How to Install Update on Meizu M3 Note

How to Install Update on Meizu M3 Note

Instructions on flashing the Meizu M3 Note phone to the new firmware (Flyme OS version) using the standard recovery menu, complete Russification of the Meizu M3 Note smartphone, getting root, and how to restore the “brick” (Meizu M3) after unsuccessful firmware.

Thanks to the care of the manufacturer, Meizu phones are very difficult to kill with firmware, the system always first checks the firmware for compatibility and errors. Therefore, you can safely experiment with the firmware of your Meizu M3 Note. If you managed to ditch your smartphone, do not panic, you will only need to unlock the bootloader. And in order to prevent the state of the brick, you do not need to try to flash something in fastboot mode. But if you still managed to ditch your Meizu M3 Note, see below. Meizu M3 Note recovery instructions

And so we get to the process of flashing Meizu M3 Note
There are several ways of flashing the official Flyme OS, I will tell you about the simplest and most convenient in my opinion.

And so first download the desired firmware. Please note that on the Chinese version of meizu M5 Note you can only install firmware with the index “A”, “Y”, “C”, and on the international version of meizu M5 Note you can install any firmware, that is, “G”, “I”, “A ”,“ Y ”,“ C ”

Download firmware for Meizu M3 Note “G” (international). Flyme OS M681H / L681H

Download firmware for Meizu M3 Note with index A (universal) –Flyme

Then, without fail, we charge our smartphone to at least 60%, so that there is no chance

Turn off your Meizu M3 Note smartphone and on the phone off, hold down the “power” and “volume” buttons, after the logo appears, releases the power button while continuing to hold on to adding sound until the recovery menu appears.

Once in Recovery Meizu M3 Note, you will see only two items and two buttons. The first item is responsible for directly flashing the device, the second item is clearing all data on the phone. For the correct firmware of the smartphone, you need to put both checkmarks, as in the photo above.

Then, using the bundled cable, connect the Meizu M3 Note phone (without leaving the recovery mode) to your PC (the operating system does not matter), the phone is recognized as a USB drive and a folder called Recovery will automatically open. In this folder, copy the previously downloaded firmware in the format “”.

When copying is complete, disconnect the phone from the PC and press the Start button. The process of checking the firmware file will start and only after a successful check will the installation process go. Usually, the Meizu M3 Note firmware takes 5-10 minutes, after which the smartphone will reboot itself and be ready to use.

Instructions for upgrading to the international firmware version

In the latest revisions of MQ phones (presumably starting in September), Kingston (EHACEA) flash memory is installed, information about which is not available in G firmware preloaders, which leads to the fact that after rebooting you get a BRICK that does not show any signs of life at all.
In the Chinese preloader there is information about 6 different types of memory that can be installed in this model. internationally 5. when you switch to G firmware with EHACEA memory you 100% get a “brick”

Everyone who has a Chinese version of Meizu M3 Not and really wants to switch to the international Flyme OS firmware should definitely read it.

The following options are currently relevant.
A simple one is recommended (respectively, without getting a brick): change of Chinese ID. 681xxxxx (01001, 01002, 01003, 01005, 01006, 51001, 51002, 51006, 61001, 61006) to international ID. 68151001 and further flashing the phone with firmware ( not less).
Complex through an intermediate (not for all devices, a brick is possible): phones with ID. 68151006, when passing through an intermediate ID. 68100000, become BRICKES.
Phones with Chinese ID. 681xxxx (01003, 01002, 01001, 61001, 61006) can be flashed to the international version without problems through an intermediate ID. 68100000

And so we begin the flashing Meizu M3 Note from the preparation:
We get ROOT on the meise m3 note directly in the Flyme account, for this:

Log in to your account (Flyme account)
Then in the security menu (Well, or “Fingerprint and security”) well, there you just check the Root box

Install Super SU from the market on your smartphone and update the binary
We install any terminal from the market and give it root access rights.

