How to install photos on the screen on the iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone (3 Ways)

How to set up a home screen on iOS 14

IOS 14 more home screen settings than ever before. Find out how to set up iPhone wallpaper, dress up a home screen and configure widgets to make your iPhone more individual.

One of the best parts of your iPhone settings is to configure it in accordance with your style. Ios 14 takes a step forward, allowing the use of new widgets, flexible tiles that will allow you to quickly perform actions or quickly collect information. We are here to teach you to use some of the most common settings in iOS 14.

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This leadership will begin with the basics and introduce you to some of the most advanced functions, so do not hesitate to go to where you are most convenient for you!

How to automatically change the wallpaper on the iPhone or iPad depending on the time, place, etc.D.

The configuration of the automatic change of wallpaper implies the implementation of preliminary actions, and in the strictly indicated procedure. It will take a few minutes. Necessary:

  • Allow the execution of third.Party commands.
  • Create your own album with your wallpaper in the Appendix “Photo”.
  • Import your own team into the “team” application.
  • Provide this team with the right to access photographs and configure it.
  • Configure an automatic wallpaper change or add a special shortcut for the main screen for shift.

Let us dwell on each point more.

How to download and install wallpaper on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

As an option, you can use a search in Google to search for images as wallpapers. Click here (you can change the search query, indicating the device model and preferences, for example: “Wallpaper for iPhone with girls”).

Go to the pages of search results to the picture section. Here you can also use the finished recommendations of the search engine (see. Screenshot).

install, photos, screen, iphone

Select your favorite image, press and hold your finger on it until the context menu appears. Select the option “Add to the photo”;

Open the “Photo” application and select the image that must be installed as a background.

Click on the button to share in the menu of the lower part of the screen (button in the shape of a box with an arrow up);

Place the image to your liking and click “Install”;

In order to set the selected image as a background, select the “Home Home” option (or “Blocking screen” if you want to install the picture only on the lock screen).

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Close the “Photo” application and return to the home screen (or lock screen). The image you have chosen will be displayed on the device.

If during the installation process, click on the “both screens” option, the selected image will be installed as a background both on the home screen and on the lock screen.

In order to return to standard wallpaper, open the settings → Wallpaper → Select new wallpapers and click on the miniature of the necessary image.

How to set up wallpaper auto.Record on iPhone

We go to the settings. Fast commands and turn on the switch of unreliable commands.

In the photo application, we create a separate folder and place the pictures you need for installation as a background.

In the command settings, select the folder from which new pictures will be pulled. We also indicate the wallpaper that will change (on the desktop, on the lock screen or on both screens at the same time).

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

In the command application, we go to the automation tab and click “”.

We create a new automation for ourselves.

As a condition, we choose the right time of the day, for example, 8 a.M.

As an action, we indicate to launch a quick command. Wallpaper.

At the last stage of saving automation, turn off the switch to ask until the launch.

Now, at the time, at your smartphone, an automatic change of wallpaper will occur daily at the set time. Instead of the time of the day, you can specify other triggers in which a change of background picture will be activated. This may be a connection to a specific network, received a notification or something else.

Do not forget that you can manually change the wallpaper by running the command from the application or through the label on the desktop.

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How to change the standard picture of wallpapers to your

There are several ways to change the background background on the desktop:

  • Using the ITUNES program. In this way, you can both download free images, and buy them in the iTunes Store store. This service can also be configured to transmit images from a computer. You need to connect the phone through the Lightning Inte Wee to the USB connector and select the necessary synchronization folders with iPhone photo gallery. Picture resolution must be installed in the photo editor equal to the IPhone display resolution. For example, for iPhone 8 is 2426 × 1125.
  • Also, the new screen screensavers on the iPhone is easy to install by downloading them from the Internet. There you can find many original images that can be downloaded by making a long press on the display and selecting the “Save” item in the menu that opens. In the same way, you can use when loading patterns from cloud storages.
  • Any photo from the phone camera can be used as a screensaver. Photos are stored in a photo gallery that is available from the shift menu of the screensaver.
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IOS also applies the dynamic Apple screensaver. It is located both through a browser (it is better to use the Safari browser), and in specialized applications for finding drawings for the display. There are standard dynamic screensavers, they are in the settings menu.

