How To Install Spy Software On Android

Let me tell you how you can find and check Android for spyware. This is listening to conversations, reading letters, tracking location and other “trojans” and “worms”.

This article is suitable for all brands producing Android 10/9/8/7 phones: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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Tracking Spy

You may have information that someone else wants to get. If a person works in business, then this can be data on the development of new products, sales strategies, etc.

If you gave your Android phone for repair, then for some reason they may install a spy app to track your location via GPS or copy data. There is a large and prosperous industry whose main purpose is to spy on other people using spyware. But no matter how smart the spyware program is, there are ways to determine it on a tablet or Android smartphone.

Signs of a gadget tracking program

If during a conversation there appear distant voices or clicks (or chunks of someone else’s voices) that pass through your phone, then this is a sign that they are listening to you. For today’s phones, this is not normal. Similar problems with old analog networks are a thing of the past.

Reduced battery capacity

Another sign of a faulty mobile phone is a decrease in battery performance. If the phone is tapped, it records your actions and transfers them to a third party.

Such operations leave a mark in the form of excessive use of battery power. As a result, the battery runs out faster. The phone can still constantly record conversations in the room, even if it is in standby mode.

All this leads to a fast discharge of the battery. The test is carried out by using your battery in another phone of the same model, and then you just need to compare the results.

The phone shows activity when not in use

Does your gadget make a noise or does the screen start when not in use? Calls and alerts about messages should be quiet when the device is not in use. Does your phone reboot without any reason? Then someone can have remote access to this gadget.

It takes a long time for the phone to disconnect

Before shutting down, the smartphone must close all applications that it processes. If the gadget transfers information to another device, it will take longer for it to complete a process. If the phone needs more time to disconnect than usual, especially after SMS, calling, browsing the web or e-mail, it is likely to send information to a third party.

Checking the phone for wiretapping

For some time, do not use your smartphone actively and do not play games. After that, the device must be touched from the battery side. If you feel warm, there is a chance that the gadget is secretly used to transmit information. But this is not a clear sign of surveillance.

Receive unusual messages

Are you getting weird text messages that contain random characters and numbers? The remote control function of various spyware programs requires sending secret text messages to your phone.

In some situations, this can be seen, especially when the gadget software does not work properly. If this happens regularly, then the spy app can be installed on the phone.

Increasing the amount of information used

Less reliable spyware programs use additional options to send data collected from your Android device. Therefore, you should pay attention to any inexplicable increases in monthly data usage.

In more advanced spyware applications, the number of data used has been significantly reduced, so it is almost impossible to detect. Older programs, thanks to the large increase in monthly traffic, can still be determined.

Android spyware

You can find spyware on Android in your smartphone’s files. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”, select “Applications”.
  • Then click on “Launch Services” or “Application Management”.
  • We are looking for suspicious files.

Good spyware often disguises file names so that they do not stand out. In some cases, the names may contain the following terms: stealth, monitor, spy, etc. Some less advanced programs are now very easy to spot.

How To Install Spy Software On Android

No need to worry if you find confirmation of the use of spyware on your gadget. Files unknown to you should not be deleted. If suspicious software is detected, it is recommended that the device be taken to a service center by a specialist.

Mobile phone tapping

If Android is reset to factory settings, this operation will remove any spyware. The user should back up the data: music, photos, contacts. If you do this, you will still need an effective access code to prevent unauthorized access to your gadget in the future.

For Android gadgets, there is the AppNotifier application, which sends an email notification to the user that programs are downloaded to the device. The utility warns if someone wants to perform an operation that should not be performed.

What to do when you discover spyware?

This can be shocking. Many victims do not even suspect the existence of this type of software. If you have detected unusual phone or tablet behavior, then it is worth checking. It is important to remember that there are now many powerful spyware programs.

Privacy App

The Privacy App was developed by SnoopWall. The utility is very useful for tablets and smartphones on Android. The software conducts a full audit of the gadget and compiles a list with all the suspicious and potentially dangerous programs.

For example, why does the Brightest Flashlight flashlight program use the user’s geographic coordinates? What is the given information for him? In the United States, the Federation of Trade Commission programmer was punished for such activities.

For all the time spyware flashlight installed more than 50 million Android users. The developer not only collected almost in real time the coordinates of users, but also sold information to advertising networks and other customers.

Some other programs for Android secretly carry out similar malicious activities, but they can look quite worthy. Privacy App detects such spies. It demonstrates which applications have access to the following systems:

Now we can conclude about which programs have many “extra” powers.

The Privacy App developers conducted tests with 90 thousand applications from the Google Play catalog and compiled a database of “risky” programs. The development and testing process took 14 months. Such tests showed that at least 20% of the Google Play directory requests permission to access data that they really do not need to provide basic functions.

Some programs collect passwords entered while running in the background. Other software photographs the user without turning on the flash.

Another functionality of the Privacy App allows you to calculate the “privacy index”, which displays the overall security of all installed programs. The utility gives a security assessment to financial mobile applications and removes spyware.