How to install mi band 4

The new Xiaomi Mi band 4, among other things, also received a color 0.95-inch screen, small, but it is a full-fledged AMOLED, for which Xiaomi has already stamped a bunch of cool themes. But here is the theme of the Mi band 4 dial.

If very briefly, then its own theme of the dial on the Mi Band 4 bracelet is now installed simply from the menu of the Mi Fit application.

And all methods of installing themes using third-party applications, including the one given in this post below, can be considered obsolete with confidence.

So, if you want to put some nice picture from your own collection on the screen of your Mi Band 4, then the troubles are now much less.

Or rather, they should not be at all. Provided, of course, that a fresh version of MiFit is installed on the smartphone. In addition, as of now, only 3 dial modes are available so far, and you can set only your own photos as a custom theme from MiFit.

  • on the smartphone, open MiFit;
  • tapa “Profile”. “Mi band 4”. “Dial Settings.” “My dials”;
  • select your picture;
  • after that we press the button “Sync watch theme »;
  • We are waiting for the completion of the synchronization procedure (it is better to keep the bracelet closer to smartphone to speed up the process).

Amid rapidly growing popularity models of mi band 4 the issue of installing your themes had to be somehow solved. Once there is a request for a suitable software solution, then it / they should have appeared anyway. And it has appeared. The program, which in version 1.0 was one of the first to appear in tyrnets, and with the help of which it is possible to directly “trick” the theme onto the bracelet’s screen directly on a smartphone, is called Xiaomi Mi band 4 dial generator. Briefly about her.

Judging by the fact that her menu by default is entirely made up of hieroglyphs, and even didn’t manage to switch to English right away, the Chinese masters made this product (for which I thank you very much). And, it seems, they were in a hurry greatly, since the program turned out, let’s say, imperfect. In general, it works, but it happens that it mutes. it At first.

There is another important point. At Mi band 4 The dial and its background are two different images. This “generator” allows you to change the background and move different objects on the dial (numbers, icons, etc.). But if the background can be replaced quickly and no hacking tricks are required for this, then the rest will have to tinker with. This is to the fact that at first it’s better to treat this application simply as a tool for creating exactly new topics. it Secondly.

Well, now about that.

To get started, download and install the application on your smartphone Xiaomi Mi band 4 dial generator. APK file download CAN HERE (you must first allow installation from unknown sources). And further:

  • open the application, tap on the inscription in the upper right corner of the screen (near the search bar) and switch to English. hieroglyphs in some places they will still remain, but it will be clearer (Russian is not provided at all):
  • tap on the window “Select image“:
How to install mi band 4
  • and in the menu that appears, either switch to the camera (the first button at the top) and take a picture, or go to the smartphone gallery (middle button) and select the finished one (the button is green in the upper right corner of the screen):
  • select the image area, then rotate, increase-decrease and crop the fragment with the expectation that the resulting picture will be located as if under the numbers;
  • tapa “OK“, After which the future screen saver appears in the application’s preview window (display of other elements of the dial is not yet supported), we prescribe the name for it (Name) and short writing (Intro);
  • now, if there is a desire, to move also the dial (hours and step counter), then turn on “Custom json“, Tap”Load basis JSON“, In the code we find the desired object (date, minutes, icons, etc.) and move it to the desired side of the screen (in the opened code fragment, X is the horizontal position of the object, Y is the vertical position; the starting point 0 is the upper left corner of the screen , therefore, with the expectation of its size and resolution, the value of X should not exceed 120, and Y. 240). All this will have to be done at random, since the display of other elements of the dial in the preview window is not yet supported:
  • tapa “Submit”And we get a new, personally made theme of the dial for Mi band 4, by default the file is saved in the“ Downloads ”folder of the smartphone.

At this stage, it is important to understand that installing custom themes on the Mi band 4 is so far only done by replacing one of their old themes with a new one, therefore: