How to install on Samsung IPTV

How to set up IPTV

It remains to install IPTV on your Smart TV. The setting for different Samsung TV series may differ, but the steps are almost the same.

To do this, you need to do several manipulations:

  • find the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control, press it;
  • press button A (also on the remote control);
  • a login window will open, where you need to select the “Create an account” item;
  • in a new tab, you will need to enter the default login for all. develop and password. 123456;
  • select “Create”;
  • specify the username and password again (the same);
  • press the “Tools” button on the remote control, go to the “Settings” section;
  • a small window will open where you need to select “Development”;
  • the next item will be the need to enter the server “Setting the IP address of the server”. You can get it from your provider or use the standard ones:;;
  • then you need to select “Synchronize applications” and when the necessary actions are completed, press “Enter”. After synchronization, all previously installed applications are removed;
  • open an application called nStream Player, specify the address in the line “Playlist URL1” (

LAN connection

When it is not possible to use the distribution from the router or the TV does not have a Wi-Fi function, a regular LAN wire comes to the rescue. You will need to cook and do:

  • cable of the required length;
  • insert it with one end to the router, the other to the output on the back side of the TV with such a connector.

Next, you need to go to the settings menu and select:

  • item “Network”;
  • “Network settings”, “Start”;
  • after that, in a new window, click: “Cable” in the “Connection type” section;
  • the TV will connect to the network automatically.

It is recommended to prepare a password for the router in advance and then proceed with the configuration, which will take place in the same settings menu.

  • in the “Network settings” section, specify the type “Wireless connection”;
  • there will be a search for available networks, determine your own among them;
  • specify a password.

After completing the setting, the screen will display a message about the successful completion of the operation.

Applications for viewing IPTV channels

To expand the capabilities of IPTV for Smart TV Samsung, you can download some applications that allow you to diversify the existing content, as well as watch: television, online movies and much more.

Among Samsung users, the most popular widgets stand out:

  • OTT-Player;
  • Peers TV;
  • SS IPTV.


This player is convenient when watching IPTV, it allows you to record videos, stop broadcasting, decode some signals of paid channels, create playlists that can be opened on any other device. To install, you need:

  • Register on the site
  • Activate mail
  • Go to your personal account
  • On the main page, click “How to watch”
  • Select device
  • Select player
  • Make settings following the further instructions in your personal account

IPTV on Smart TV Samsung: ways to tune and watch high quality TV channels

High-quality broadcasting of TV channels has long supplanted the methods of broadcasting that are familiar to everyone. But what needs to be done in order for the IPTV player for Samsung Smart TV to work correctly, because all previous installation attempts ended in failure: it was not possible to find a convenient application, the TV did not want to go online, or it was not at all sure whether it supported such a novelty.

This article will detail the answers to all possible difficulties that a person might encounter trying to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV with the Smart TV option.

  • IPTV capabilities on Samsung Smart TV
  • Which TV models support IPTV
  • How to connect the Internet to a TV for IPTV
  • LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi
  • Using WPS
  • PlugAccess
  • How to set up IPTV
  • Applications for viewing IPTV channels
  • OTT-Player
  • Peers TV

Peers TV

This program has a ton of features:

  • opens access to more than 150 channels;
  • watching films, TV series;
  • it can be synchronized with a smartphone;
  • a convenient player in which it is comfortable to control the viewing (pause, rewind, etc.).

Which TV models support IPTV

All Samsung TVs above the fifth series and released after 2010 can support digital TV. You do not need to buy any additional set-top boxes for this.

You can check a specific device according to a small diagram. To do this, you need its code series (indicated by the manufacturer on the back of the case).

It is better to write out the code on a piece of paper and compare the resulting letters with the decoding. Let’s take a look at the example of Samsung UE42ES7507. In this case, each value has its own meaning:

  • the first two letters. type TV (U. LED), and place of manufacture (E. Europe);
  • diagonal size (42 inches);
  • year of issue. Each letter characterizes a certain year, the calculation starts from 2008. its letter A, then 2009. B, etc. In our example, there is E, that is, it was made in 2012 and such a TV supports the IPTV application.
  • the next number indicates the series, it must be greater than 5.

When the check has been completed and it turned out to be sure of your Smart TV, you can start setting up.

