How to Install Mi Fit On Iphone 5

The Mi Fit app is an indispensable thing for anyone who has a Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker that helps you track the number of steps taken per day, measure your heart rate and even keep abreast of the quality of your sleep by monitoring its phases. Support and reaching the maximum functionality of the bracelet for those who have an iPhone or iPad is achieved using the official and most convenient Mi Fit application for iOS 10. Unfortunately, you cannot officially download Mi Fit in the App Store in Russian, but this is not a problem because cunning users have found a way to fix this.

Mi Fit iOS App Functionality

After the account has been created and activated, you need to connect the bracelet and smartphone via Bluetooth-connection. The main function of the Mi Fit application is to collect information about user activity, as well as his personal data for subsequent transfer to the standard “Health” program on iPhone, and in addition:

  • Sleep phase tracking function;
  • Pedometer;
  • Notification of incoming SMS messages and calls;
  • Tracking training: time, distance, pace and route;
  • Tracking weight and counting calories burned.
How to Install Mi Fit On Iphone 5

You can share all the information about your achievements and victories with your friends through social networks. it’s convenient, isn’t it?

Russian version of the application

The fact that the Russian version of the application for the Mi Band on iOS is not available for download in the App Store does not mean at all that users cannot use the program with Russian localization. You can easily and simply modify the program if you have already made a Jailbreak of your gadget from Apple:

  • Download (20 mb) the Russian version of the Mi Fit application for iOS;
  • Install the downloaded file on iPhone through the iFunBox program or IPA Installer.

If you do not want to hack into the device, then it will be more difficult, because you have to create a re-signature of the program. If you are ready to do this, and at least a little understanding of programming. welcome! Otherwise, just download the English version of the program, because it makes no sense to crack your iPhone or iPad for the sake of a simple application for a fitness tracker.

By the way, the developer has not yet released a version of the program specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6s, so working with it at first may not be very convenient. since the interface is not adapted, it is slightly “soapy”. But we hope that a program update will be released soon, allowing you to work with it as comfortably as possible.