When installing the image on the display, the mode of showing it on the screen is selected, it can be a “screensaver” or “perspective”. When choosing the second effect, the screensaver will move about the inscriptions on the screen when the device position in the space changes.

Wallpaper on the iPhone

As the practice shows to choose a screensaver on the iPhone is surprisingly difficult. With the help of our article, you can choose those images that will stay on your mobile device for a long time. Before installing the photo on the iPhone desktop, you need to know the screen expansion. For the iPhone you need an image for 200 pixels more than the screen itself.

The selected background on the iPhone can affect the well.Being of a person. Acidic and very bright pictures irritate the eyes, the colors themselves have a negative effect on the human psyche. Warm orange, yellow colors on the contrary cheer up and soothe. Wallpaper for iPhone with the image of nature, with a predominance of green and blue shades, is very popular. They positively affect the human nervous system and favors intellectual activity. Our collection presents the most beautiful wallpaper that you can choose, based on your taste and mood.

Where to get a Live photo for wallpaper

You can remove your picture with the movement. To do this, during the shooting of the photo, activate the Live switch in the upper part of the screen.

install, photos, screen, iphone

Together with the photo, a small video will be shot 1.5 seconds, which will be reproduced as living wallpapers.

Using the free Intolive application, you can make live wallpaper from any video or GIF animation on a smartphone.

Just select the segment desired for focusing, cut the frame by size of the screen and keep the device into the gallery.

The Tiktok appendix has a built.In opportunity to save any video as living wallpapers.

The chip is in the menu to share, unfortunately, you can not choose part of the video for focusing. Instead, you can export all the videos as GIF-ki, and then select the desired segment through the Intolive application.

Installing a Live photo is easy: go to the settings-wallpaper-choose new wallpapers and indicate the preserved animation. Do not forget to enable the use of live wallpaper on the lock screen (button with a circle at the bottom of the screen).

Now a strong or long press on a blocked display will activate the reproduction of animation.

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How to install wallpaper on iPhone and iPad is the easiest way

Everyone wants to give their smartphone or tablet a unique appearance, however, due to the limitations of the iOS operating system, it is quite difficult to do this on iPhone and iPad. The easiest way to make your device is not like others is to install the wallpaper that can be found for every taste and color. Fortunately, Apple allows everyone to independently choose any wallpaper and install them on the desktop and on the lock screen.

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In order to install wallpaper on the iPhone and iPad, they must be pre.Loaded to the device. The easiest way is to download them from the Internet through the Safari web browser. After the necessary image in high resolution is stored in the device media, you can proceed to install it as wallpaper. To do this, start the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Wallpaper” section.

In the “Wallpaper” section in the settings of the iOS 10 or iOS 11 operating system there is the only button called “Select New Wallpaper”. After pressing it, a list of available images opens. The “Dynamic” column displays the branded wallpaper of Apple, which have an animated property. The section “Pictures” contains standard wallpapers from iPhone and iPad, among which there are many interesting and even beautiful options.

In order to install your own wallpapers on the iPhone and iPad, you need to select the “All photos” section and orienting yourself at the media text to install a picture downloaded from the Internet. As soon as it is selected, the menu of its statement will appear. Here you can choose the effects of the “screensaver” or “perspective”. The second option slightly moves the picture on the screen when the iPhone or iPad lean in space.

After pressing the “Install” button, a mini-manager appears with the options: “lock screen”, “home“ home ”and“ both screens ”screen. Everything is simple here. If you need to install new wallpapers immediately on the home screen and the lock screen, then you should choose the last third option, and in other cases. Any other at your discretion. After clicking on the desired option, within a few seconds, new wallpaper will be installed on the selected places, after which the iPhone and iPad will look a little different.

How to make a contact photo when calling the entire iPhone screen on a computer

We go to the site icloud.COM and log in using Apple ID;

We go to the contact application; Your contacts should be synchronized with iCloud. You can do this according to this instructions.

Select the desired contact and click “Edit”;

It remains to click “Add photos” (just drag the right image) from any computer folder to the window that appears and pressed ready.

Note that in old versions of iOS it does not support the display of photographs of contacts on the entire screen with incoming challenges. If, for example, on the iPhone with the installed iOS 9 (and newer) photo of the subscriber, when calling, the screen is displayed, then, probably, too small images were installed as personal photos. In this case, you should remove them and add new, larger size.

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