Using WPS

If the router supports a function that allows you to receive fast network transmission using WPS technology, you can configure the Internet on Smart TV in this way. The connection aLGorithm is very simple:

  • open the network settings, in the “Connection type” section, set WPS or PBC;
  • at this moment, press the key with the WPS signature on the router.

The devices should connect to each other and the connection will be completed.


Installing the app

  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV

You can run the application from a USB stick, which must be inserted into the TV.

Launch on “Non-Tizen” TVs (2011

2015 years of release)

  • Download the archive:
  • Unzip the contents to the root directory of the USB stick.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports of the TV.

Launch on Tizen TVs (2015

2019 years of release)

  • Download the archive:
  • Unzip the contents to the root directory of the USB stick.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports of the TV.

Important note: File paths matter.
Make sure you unzip the contents of the archive to the root folder of the USB flash drive.

For example, on Windows, the USB stick was assigned the letter “D”:

Tizen TVs:
2019 ruler: UNU7100, UNU7300, URU7100, URU7300, URU7100, URU710D, URU7300, URU730D, URU7400, URU7410, URU7450, URU74A0, URU750, URU750, QNQ75C, QNQ75F, QNQ7C, QN60Q7F. QRQ90, RQ750, UNU8000, URU8000, URU8000
2018 “N” ruler: UN5510, UN5500, UN5350, UN5300, UN4500, UN4350, UN4310, UN4300, UNU7120, UNU709D, UNU7090, UNU6950, UNU730D, UNU7300, UNU710D, UNU7100, UNU7103, QNQ9S, QNQ8HBF, QNQ7F, QNQ7F, QNQ7. QNQ75F, QNQ75C, QNQ6FK, QNQ6F, QNQ65FB, QNQ65F, UNU850D, UNU8500, UNU80A0, UNU800D, UNU8000, UNU76A0, UNU7500, UNU74A0, UNU7450, UNUN7400, ULS03
2017 “M” ruler: UM6300, UM5600, UM5520, UM5510, UM5500, UM5300, UM4500, UMU9000, UMU8000, UMU7500, UMU70A0, UMU7000, UMU66A0, UMU6500, UMU64A0, UMU64707F9M9FQ, QML00. UMUF31E, UMU6000, UMU6100, UMU6300, UMU6310, UMU6320, UMUF30E
2016 “K” ruler: UK6300, UK6250, UK6200, UK5600, UK5520, UK5510, UK5500, UK5300, UK4300, UKU630D, UKU6300, UKU6000, UKS9800, UKS9500, UKS9000, UKS8500, UKS8000, UKS7500, UKS7000, UKU1066A0, UKU6500
2015 “J” ruler: UJ6400, UJS6000, UJ6330, UJ6300, UJ6240, UJ6200, UJ5520, UJ5510, UJ5500, UJ5300, TE390S, ULS001F, ULS001H, US9F, UJU5900, UJU5910, UJU5920, UJJU7800S. UJU6400, UJU6300, UJS6900, UJU6390, UJU6000, UJU6100, ULS001U, US9A, UJU6800, UJU6740, UJU6700, UJU6600, UJU6510, UJU6500, UJS8600, UJU70000, UJS99

TVs “Non-Tizen ::
2015 “J” ruler: UJ4300, UJ5300
2014 “H” ruler: UH4303, UH5303, UH6203, UHU6900, UHU7000, UHU5900, UHU6000, UHU7500, UHU8500, UH6500, UH6510, UH6600, UH6700, UH7000p, UH4500, UH4500, UH4570H6400H67HH. UH5570, UH6200, US9CN, US9VCN, US9V, UF9000, UHU8500CV, UHU9000, UHU9800, US9, UHU7500, UHU8500, H8000C, PE8500, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF0009500F, UF8F8
2013 “F” ruler: KF9500, KS9C, PF8500, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8000, UF8200, UF8500, UES7000, UES7500, UES8000, UES9000, UES9010, UES9500, PE7000, PE8000, UFNCF, US9V, US972. UF7100, UF7150, UF6000, UF5000, UF4500, PF5500, PF5200
2012 “E” ruler: UE7000, UE6000, UE5000, UE4000, PE7000, PE6500, PE570, PE550, PE540, PE6500, PE550p, UES8000, UES7500, UES7000, PE8000

The method below allows you to auto start the application on TVs from 2013 (A, B, C series)

Return to Hotel / Pro mode after setting “Hotel mode = on

  • Press the i / Display button (depending on the remote)
  • Press the Mute button
  • Press the volume down Vol button-
  • Press the Home button

