How to install two Watsaps on one phone

Is it possible to install WhatsApp on two devices with one number?

Is it possible to install whatsApp on two phones with one number, is such an option to an ordinary user available? We will help you understand the difficult question. In the review you will find detailed step.By.Step instructions that even a beginner will master. Let’s look in detail how to use one WhatsApp for two phones absolutely legal, free.

First, look for the answer to the question of whether it is possible to install WhatsApp on two devices with one number. The developers did not implement the option. To find the opportunity in the standard functionality will not work.

But there are a number of tricks that will help install WhatsApp on two phones at the same time and use without restrictions. In what cases this possibility may be needed by the Watsap user?

  • You bought two smartphones for different needs, want to stay in touch in the usual account;
  • You do not want to install special extensions for two SIM cards;
  • The phone suddenly broke or discharged, there is a need to urgently contact loved ones or friends, colleagues.

Whatever the reason, there is a way out! We know the tricks that will help to install one WhatsApp account on two phones. They are available to everyone, are free and legal, without violating the rules and payment of services. Let’s start?

How to install the second WhatsApp on Android

As we already understood, standard methods cannot be able to set a second copy of the messenger or use a couple of different accounts, with the exception of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

Therefore, to solve the problem, we use solutions from third.Party developers. Consider the features of each alternative approach. For the convenience of perception, we will break the further narration into several logical blocks.

Installation Parallel Space

This application spreads on a free basis. Over, built.In algorithms will not require the issuance of additional permits for access to one or another functionality of the device or memory area. Parallel Space functionality allows you to duplicate any program on a smartphone. This is a great solution how to install the second WhatsApp on Android.

To download the distribution and its unpacking:

The built.In store algorithms automatically activate the distribution and unpack the system files of the project on a smartphone. Upon completion of all processes, a new icon will appear on the desktop, ready for activation.

For the practical use of accessible functionality:

Thus, you can easily add the second number to WhatsApp using a third.Party application. If everything is clear with this, let’s look at a few more representatives of this cohort.

It is possible that the application will require the installation of an additional component Parallel Space 64bit Support. Agree with this action and download it from the Play Market store. Then the cloned WhatsApp will work without any problems.

Using the OGWHATSAPP application

This application does not apply in an official store, so it is necessary to issue a permit for the installation of applications from unknown sources built.In algorithms. For this:

The system will automatically apply the changes you have made, and you can proceed to the main part of the instruction.

If you could not find the desired point, then at the time of installation the device security system may work. In this case, continuously continue the procedure.

  • Download the current version of the application from our site.
  • Save the Ogwhatsapp_v12 file.APK.
  • We connect a smartphone or tablet to the computer and transfer it to the internal memory of the device.
  • Now we launch any file manager on it and open this apk file.
  • Run the installation with the appropriate button.
  • If necessary, provide the required permits.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the system of unpacking the system data.

How to Install Two Whatsapp Accounts in One Android Phone | Install Two Whatsapp on Same Phone 2022

An icon of a new application ready to use appears on the smartphone desktop.

Now you need to transfer data from a standard application to a modified. This is done using the “backup” function.

Creating a backup

To begin with, we will protect personal information before the start of active actions. This guarantees data safety. For the implementation of the conceived life:

Now further actions will not lead to the loss of personal information and you can move on.

Removing the official application

First we need to use the capabilities of the file manager:

  • We unlock the smartphone and go to the internal storage of the smartphone.
  • We scroll through the page until the WhatsApp folder is located.
  • We highlight the object with a long tap, activate the button responsible for the renaming at the top of the user window.
  • Change the name of the manager’s system files on WhatsAppold. If desired, you can specify any other name.
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The help of a file manager is still ending on this. Now we delete the cache of the official application and remove the copy from the smartphone. For the implementation of the conceived life:

As a result, one of the icons is automatically removed from the desktop. Now we activate the file manager again, find the WhatsAppold folder and rename it to OgwhatsApp.