Set Global ID on Chinese Meizu M3 Note
Download the file, unzip it and put it in the root of the internal memory (i.e. / sdcard / or / storage / emulated / 0 /)

Point 1. check device ID
Point 2. change the device ID to beta / intermediate (68100000)
Point 3. change the device ID to global / international (68151001)
Point 4. change the device ID to Chinese (choice between 68101006, 68101005, 68101001, 68101002 and 68101003)
Point 5. reboot into Recovery mode
Point 6. rebooting the device
Point 7. exit from the script
launch terminal
we get root rights (su)
go to the root of the internal memory (cd / sdcard)
run the script (sh

code example (no need to enter anything, the script will do everything by itself)

shell @ m3note: / su
root @ m3note: / # cd / sdcard
root @ m3note: / sdcard # sh
————– MENU ——————-
Check devices ID, input. 1
Change devices ID to beta, input. 2
Change devices ID to global, input. 3
Change devices ID to chinese, input. 4
Reboot to recovery, input. 5
Reboot device, input. 6
Exit, input. 7

Device with chinese ID. 68101006
You can install only firmware with index [A]
You can change for beta ID, install firmware and then change for global ID.

————– MENU ——————-
Check devices ID, input. 1
Change devices ID to beta, input. 2
Change devices ID to global, input. 3
Change devices ID to chinese, input. 4
Reboot to recovery, input. 5
Reboot device, input. 6
Exit, input. 7

———- Select chinese ID ———–
Change ID to chinese 68101002, input. 2
Change ID to chinese 68101003, input. 3
Change ID to chinese 68101006, input. 6

You input wrong number. Try again.

————– MENU ——————-
Check devices ID, input. 1
Change devices ID to beta, input. 2
Change devices ID to global, input. 3
Change devices ID to chinese, input. 4
Reboot to recovery, input. 5
Reboot device, input. 6
Exit, input. 7
root @ m3note: / sdcard #

When connecting Meizu M3 Note L681H, a warning pops up not to lower the firmware version below

Recovering Meizu M3 after unsuccessful firmware

There is a small introduction. While on your meizu m3 mini, the bootloader is not unlocked, it will not work to flash some regions (for example EMMC_BOOT. where the preloader is) using this instruction. So for severe cases, such as data corruption in EMMC_BOOT and others, this instruction, at the moment, will not work. Also corrected (patched) images will not be sewn.

1. Download SP Flashtool with our scatter file.
2. Install drivers from the VCOM Drivers archive folder
3. Run flash_tool.exe, the developer recommends launching it by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”.
4. Select Download-Agent. DA_PL.bin, Scatter-loading File. MT6750_Android_scatter.txt (on the scatter3 screen, we do not pay attention, just the old screen).
We also click on the Location column opposite the section that we want to flash (in the recovery example) and select the appropriate image. I can’t upload the images themselves, as everyone who could turn the body over probably has it, and besides, it’s worth taking images from the version of the firmware that is on the body.

5. I note that it is probably worth dumping what is now flashed on the body. Backup has never harmed anyone
Here are added lines that almost completely overlap the flash, for example EMMC_USER will be backed up to the cache section.
If someone wants to backup a specific section. add the line with the Add button, double-click on the added line, choose where and with what name we will save the backup, then in the newly opened window select the region from which we want to backup, from which address to start and how much read byte. This information can be viewed in the scatter file (fields region, linear_start_addr, partition_size)
– Next, click the Read Back button. The flash drive enters the device standby state.
– Take the switched off phone, hold down the Vol button (this is necessary) and connect it to the computer’s USB port. A flash drive will load DA onto the body, after which information about our chip will appear under the black smart picture.
If this did not happen, and the error information was displayed, re-read the above again, you definitely did something different from what is described here.
6. The backup is done, it’s time to sew. We go back to the Download tab and here we do all the same manipulations as when creating the backup, namely:
– click the Download button;
– take the switched off phone, hold down the Vol button (this is necessary) and connect it to the computer’s USB port.
FlashTool will start the firmware and upon completion you will see such a notification

All. The firmware was completed successfully, you can try to flash the meizu m3 mini smartphone using the standard recovery according to the instructions above.