Switching the TV to advanced mode (Hotel / Pro mode)

  • Turn on TV
  • Turn off TV with standard IR remote
  • Press the i / Display button (depending on the remote)
  • Press the Mute button
  • Press the volume up Vol button
  • Turn on TV. The inscription Hotel / Pro mode settings in progress should appear

Autostart application by link

  • In the advanced mode menu, set the Startup Application URI to
  • Enable Startup Application option
  • In the advanced mode settings, switch the application to hotel mode: Hotel mode = on

Autostart application from a flash drive

  • In the advanced mode settings, switch the application to hotel mode: Hotel mode = on
  • Download the application archive from the link at the bottom of the page
  • Extract the contents to the root of the USB stick, as a result, the sony folder should appear in the root directory. The flash drive must be formatted only in FAT32!
  • Insert the USB stick into the TV and turn on the TV. If everything is correct, then the application will start automatically when a USB flash drive is inserted.

Switching to normal mode (disabling Hotel / Pro mode)

How to install OTT player on Samsung TV

Like any application, you need to download the player first. But on the Internet, there are two instructions that say that this is how you can get the application to work. But users claim that they have a lot of problems, and sometimes the widget does not work at all. There can be many reasons, but if you go back and remember that there are two instructions for installing the application in question, then maybe this is the case? What if one of them is not working? Let’s start by looking at the shortest and simplest one:

As a rule, after that, the program will already be on your TV, and when the setup is done, it will work in the desired mode. Below is another instruction, which, in fact, receives many complaints, therefore we do not recommend using it:

  • Open the site this is the main page of the application, and register there;
  • Download and unpack the archive to the root of the USB flash drive;
  • Go to the TV and log in from your registered account to the page;
  • Insert the drive with the file into the USB port of the TV;
  • A message will appear indicating that the new device is connected.

The further procedure is as easy as shelling pears and consists in activating the file. But as already mentioned, this method is very unreliable and almost always does not give the desired result. That is why it is better to download the widget in the first way. so there is a full guarantee that it will work, and the player can be used to watch TV content via an Internet connection.

OTTplayer Features for Samsung Smart TV

The application in question has not yet received the popularity it deserves, but we think that this problem will be solved over time. Already, many are trying to download OTTplayer for Samsung Smart TV in order to enjoy online TV, which has recently become quite popular, as users have finally appreciated its advantage. Watching online channels is a much more profitable and cheap way to enjoy your favorite programs, but without overpaying. So, by connecting the widget to a Samsung TV, we get the following:

  • The service will be available not only on Samsung Smart TV, but also on other devices where the player is installed and on which there is access to the Internet. Of course, there, too, you will need to go through the registration procedure, but this should not take much time, especially if this path has already been done on TV;
  • You can use your favorite playlists anywhere in the world, of course, not forgetting that this place must have the Internet and devices with a player installed on it. If at least one of these components is absent, then television will have to wait;
  • A huge number of manufacturers who have foreseen that users will appreciate the OTT technology and want to see the player in question on their devices. Therefore, there is such a variety of subscriber devices on the market that they work with various OS from Apple and Android to Microsoft;
  • Requirements for guaranteed network bandwidth are reduced, since information is transmitted in segmented small streams. Of course, despite this, the network must be constant, otherwise the widget will not work, despite the fact that the configuration was done correctly;
  • Low due to small infrastructure and lack of additional equipment.

Get over 200 IPTV channels in Full HD quality from 4.5 per month. Including sports 50fps and strawberry. Connect!

Where to download and how to install OTTplayer for Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV is a technology without which a modern TV cannot be imagined. It allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, use the Internet and turns a standard TV into an analogue of a computer, albeit not with such a powerful technical potential. In addition, users are specifically looking for smart TVs to customize additional functions on it. For example, install the OTT widget to watch not standard TV, but to use more modern technologies, which require a good Internet connection to connect. Then the user on his Smart TV will be able to watch various TV programs by downloading them as a playlist, and use other functions that are practically unavailable on a standard satellite or digital receiver. Of course, at first glance, this player may seem complicated, but in reality it is not. It opens up a lot of possibilities, so feel free to download it. It is the best player for online TV at the moment. Just imagine. a huge number of cool channels are formulated into a playlist and are available from any gadget where OTTplayer is installed.