If the data did not work out, then we open the messenger again and do the following:

  • We look like a welcome window and click “accept and continue”.
  • Enter data for authorization (phone number in international format and region of residence).
  • Enter a verification code sent by the system into the corresponding field.
  • We agree to the offer of built.In algorithms to restore personal information.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

It is noteworthy: we enter the data for authorization in the account in the corresponding fields, which had previously been on the official copy of the messenger.

If everything is clear with this, then the last stroke remained.

Installation of a new copy of the official application

Now we can install another WhatsApp. To implement the plan:

  • We unlock the smartphone and slip on the Playmarket icon on the desktop.
  • We activate the search line at the top of the user window.
  • Enter a request corresponding to the name of the messenger with a virtual keyboard.
  • We scroll through the issue of the issuance until the desired object is in.
  • In the additional information window, we slip through the “Install” button.
  • We confirm the seriousness of the intentions and wait for the completion of the procedure.
  • We activate the application icon on the desktop, look like a welcome window.
  • Enter the phone number from the second SIM card in the corresponding field, from the drop-down list, select the region of residence.
  • We pass double authentication, enter nickname for a new account.
  • We set the user avatar, issue built.In algorithms of tons of permits and access.

Instructions for iOS

Iphone, operating iOS, basically supports only one room. The exception was the XS model that is available in the two. Installing WhatsApp on two numbers on the iPhone is also real.

Installation of WhatsApp Business

This method is completely official and safe. It consists in installing a separate application WhatsApp Business, which can be downloaded in AppStore. It needs to be downloaded, like any other application.

install, watsaps, phone

When starting this client, a proposal will appear to use the number that is already registered in WhatsApp. At this stage, you need to choose “use another number”. The same option for installing the second number is also suitable for Android.

Through third.Party software

Popular application from third.Party developers. TUTUHELPER.

After that, another WhatsApp will load on the desktop. By analogy with the second step, you need to give permission to install software from Jianahaiwei Co., Ltd “. On the second messenger, go through the usual registration, but with another SIM card.

How to use a free number for checking in WhatsApp?

Option 1. Through mobile applications

There is no shortage of applications in the Play store, which claim that they provide users with a fake free number for registration in WhatsApp. However, most of this is inadequate in terms of ease of use, reliability and functionality. One of the reliable applications is 2ndline. Here’s how to get a virtual phone number using this application:

Launch Play Market. Find and download 2nd Line.

Open the application and enter the system, indicating your email address and password.

You will be invited to enter a 3-digit city code. For example, 495 and t. D.

You will be provided with a list of available fake telephone numbers.

Click on any of the available numbers and confirm your choice. This number is now assigned to you.

Give 2nd Line the necessary permits for making or receiving calls and messages.

After you have chosen and confirmed your additional number, do the following:

Open WhatsApp and select the country whose code you used to generate a fake number.

Go to the screen request screen. Copy your number from the 2nd Line application and insert it on the WhatsApp screen,

Whatsapp will send a verification code for the entered number. You will receive this code through Appendix 2nd Line.

Note. If you received an error message, select the option Call me and wait for the call or voice mail from WhatsApp.

After receiving a check code or checking, you will be allowed to use WhatsApp with a fake number. Thus, you will have an additional WhatsApp for business or working conversations.

Option 2. Through websites

Applications that provide additional time numbers are sometimes subject to geographical restrictions. Due to the anonymity obtained using fake numbers and the possibilities of unlawful use, these applications are often removed from the Play Market. If you are faced with a similar problem with the 2nd Line application, try the next alternative:

Go to Sonetel in the web browser.Com.

Here click free trial access.

The site automatically generates a fake number. Click on.

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Enter the necessary data, such as email address, main phone number, etc. D.

You will receive a verification code for your main phone number. Enter it when it will be offered.

After checking, you are assigned a fake number generated in step 3.

Close a web page.

Now repeat the steps from 7 to 10 of the previous method to use two WhatsApp on the same Android phone.

