How to install the weather on the iPhone

Weather setting on iPhone or iPad

Understanding the importance of tracking the weather states, Apple included the weather program in the IOS standard application list. This application allows you to keep abreast of not only local weather, but also track weather unrest in other corners of the world, which is very useful if you lead an active lifestyle and often travel.

However, as it turned out, only iPhone users can use the full.Time application “weather”. But this one does not mean that apple tablets are left without weather pipelines: IOS for the iPad provides for a special weather widget available in the “Notification Center”. Actually, these features lead to the fact that weather setting on two devices has some differences.

Weather Live

For my taste, one of the most beautiful weather applications. You can admire the clouds running around the cloud screen. Beautiful graphs, translucent cards, a rotating weather vane, rainfall and tracking of hurricanes. Informative widget with no less beautiful clouds. But all this goes into the shadow when the price of the issue is clarified.

To use the Live Weather without annoying advertising, the user needs to give 199 every week, 3 days generous developers give for testing. I think most people who want to know the weather forecast should look for an alternative. But the application is very beautiful, damn it.

What to buy: old iPhone model or new Android? Here are a few evidence why the Apple smartphone is always better: a balanced battery, support of iOS versions, recognizable appearance and even uniformity of iPhone models.

Apple values ​​a reputation and does not allow low.Quality applications in the App Store. But because of the new rules, hundreds of programs will fall under the knife: many will simply delete for the fact that they already work well. We figure out that the good is the App Store and why some applications do not need updates

There is an opinion that Apple devices, including computers on Mac, are perfectly protected from malware and antivirus they do not need. And how actually? I figured out what MacOS protection is and in what cases it is worth installing an antivirus on your computer from Apple

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How to enable the secret widget “weather” on the iPhone lock screen

The widget “weather” is associated with the modes “not to disturb” and “going to bed”. Therefore, you can see it only at the end of the session “do not disturb”, while the device screen should be blocked. Immediately after unlocking the screen, the widget will disappear until the next cycle of the “do not bother” mode.

In order for the weather widget to work, you need to provide the weather for the weather constant access to your location. To do this, the “Settings” on your iPhone, go to the “Privacy” menu item, open “Geolocation services”, select the weather “weather” application and place a checkmark near the “Always” option.

Since the widget is available only during the operation of the “Direct to sleep” mode, it is necessary to turn it on and set the time frame in the “Do not disturb” mode. At the end of the set time, the widget will immediately appear on the lock screen with a welcome message “Good Morning” or “Good afternoon”.

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How to display weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen

Unlike Android. Iphone does not show the weather forecast right on the lock screen. But, judging by yesterday’s whims of weather, which took place in some metropolitan areas, to know what surprises nature prepares us is not only useful, but sometimes it is extremely important. Fortunately for the suffering technologies, in the “apple” smartphone there is a hidden function that will show you the weather forecast for the day. And already in the morning you can first find out whether to take an umbrella today or you can do without it This is how to turn on the function.

Attention! The functionality, although it works, is apparently similar to a certain unplanned glitch, the side effect of using the function “not to disturb”, available in iOS 12 and later versions (iOS 13, version 13.5.1 works for sure). In new versions of iOS 14, Apple will probably turn the settings, and the method will stop working. Well, for now, know that after you turn on the “do not bother” function and provide the pre.Installed “weather” application for access to your location, you will see a report on the forecast for the day on which the first click is closed after the end of the function of the function “Do not disturb”.

To configure the lock screen with a weather forecast display for a day, we will first need to plan the “Do not disturb” function.

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It is important to know! Method 100% worker for iOS 12. For the next version of iOS 13. As users write. In question, but we found out that here it is functioning quite correctly:

Also, the lock screen may not change immediately, but after two days. The weather will appear on the screen once a day, in the morning when you wake up. To see the forecast, you need to activate the screen without using the Home button and other smartphone buttons (by raising a smartphone).

The “Do not disturb” function automatically disconnects all incoming notifications.

Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and go to the “Do not disturb” section.

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Weather Application in iPhone Explained. Ios10 HINDI

Then click on the switch next to the parameter “scheduled”. Since we set the inclusion schedule, we do not need to include the function “not to disturb” right now.

Set the initial and final time to turn on the parameter. Important! You must set the end time about 10-15 minutes before waking up.

Finally, click on the switch next to the option “Release to sleep”. This function will darken the lock screen and guarantees that the screen will not light up when you get new notifications. New notifications will now go directly to the notification center and will not appear on the lock screen until the schedule of the function “not to disturb” is over.

Now return to the main screen screen of the settings and click the “Privacy” button.

Select the Options “Geolocation Service”.

Here select the application “weather”.

Going to access to the appendix geoposition, click “When using the Program” in order to allow the weather to see your location so that it can show you a local forecast. On iOS12, click “Always”, for iOS13. “when using the program”.

Ready! The next morning, when you wake up and expires the functionality of the functionality, the first thing you will see a report on the weather for the day on the lock screen. You will see the current temperature, a maximum of a day and possible precipitation.

Attention! The forecast will appear on the lock screen only once, until the next day it will no longer be displayed, which is even more pleasant, because the selected picture from your lock screen will not go anywhere.

Now you definitely will not miss the correct forecast, and this unusual bug will always remind you that it would be nice to look into the application for a more detailed study of the situation for the next day.

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How to activate automatic weather tracking on iPhone?

Go to the settings menu. Privacy

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Go to the geolocation service section

Make sure that the geolocation service switches and the weather are in active position

After that, in the application, the weather will appear your current location, clicking on which you will learn the exact forecast at the moment. Nevertheless, to find out the weather anywhere in the world is also possible. To do this, just add the city (or its code) or the airport to the application.

Why do you need various applications and widgets if they are preinstalled on the iOS platform?

It is worth noting that the official service of the App Store has a huge number of all kinds of programs and widgets, the installation of which is very simple.

The Best Weather App For iPhone

But still it is necessary to mention that the official firmware of the iOS platform provides for the presence of widgets that can display information about weather conditions.

At the same time, most devices, that is, iPhone smartphones wear a problem because of which their owners cannot set a weather widget. Of course, not in the literal sense to establish, namely, configure it, since the application simply does not want to determine the location and geolocation.

What is the application of the weather

The accuracy of the weather forecast depends not only on the calculations of meteorologists

The weather in iOS 15 has changed a lot. Unfortunately, the function of constant display of weather on a blocked screen has not yet appeared. Yes, this function can be turned on using the “do not disturb” mode, but this is not what I would like. I think such a trick would look cool if Always on Display had added to the iPhone. We will wait for further updates.

We got a convenient application weather in iOS 15 update. Now you do not need to guess what the weather awaits you in a week. In addition, special gratitude to developers for cards with air quality is what they are is already great. And you liked the update? Tell us what else you found interesting in iOS 15 in our Telegram chat!

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