Setting up OTTPlayer on Samsung Smart TV

The setup of the player in question on different devices is not so different, although it would be unfair to say that there are no differences at all. They exist and are fundamentally important, of course, if the user is interested in watching his playlist normally. Setting up this application takes little time, so users can simply follow the instructions and download a playlist in a few minutes to check if the system is working.

  • Start OttPlayer;
  • At the first start, the system will require you to enter registration data. Remember, you entered them when downloading the player and registering on its official website ?;
  • When the widget starts, you need to go to the “Settings” section and fill in the “Username” and “Password” fields. It is important that the registration data completely coincide with those indicated on the site, otherwise you will not be able to connect the TV of the considered format to the TV;
  • In the same section, you can configure additional functions, and then just press the confirmation of the procedure, otherwise the changes will not be saved, and you will have to repeat the procedure;
  • After successfully passing the first authorization, the new user will be prompted to attach a new device or select a device that has already been registered. If you choose the second option, then you need to carefully review the list that will be displayed in front of the user on the site;
  • Using the site, download and link the playlist to the new device. In this case, we are talking about a TV, so you can choose a playlist with the largest number of channels, use paid or free resources. it all depends on the user’s preferences and financial condition.

You do not need to restart the widget, the binding is automatic, so the user only needs to correctly carry out all the above procedures and after half an hour use the endless possibilities of the player in question. The main thing is that the program is working and the installation is correct.

How to upload an IPTV playlist to a set-top box, setup and what format is needed

It will take very little time to figure out how to load a playlist into IPTV on a set-top box. As well as internet access, stable connection. Compact gadgets on the Android platform completely change the idea of ​​the usual TV. Instead, a new one comes. interactive. No broadcast signal is required to view it. We study the basics of IPTV, understand the operation of the set-top box.

Where to find playlists?

To start watching IPTV, you first need to download a playlist. This is a special list of live streams that contains links to channels. Looks like a list, saved in m3u format. On the net you can find, download a lot of collections focused on various topics.

In fact, these are the same on-air programs about sports, animals, music, only broadcast via the Internet. You can download the current playlist here: Sometimes these services are kindly provided by the providers themselves. It is enough to enter “m3u”, “IPTV” or “playlist” in the search bar. And then save the file.

How to install IPTV m3u on T2 set-top box

To write a playlist to the memory of a digital set-top box Tiger, another similar DVB T2 device, you must first download it. The easiest way to do this is on a computer. We find the required selection on the network, load it onto a USB drive. Next, you should transfer the playlist to the set-top box. To do this, connect the USB flash drive to one of the connectors.

It is desirable that this be the port on the front panel (it is not known why, but it takes priority when connecting peripheral devices). After connecting, go to the set-top box menu.

You will need the “Internet. IPTV” section. Next, on the remote control, press the blue button, which gives access to the list of playlists. Choosing the right one.

If there are active links in the selection of channels, you can start watching your favorite broadcasts.

Recording a playlist to a USB flash drive

You can load channels into the receiver in different ways. Including from a USB drive. Mandatory requirement: m3u list format and no other. The step-by-step process looks like this:

  • We save any playlist we like using a PC on a USB flash drive. Designation type. playlist.m3u, where the name is indicated instead of the playlist.
  • Safely remove the drive from the PC port, insert it into the console.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu, there we find the “External Playlists” section. Create a new playlist. The path to it must be USB: //playlist.m3u.
  • A shortcut to the list you just added should appear on the home screen. If it does not appear, refresh the page.

Sometimes it is required to download the latest firmware version. Other requirements include the type of file system on the flash drive (FAT32).

Possible problems

Setting up the set-top box does not always take place immediately and without any problems. often than not, users have difficulty downloading the playlist, complaining that the device “does not see” the playlist. Although it is saved on the USB stick according to all the rules. Or when you press the blue button on the remote, nothing happens.

First, you should make sure that the file system of the drive is exactly FAT32. Experienced cinematographers argue that without fulfilling this condition, nothing will work. Then, the format of the playlist is checked. It should be of the form playlist.m3u (where the first part before the extension is the name). And, if the list is created with any other extension (not m3u), it will not play either.

Often the solution is to update the set-top box software, download the latest firmware version. There are many issues related to unstable playback of the playlist file. To avoid broken links, it is important to download collections from trusted sources. Use self-updating sheets.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Important! Before configuring programs for viewing, you need to make sure that the Internet connection is successful.

