in the.

The app will check if the data is correct and will playfully warn you if you receive an automatic call or SMS.

Additionally, you may be prompted for permission to access contacts.

And for making and receiving calls.

Only then will the activation itself be performed. To correctly install Vyber on your smartphone you will need to wait for the automatic recognition of the code or enter it manually from the received SMS. If necessary, SMS or call can be requested again, the corresponding links on the page become active after some time (about a minute).

Then you can write your account name and add an avatar. take selfies or upload them from the gallery, or import them from social networks.

Next, the system will request the date of birth, to protect you from age-inappropriate content.

You can skip it, then you will be asked about age.

Next, a number of approvals will need to be issued:

Set them up to your liking, but remember that you can’t make calls without a camera and microphone. This completes the basic setup. There can be differences in other systems, but the basic order of how to install Viber on your phone, for example, Samsung, for free in Russian will be the same.

If you want not only install Viber on your phone, but also configure it as you like, open the menu at the top left.

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To edit the name and photo click on “Edit” at the very top. This will open a profile, where you can adjust the data or import it from your social network.networks.

In the settings section you can change the application settings.

For example, if you want to install Viber on an Android smartphone is not in Russian, as in the system, you can switch it to English in the general settings.

And in the calls you configure the parameters of the calls.

Especially interesting is the last item. you can set the translation to another language.

This completes the process of preparing the messenger for full use.

Installation on Windows Phone

How to install Viber on your Microsoft phone. Strange as it may sound, such devices are still alive. And this means that we need to talk about the installation process of the messenger on this platform.

You can only use a company store here, too. However, before this you will have to perform a number of preparatory actions, as it is not available in Russia. We need to bypass the ban. Here is how it can be done.

  • On the main screen of the smartphone tap on the tile “Settings”.
  • In the list of options look for the “Language Region” and click on it.
  • Next, in the “Country and Region” select “United States” (for example).
  • We press the button “Reboot phone”.

After the restart you can already start installing Vibera from the Microsoft Store. It proceeds according to the standard scenario. But we will still provide detailed instructions with a clear algorithm of actions:

    On the main screen of the device find the tile “Microsoft Store” and click on it.

That’s it. In a couple of seconds, the messenger will be in the list of installed applications on the smartphone. Now you can change the region to your own in the settings, reboot the phone and start the basic setup of Viber.

Before installing it, please note that you must have Windows Mobile 10 installed on your device. Previous versions of the platform are no longer supported by the application. over, in the official Microsoft store disappeared messenger suitable for the platforms of the previous version. So it is strongly recommended to update.

How to configure Viber on Samsung. a beginner’s guide

Samsung is a world famous Korean brand. Phones from this manufacturer came out with different operating systems at different times. This feature is the main reason for the differences in the configuration of the software. So it is worth considering how to set up Viber on Samsung phones from different years.

How to configure Viber on the operating system Bada

Bada is considered a Korean development, which was implemented in Samsung phones until 2015. It was used in Galaxy, gs5250 and other. So if you want to install Viber on this type of device, you should search for the application on your computer or laptop and then download it to your phone via USB cable.

The alternative way is via software applications for BADA, created by Korean programmers. Registration and search for the applications in them is considered to be a rather time-consuming process

Regardless of the chosen method, the installed application requires configuration. To do this, you will need to register by entering the country of residence and the phone number to which the application will be attached. To confirm the entered data it is necessary to enter a one-time code that will come to the specified number.

After checking the system synchronizes with your phonebook. Each phone number is checked for the connection to Viber. In case of a positive result, the user has the ability to send free messages to these contacts. If the number is not connected to Viber, you can send an invitation.

How to set up on Android

It’s easier to install the Viber app for free on your Samsung Galaxy phone and others if they run on the Andro system

It is worth remembering that Viber can only be tied to one phone number. Therefore, when registering the application on the Samsung Duos, you will have to select only one of the active SIM cards. However, the system allows you to use the program, tied to one number, on different devices.

Ways to adjust additional settings

To ensure comfortable communication via Viber on the Samsung phone, after registration it is worth making adjustments to the default settings. First of all, you should check the privacy settings, which are:

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It is important to check the Multimedia parameter settings. This section is responsible for the application auto-connection. If there is good Internet traffic, you can leave the checkbox allowing autoloading in GSM network. In other cases it is better to use the function when the phone is connected to Wi-fi.

Using Vyber, remember that all photos, audio and video recordings sent by your friends are saved in the phone memory. And in order to actively use the application does not lead to an overload of the device unnecessary files, you can install a feature that allows you to gradually delete old materials. How to connect Viber on phone Samsung step by step

The question of how to connect Viber on phone Samsung step by step worries many users of a gadget of the same brand. Messenger allows you to make free calls and send messages, while saving battery power. Below we give a step-by-step instruction on how to register a chat.

Connecting the service on your phone

And in how to connect Viber on your Samsung phone, there is also nothing complicated. After installation the application icon will appear on the display. And at the first launch it will be necessary to register in the system. Fortunately it’s easy to do. You will need to enter the number of your cell phone, on which the program is installed. In response, the phone will receive a code that must also be entered in the messenger field.

If everything is done correctly, the messenger will run and automatically recognize all the numbers connected to the system and taken from the phone book of the device. So that the user does not even have to manually add them to their contact list. Of course, later it will be possible to add contacts “by hand”.

Analogues for Viber

Despite the popularity of Viber in the circles of many people, there are those for whom the application does not suit, for seemingly trivial and completely subjective reasons. For example, some people may be annoyed by the coloring of the program’s main screen, some people may not like the stickers offered by Viber, and some people simply want to find another messenger for a change, in order to expand their circle of communication. We should not condemn people for this, on the contrary, we should try to help them in this difficult choice. In total on the market of mobile add-ons developers offer us a huge variety of interesting options, the most popular of which:

Many of our fellow citizens actively use applications from the proposed list, because, as they claim, interaction with them is much easier than Viber. Some people have no idea how to install Viber on Nokia phone or any other Android model.

The steps of installing Viber on your Samsung phone

So, to get such opportunities on your Samsung phone:

The user needs to do the following:

  • Download Viber from our website or Google Play app store using search.
  • Connect your phone via USB (when downloading the software to your computer). In the case of installation from the Play store, click the “Install” button.
  • When installing the program will request access to the rights on the phone. You need to confirm the permission to continue.
  • Wait a while, usually 30 seconds to 1 minute, for the application to complete installation. Installation progress is displayed on the Samsung phone screen.
  • After completing the installation of Viber, launch it by clicking on the application icon.
  • Go through a simple authorization: specify the phone number and country. After that click on the “Continue” button (in some cases the “Next” inscription may be displayed).
  • Wait for a message with the secret code to activate your profile. It must be entered in the Viber window.
  • Only after all these steps, the user will have Viber available on the Samsung phone.

For those who use Samsung tablets, the Viber activation procedure will not differ in any way from the tips offered above. And it does not matter the model or year of manufacture of the Samsung device.

You just need to follow 8 simple steps to install Viber on Samsung, whether it is a smartphone or tablet.

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