Note. In the free version, the phone number is reserved only for a period of seven days, after which it can be transferred to someone else. In order for the number to be reserved on an ongoing basis, you will need to pay a monthly membership fee of 2.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1. How to use WhatsApp with a fake number?

You can get a fake WhatsApp number through a number of applications in the Google Play store or on websites. We recommend the 2nd Line or Sonotel website.

Question 2. How to get a fake free registration number in WhatsApp?

After you introduced a dedicated fake number in WhatsApp, a verification code or verification call will be received through an application or website from which you were provided with a fake number. Thus, the verification process is completed automatically.

Pros and cons of two WhatsApp on one phone

You can install the second WhatsApp in a few minutes. The menu will not differ from the main version. Upon receipt of an SMS or call, the selected melody will be played.

What are the advantages of 2 WhatsApp account:

  • You can clearly divide messages from different SIMES;
  • Another messenger is suitable for work, promoting its business or only for study;
  • Two WhatsApp on one phone do not take up much space and do not require complex settings;
  • Both messengers work independently of each other and receive updates.

With minuses, you can only encounter old devices with a small amount of built.In memory. With active communication, the place will be clogged much faster and you will have to clean the messengers.

Businnes version

And how to install WhatsApp on 2 numbers per phone if there is no cloning option (on Android or iPhone, it does not matter)? There is another win.Win option. Although some may seem insufficiently comfortable.

Everyone solves the issue of comfortable use for himself. We only tell an affordable way that allows you to install WhatsApp on two numbers on one Samsung/Iphone/Honor phone or any other.

We will use the business version of the application! This is a separate program that can be found completely free in Google Play Market or Epstore.

Do not worry, you will not have to learn to use a new difficult messenger. The functionality of business versions almost completely repeats the usual program, but with the addition of new options: shortcuts, quick and automatic answers, the ability to fill out the profile of the company.

Downloading a business mixer? Just open it and pass the authorization with the help of a new mobile! Be careful if you try to use one SIM card, the system will simply automatically switch you from a regular account to a business profile.


The desired possibility of using several WhatsApp accounts on one phone provides third.Party software. You can find a lot of class available solutions that even a beginner can handle.

First we will talk about how to implement 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone. We will analyze all available options.

Parallel Space

This program allows you to duplicate any program. You will create a working copy in two clicks absolutely legally. Let’s talk about how to install the second WhatsApp on the Android phone using this:

  • Open Google Google Play and enter the name of the program in the search line;
  • Find the desired result in the issuance and click on the loading icon;
  • The copying process will start automatically;
  • After the process is completed, hold the icon on the screen;
  • Drag the label to the top panel so that it moves to the desktop;
  • Return to the main screen and open the clone of the messenger;
  • Enter the account according to the instructions.

Ready! You can enjoy two WhatsApp applications simultaneously through different icons.


The second answer to the question of how to install two Watsaps on one phone is Ogwhatsapp. This is another solution for creating work clones on any device.

  • Open the Google store and enter the name in the search line;
  • Find the desired program and click on the “Download” button;
  • Wait for a full installation.

Now we work with the previously installed WhatsApp:

  • Open the messenger and click on the settings button;
  • Go to the “chat” block and open the “Reserve Copy” section;
  • Copy all the data in the connected cloud.

At the time of writing the article (Summer 2019), this application was absent in Play Market. It is possible that he will be returned soon, and you will be able to use its functionality.

  • Enter the parameters of the smartphone and find the file manager;
  • Find the messenger folder and rename it into “WhatsAppold”;
  • Return to the settings, find the block with applications;
  • In the list, find the VOTSAP and click on the “Clean Cache” icon;
  • Now click on the “Delete Program” button;
  • Rename the folder in the file manager again. This time select the name “OgwhatsApp”.
  • Open the OgwhatsApp program and register the old telephone number;
  • Go to Google Plai and download Vottsap again;
  • Complete registration in the account using the second number.
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Everything went successfully, you managed to independently install the second WhatsApp!