When the Internet is connected, you can start searching for widgets.

Let’s consider several well-known applications for viewing IPTV and how to install playlists in them.


You can purchase access to viewing TV channels from Pirs TV by following several points:

  • Download and install the player on the device.
  • If the TV is 2010-2014, then installation is possible as in paragraph 2 of the previous appendix.
  • Launch the player, enter the link address in the settings where the playlist is located.
  • Finishes the installation process, and proceed to view all available channels.


To use the OTT player, you must first perform the following steps:

  • Download this player to your device.
  • The application requires authorization, so we register on the official website.
  • We confirm the action by e-mail and the letter that came to it.
  • We go to the account on the site to complete authorization and edit personal data as needed.
  • Download your favorite playlists and add them to the playlist.
  • We enter the information used for authorization into the application downloaded to the device and watch the desired telepictures.

LAN connection

Using a cable Internet connection, the user automatically provides himself with a reliable connection and high-speed data flow. With a LAN cable, you can connect to the network in three different ways:

  • By connecting the Ethernet port on the TV to the same type of connector on the portable modem.
  • Using a router. The cable from the router should be connected to the network port on the TV set, given that the router is already connected to the existing modem and configured correctly.
  • Direct connection. A network cable connects the Ethernet port and the port on the TV.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

Samsung Smart TVs can also be connected to the network via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to use wireless routers (routers) and have an independent Wi-Fi adapter in your TV. If the TV model does not provide such an adapter, you can additionally purchase an external one and use it.

Setting up via the TV menu. Select the “Network” section and go to the section of its settings. Choose a wireless connection method and your network. Next, enter the password for Wi-Fi, and then complete the installation.


To customize this widget, you need:

Connecting to the network using WPS

There is a faster option for connecting to the network, but to complete it, you will need to support the router for wps technology. For this:

  • In the network settings, select the connection method. WPS (PBC).
  • On the side panel of the router, hold down the WPS button for a couple of minutes. The TV device will establish a connection with the network.
  • The display should show an inscription indicating the completion of the connection process.

How to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV today is integrated into almost all new TV models. This function allows you not only to watch channels without restrictions, but also to manage air streams, chat and play various 3d games. But in order for all these opportunities to be available, a number of activities must first be performed. This article will cover how to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV device and what you need to enjoy TV viewing.

Preparatory stage

  • An agreement with the operator for connecting the service (it is not free, but available at a cost). By the way, after his conclusion, you will be able to access free content.
  • A special application for watching IP TV channels. Installed on the TV. Most of these programs do not require payment.

On the first point, I think, no explanations are needed, but with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs. Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV), let’s get to know better. Using her example, we will master the installation of IP-television.

How to install IPTV on LG and Samsung smart TVs

Each TV box has its own nuances and tricks. Today we’ll talk about how to install IPTV on Smart TVs of the most common brands. LG and Samsung, and how to load playlists into it.

Install Simple Smart IPTV

  • Open LG Smart World in a computer browser and download the program archive, then unpack and save it to a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to TV.
  • Open the Smart feed (by clicking “Home”) and go to “My Apps”.
install, samsung, iptv
  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the source for installing programs.
  • After opening the folder, click on the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application will be installed in the TV memory.


On D, F, H, E series and above:

  • Open the main TV menu and go to the “Smart Features”.
  • In the right half of the window, select the option “Samsung Account”.

Next, you need to set a password. This is where the first differences appear:

  • For E Series devices, enter any 6 characters in this field.
  • On H and F series TVs, leave it blank.

After confirming the registration, return to the “Smart Features” menu and click “Open Smart Hub”.

  • At the bottom of the application window, click “Advanced. applications “.
  • On the next screen, open “Options” and select “IP setting”.
  • In the window that appears, type in the server IP address Use the numeric keypad to enter (the screen does not work here).
  • Next, enter the “Options” menu again and click “Synchronize user applications” (on models of some series, the option is called so, on others. “StartAppSync”).
  • After synchronization, the SS-IPTV icon will appear in the “Additional Applications” section.

On J series machines:

To watch IP TV, simply launch the program, find your provider in the list of service providers and download a playlist. By the way, in addition to the preset playlists, you can use your own.

Loading playlists

S imple Smart IPTV gives users the ability to download playlists both from the program’s website (internal) and from any other sources (external). You can have as many second ones as you like and do whatever you want with them. edit, transfer to friends, put them in free access, etc.

