How to Install Play Market Chinese Android

How to install Play Market on Android. owners of inexpensive Chinese-made smartphones and tablets turn to service centers with a similar question.

Manufacturers who offer low for products try to save as much as possible.

Therefore, their gadgets often do not have elementary basic programs and applications that the user has to download and install on their own.

How to Install Play Market Chinese Android

Installing the Play Market on your phone or tablet is easy. the application is free, and it takes a little time to install it.

Preparing to install Play Market on Android

You can download the Play Market in the same way as other files. it is publicly available on the Internet, downloading will take no more than a minute.

The application can be immediately downloaded to a device, phone or tablet, and can also be downloaded to a computer before as an APK file, from where it must be copied and installed on the gadget.

Before installing the program on the phone, you should take care of security, for this:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu and go to the “Security” section (Fig. No. 1);
  • Find the tab “Unknown sources” and check the box opposite. This action will allow the program to protect itself from malicious viruses (Fig. No. 2);

Download Play Market on the phone

To download the Play Market installation file to your phone, go to any Internet resource that you trust. For example, you can download the ARC file on this resource

Installing the program on the phone

After the Play Market program file is downloaded, you need to run the file manager on the device. there are several of them on Android gadgets, the most effective of them:

  • ES File Explorer;
  • FX File Explorer;
  • Solid Explorer
  • Total Commander;
  • ASTRO File Manager;

The file manager should be launched to open the downloaded ARC file through it, after which the operating system will prompt the user to install the application.

How to register in the Play Market?

After installing the program on your phone, you need to register with it. to do this, authorize your Google account. after this application and updates will become available for the device.


  • Open the main menu and select the “Settings” tab;
  • Click on the “Account” tab, and then click “Add Account”;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions: come up with a username and password, fill in an email address, etc.;

Registration in the Market can be performed on the phone or on the computer. After authorization in the system, you can start using the Play Market.

How to download the Play Market file to a computer for later installation?

If it’s more convenient for you to work through a computer or laptop, download the ARC file program, and then install it on a mobile device in manual mode.

First way:

  • Go to the Google Play page and copy the address of the page (Fig. No. 3).
  • Go to the site and paste the copied address into the search bar. click “GO” (Fig. No. 4);

In the window that appears, click the “Download APK File” tab. it is located at the bottom (Fig. No. 5);

The second way:

  • Go to the Google Play page and copy the address of the page (Fig. No. 3).
  • Go to the website and enter the copied address in the search bar (Fig. No. 6);
  • In the window that appears, click on the “Click here to download” tab (Fig. No. 7);

Two of these simple methods will help you quickly download the file to your computer, after which it must be copied to the mobile device via cable and installed in manual mode.

The installation rules for the Play Market are the same for phones and tablets that run on the Android platform.

The correct algorithm of actions will allow you to download and register in the program in a quality manner without damaging the device software.

How to install Google Play Market!

Instructions: How to install Play Market on Android