Business version

You can install 2 Watsap on one phone using a business version intended for business correspondence. In fact, this is the same application with an extended set of functions. It works regardless of the main account.

You just need to download the version from Google Plai Market and start it on the main screen. To undergo authorization, use the subscription instructions on the screen.

Separately, we will discuss how to make two WhatsApp on one Samsung phone.

Dual Messenger from Samsung

The built.In capabilities of Samsung allows you to run two accounts on one device without resorting to third.Party software.

Supported only by new smartphone models.

  • Open the phone parameters;
  • Go to the section “Additional”;
  • Find a line with the inscription “Dual Messenger”;
  • A list of all programs that can be used in two modes at the same time will appear on the screen;
  • Click on the messenger icon;
  • Following the instructions, load a legal clone to the device;
  • Pass the authorization procedure with the second SIM card data.

This method did not help? We proceed to the next option.

App Cloner

Want to get the label on the desktop? Urgently install the App Cloner from the Play Market:

  • Duplication will occur automatically;
  • Enter the data of the second account and click on the “Entrance” icon;
  • Return to the EP Kloner and click on the “Add Label to the Desktop” icon.

Important! In no case do not remove software from the phone. Without it, the cloning function will not be carried out.

Can two WhatsApp on one iPhone work? We discuss the possible ways!

How to put two WhatsApp on one smartphone with Android

For iOS and Android, we will take different ways. If you have a phone with a “green man”, it will be easier for you to put a second version of “Watsap”: download the option of the Business messenger or make a duplicate available on the WhatsApp phone using a special application.

Installation of another version of the messenger. An option with a note by Business

Whatsapp Business. An official application from the same developer. This is just a more extended analogue. For entrepreneurs and companies. All the functions of a simple version are included in the business version, so you can safely download it. How to do this, we will tell:

How to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone 2022 [EASY]

    Go to the Play Market program store. Put in the field for searching a request with the name Business. Slide on “install“, agree to the installation (accept the conditions of use).

Just click on “install” and wait for the end of the download and installation procedure

Launch the program through the home screen

Cloning via Parallel Space

If you don’t like the business version of the utility, make a copy of your simple “Watsap” using a program for duplication (cloning) of applications. First, consider an example of work with Parallel Space:

    Launch Play Market, find a utility called Parallel Space from the developer LBE Tech. Put it on a smartphone as a regular program (just click on “install” and wait until the procedure is completed).

When installing Parallel Space via Play Market, click on “Open”

On the Parallel Space platform, note only the WhatsApp messenger

Accept the conditions for the installation of the second “Watsap”

The clone “Watsap” will only work through Parallel Space

Cloning via App Cloner

Unlike Parallel Space, this instrument for duplicating programs allows you to add clones to the “desktop” Android clones. But they will still work only through this tool (you can’t remove it from the phone while you want to use the second “Watsap”). Let’s talk about working at App Cloner:

    So that the second “WhatsApp” is subsequently recognized by your Android system, go to the settings. Open a block with safety parameters. In the menu, allow the installation of programs from unknown sources.

Tap the WhatsApp icon in the blue menu

Wait until the clone of “Watsap” is established

Add a shortcut to the “desktop” to have quick access to the second “Watsap”

As a result, there will be two Watsap icons on the “desktop”


Making WhatsApp on 2 phones is convenient and useful, but it depends on the specific situation. The developers offer a browser and mobile versions of the messenger to always be in the thick of correspondence, in private or group chats, however, the need to synchronize two devices eats all the mobility and convenience.

However, the use of third.Party software is also not much better, because the administration of the project does not encourage this, on the contrary, fights to the best of strength and capabilities. If you are caught on the use of pirate or prohibited software, for the first time your account is temporarily blocked, if you come across a re.Lifelong bang of account.

So evaluate your chances and consequences in advance. The process of installing additional software itself does not take much time, moreover, most programs can be downloaded through the official store of the current operating system.

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