Samsung Smart IPTV installation from server. = NEW IP! =

Custom playlists are stored in the Settings section and appear as tiles on the screen. When you click on the tile at the bottom of the screen, a list of its TV channels opens.

To download external (third-party) playlists, go to the “Content” section and open the sub-heading of the same name. To download a selection to your TV, select it in the list and click “Add”. Give your sheet a meaningful name and click Save.

To load an internal playlist, open the General section in Settings and click the Get Code button. The application will generate a one-time password, which you will have to enter when downloading. It remains relevant for 1 day after generation.

Next, go to the SS IPTV website, open the “Playlist Editor” section, enter the code in the specified form and click “Add device”.

Next, open and save the document. After saving, a new tile with the name “My Playlist” will appear in the “Settings” section. This is what you just downloaded.

Using SS-IPTV as an example, it is easy to install other IPTV applications. The only differences will be in the address of the download server (on Samsung) and other minor details that you can easily figure out on your own.

What is IPTV function

First of all, it should be noted that this functionality is available only to those lucky ones who have purchased a modern smart TV that has smart functionality. With this technology you can:

  • Install a Player that will play channels.
  • Connect your TV to the Internet to receive signals.
  • Watch any available channels for free.

All you need for this is an understanding of how this technology works and how exactly Smart-TV is configured on Samsung TVs. Of course, this will require some applications that will allow you to receive and output a signal to your TV. However, their installation is not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to make the necessary settings and connect everything correctly. You will also need a stable internet connection, without which the player will not be able to work.

So what is IPTV? This is a modern television standard that is gaining more and more popularity today. In fact, this technology is so popular not only because of the free viewing of channels, but also because of the high quality.

The quality of smart technology significantly surpasses many types of analogue broadcasting, since the Internet connection allows you not to compress either video or audio, which gives a clear picture and clear sound. This technology is equal in quality to satellite signals, giving the same excellent resolution. Therefore, you can comfortably watch programs even on the largest screen without any inconvenience.

The channels included in smart technology are very diverse, and their number is countless. Many channels today offer the ability to broadcast over the Internet, which allows you to connect directly to their stream and use on your home TV.

How to set playlist in IPTV on Samsung smart TV

Loading playlists

All user playlists are in the “Settings” tab. Clicking on any of the playlists will display a specific list of TV channels.

To download external playlists, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the “Content” tab;
  • Select a playlist and click “Add”;
  • Come up with and print a name;
  • Click “Save”.

To download internal playlists, you need to do the following:

  • Enter “Settings”;
  • Go to the “General” tab;
  • Click “Get Code”;
  • Wait until the process of automatic generation of a one-time code is completed (it will be valid for one day);
  • Then open the “SS IPTV” page and enter the “Playlist Editor” column;
  • Print generated password;
  • Click “Add device”;
  • Open the sheet and then click save;
  • Done. The settings menu will display the icon of the new freshly downloaded playlist.

How to install “IPTV Smarters Player” app on SAMSUNG Smart TV

How this function is connected

What do you need to set up smart-TV?

Smart TV It is necessary in order to be able to watch TV channels on your home TV. Without this function, it will be impossible to connect it to the broadcast stream.
The presence of a special receiver attachment This set-top box will catch the channels, transmitting them to the TV so that you can watch them. This is the most common way to connect, however, today it is not the only one.
Installing smart-player widgets These are special applications that allow you to receive signals without using a set-top box. This significantly saves both space at the TV and your money, since there is no need to buy a receiver.

Considering that there are two ways to connect this function, and they are fundamentally different, it makes sense to discuss both and identify their positive and negative sides, advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Everyone chooses which method suits him best, and how he is more comfortable. Considering that digital broadcasting technologies are very common today, many already have set-top boxes at home, and you just need to configure the player to interact with them. However, those who are just mastering this direction may feel more sympathy for installing a special application for viewing channels, which is more flexible, does not require additional equipment, and also saves time and money.

Regardless of which method you choose, you can use the entire range of IPTV channels for free, watch the programs you are interested in, and at the same time not use any satellite dishes or large antennas. All you need is a TV and the Internet. Internet speed will play a key role, as will its stability. Therefore, choose a good provider who will not make you sit all evening without a TV due to breakdowns of their equipment.

Where to download and how to install?

The Simple Smart IPTV application works perfectly with any Samsung Smart TV models, the main thing is that the model series is not lower than “D”.

Although the settings interface for different models is different, the essence of the actions when installing the program is the same, except for the “J” models.

The sequence of actions to install the TV player “SS-IPTV” on the TV consists of the following steps:

  • Going into the TV menu, open the “Smart Functions” tab;
  • Then go to the tab “Samsung Account”;
  • Log in to the account by typing your login and access code. If there are none, you will need to register. For this purpose, click “Create” and fulfill the requirements of the messages that appear. It is recommended to indicate “develop” in the login column. If the TV model is “E”, then a six-digit password must be entered in the access code field, and in the “H” and “F” models, the password is not required;
  • Re-enter the “Smart Functions” section;
  • Click “Open Smart Hub”;
  • Next, click “Additional applications”;
  • Then go to the “Parameters” tab;
  • Click “IP setting”;
  • After that, a menu will be displayed where to print “”;
  • Open the “Parameters” tab;
  • Click “Start App Sync”;
  • Wait for the completion of the process;
  • In the “Additional applications” tab, the “SS-IPTV” icon will be displayed;
  • Done. Installation completed successfully.

Owners of J-Series models will need to do the following:

The application is now ready to use. After launching it, you can download playlists and enjoy watching high-quality interactive television broadcast.

than 900 TV channels for Samsung Smart TV (SS IPTV)

than 900 TV channels for Samsung Smart TV (SS IPTV). Yes, yes, you heard right, more than 900 online TV channels are free for TVs with Smart TV functions such as Samsung and LG. We will show and tell you everything in the most detailed way, and you yourself will understand that this is not all that difficult. Watch the video below and repeat after us.

SuperWash playlist: IP: 6878

Link to SS IPTV widget Mirror to SS IPTV widget

than 900 TV channels for Samsung Smart TV (SS IPTV)

Published by Sergey Buykevich Saturday, January 26, 2019.


ForkPlayer is another very popular program installed in Smart TVs, which provides an easy search and online viewing of movies and channels.

The user gets access to view a large number of content from the World Wide Web or from an external USB drive.

New opportunities with IPTV technology for Samsung TVs

Today, many people prefer to watch TV programs via an Internet connection. It is free, convenient and does not require any additional devices. All you need is a TV with the corresponding function. In this article we will tell you how to use this technology correctly.

How to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

At the time of publication of the article, everything is working stably.

  • Open search and find the Peers TV app.
  • Open the Pierce TV page and download the add-on.

Now you have access to a small part of TV channels, in order to watch the rest. you need to upload your IPTV playlist.

  • To do this, go to the settings and click on the Add playlist section.
  • Enter the address of the site where the playlist is located. You can take links on our website, I recommend using a self-updating playlist.
  • If you specified the link correctly and the server is working with the file, then the list of channels will contain dozens or hundreds of sources. Your favorite channels can be added to favorites for easier viewing.
  • Don’t forget to update your playlist on time!

Setting up IPTV on Samsung TVs: detailed instructions

Today’s article will be useful to those who have just started to get used to a new TV or IPTV. I will share 3 best ways to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

All methods are free and simple, the main thing is to carefully follow the instructions.

How to install OTT Player on Samsung TV?

OTTPlayer is deservedly considered one of the best free IPTV players, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

The main advantages are the availability of the playlist on all devices (data is tied to a single account) and a unique video transmission technology that allows you to enjoy watching even with a weak Internet.

How to set up IPTV, detailed instructions

Since IPTV TV signals are distributed over the Internet, a reliable and fast network connection for the TV is required. For this, a wired connection or a wireless Wi-Fi network is used.


The peculiarity of the player is the ability to view your playlist on several devices on which the player is installed. To do this, you need to create an account on the site, upload one or more playlists, edit them, if desired, by removing unnecessary links. After installing the application and logging in with your username and password, the content is the same on all devices. Оttplayer is a multi-platform application that is installed on devices with iOS, Android, Samsung SMART TV, which contributes to its widespread distribution. Users also note a pleasant and well-thought-out interface, the ability to customize the order of channels, a convenient TV program.

IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

After setting up TV channels over IP protocol on a Samsung TV, many new opportunities open up to the viewer compared to the usual television:

  • Watching dozens and hundreds of channels of various directions and genres, many of which are unique and are not broadcast in other formats. Most channels are free.
  • High quality image. and more IP channels are broadcast in HD resolution and even in 4K resolution.
  • TV broadcasts are accompanied by high-quality soundtracks in stereo, Dolby Surround, 5.1. You can also choose the dubbing language when watching movies.
  • Viewing control. the consumer, if desired, pauses the video content, speeds up or slows down the image for a while, can watch programs from the beginning, from the middle or from the end, record it, etc.

To watch IPTV channels on a Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary that the Tizen operating system be installed, there is an Ethernet (LAN) input for a wired Internet connection or a Wi-Fi module for a wireless connection, software that allows you to work with an IP video stream. Such a TV without connecting to a computer or Android TV set-top box receives, processes and reproduces an IPTV TV signal.

To find out whether the receiver reproduces TV channels in IPTV format Samsung Smart TV, you need to specify the year of its release and the model series. All Samsung devices released after 2010, 5 series and above, support TV broadcasting over IP protocol.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine the year of manufacture and the series of the device: the documentation is lost or unusable, there is no information in Russian, etc. In this case, you need to look at the marking code located on the information panel, usually fixed on the back cover of the Smart TV.

Example: Samsung UE55KS7500

  • The first character is the type of matrix: U. LED, L. LCD, Q. screen on “quantum” dots.
  • The second is the region for which the device was released (E. Europe).
  • The next number is the diagonal of the screen in inches.
  • K. year of issue. The letter designation of the year was introduced by Samsung since 2008, which was assigned the first letter of the English alphabet. A. The next year is the next letter. C. 2010, K. 2016, etc.
  • The letter S indicates 4K screen resolution. Other models may not have.
  • The next digit is the series number. Series 5 and higher is required for IPTV.

Subsequent symbols indicate the sub-series and design of the model. In the example given, the TV series 7 was released in 2010.

Peers TV

The main feature of the application is that it is extremely easy to install and operate. It is suitable for a user who does not want to dive into the intricacies of setting up an application, but wants to watch TV channels right away. In this case, Peers TV is a good choice, since right after installation, the viewer has access to about 180 TV channels, including in HD quality. There is a weekly archiving of channels, which allows you to view programs for a specified period from anywhere and an unlimited number of times. It is possible to download your own playlists, which will significantly increase the number of TV channels. In this case, the player is distributed free of charge.

Wi-Fi connection

To establish a Wi-Fi connection, you must:

  • Turn on the router and make sure on other gadgets that Wi-Fi distribution of Internet traffic is carried out.
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Sequentially select the TV menu items “Settings”, “General”, “Network”, “Network Settings”, “Wireless”.
  • In the list of networks that appears, select the one to which you want to connect.
  • Enter the network password in the window and click “OK”.
  • Some TV models do not have a Wi-Fi module installed. In this case, you need to purchase an external USB adapter and install it in the device. Better to put a Samsung device, since only in this case the manufacturer guarantees a stable wireless connection.

    If your router and TV support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Wi-Fi connection is even easier. It is necessary to select the WPS item in the TV network menu and press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds. The connection will happen automatically.

    Another way to connect to Wi-Fi is to use the PlugAccess feature of some router models. To do this, you need to insert a formatted USB flash drive into the router and wait until the signal lamp of the Internet dispenser stops flashing. Then insert the flash drive into the USB port of the TV. After a while, the connection setup will be completed automatically.

    If you are using a Samsung router, you can use One Foot Connection, another quick method of establishing a wireless connection. In the TV network settings, you must select the specified item and activate it. After that, the setting will happen automatically. The end will be indicated by the appearance of the network settings window.

    What is IPTV-player on Smart TV Samsung?

    IPTV television is developing rapidly, crowding competitors: cable television networks, terrestrial and satellite television. This is not surprising, since with this technology, television becomes interactive, giving the consumer the opportunity to customize video content in accordance with their needs.

    IPTV television is distributed over the Internet. Even 10 years ago, in order to watch it, in addition to a TV, a computer was needed. With the advent of “smart” TV sets, it became possible to configure viewing of IPTV broadcasts directly on the Samsung Smart TV. With this article you will be able to connect IPTV to Smart TV Samsung.

    Cable connection (LAN connection)

    To connect you need:

      Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of the router, the other to the LAN port of the TV, usually located on the back of the TV.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “General” item, then to the “Network”.
  • Select “Network Setting” and “Cable”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • The TV will automatically connect to the Internet. The sequence of operations and the names of sections may differ slightly from model to model.