How to install memory card to your tablet

Install the memory card in Honor and continue downloading

Remember, if your tablet is under warranty service, you should not solve problems yourself, it is better to use a service center. If the warranty is over or in the service did not help, solve the problem on your own at your own risk.

The list is based on reviews, read “huawei mediapad 10 fhd 16gb 3g tablet reviews”.

Carefully inspect the tablet before buying for factory defects, broken pixels display, cracks or scratches, if available, demand a replacement

Put it on charge and charge it for a few hours. If it doesn’t work, plug it in the charger with the volume button held down. If the tablet does not turn on, take it to the service center.

Press “Power” button and wait for the tablet to turn off. If the problem repeats after turning on, the firmware is probably the problem. To solve it, you need to go to the official website of the developer under “Support” select “Downloads”. Find your model and download the new firmware. You will find all the instructions on installing the firmware in the archive. If it doesn’t work, only service will help.

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If the application is not installed on the SD card

Open the “Applications” item in “Settings”. In the list of applications, select the one you would like to transfer to the removable card. Press on the application icon and the menu will open. See if it has the “Transfer” option. If available, click on the options button and select the memory card. This procedure does not require installation of additional software, you can do it yourself.

The memory capacity is important for any gadget. The larger it is, the more information can be stored, the faster the work will go. The built-in capacity is not always enough, then there is a question. what is the best way to buy and how to correctly connect the memory card to your phone Samsung? This is not a complicated procedure, but has its own nuances.

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Transferring using programs

If the custom settings are not enough, or they are inconvenient for you, you can move the software through the installation options are better known as Launchers. In the official store for Android Google Play there are a lot of different offers. Among the most popular and effective:

These programs are for different Android versions, and they work from 2.3. The interface is simple and straightforward, even for those who have not previously delved into such tools. It is possible to perform the desired action with a couple of taps. After downloading and installing immediately open the selected program, it pulls all the files on the device and shows you their list.

Use the checkbox to select the ones that you want to transfer. Use the tooltips at the top to choose the option you want. The transfer takes a couple of minutes, it depends on the capacity.

You should treat the use of such Launchers very responsibly, because the hacked versions can lead to loss of files. Give preference only to reliable sources and software with positive reviews.

How to configure the memory card on Android

When you insert your MicroSD card a message appears at the top of your smartphone screen stating that the external drive is detected. To configure the media, you need to click on the notification and press the “Configure” button. There are 2 configuration options for the user to choose from:

The first type assumes that you will store normal multimedia files like photos, videos or music on the memory card. The second type, in turn, allows you to save applications on an external drive. This is very useful if the built-in memory is limited to a couple of gigabytes. But you should remember that choosing a memory card as built-in storage makes it unavailable for use on another phone.

Newer smartphones do not have the ability to put apps on the memory card. In this regard, it is not necessary to go through the configuration procedure to use the carrier. You can start interacting with the drive immediately after its installation.

What types of SIM cards fit in the tablet?

To correctly remove the tray for the SIM card, it is necessary to find out what type of SIM card the device supports. Today there are 4 types:

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They differ from each other only in size. While the regular SIM card has the largest size of existing cards, the Nano stands out as the smallest and is mostly used in modern phones. And the most common for tablet devices is considered to be Micro.

How to download games and applications to your SD card

There are several ways to use an external card to download applications and games to it. So, you can set the SD card as the default memory, move applications using the default settings or merge memory.

You can set the SD card as the default memory, and then the smartphone will define it as the priority one for storing data.

Under “Use as default” check the box next to the SD card and save the settings.

Some applications will still be stored in the internal memory, this is determined by their settings.

What is a memory card?

A memory card is a physical storage medium in miniature format. It is used to store, transfer and read any data in your smartphone and not only. Memory cards are often confused with flash drives, but they are different devices. First of all they differ in size, and secondly, memory cards are designed for smartphones, and flash drives are for computers. You can install both the flash drive and the memory card wherever you want, as long as you have a special slot in the device or an adapter.

The memory card looks like a SIM card. It’s small and easy to fit inside a smartphone, which is why it is used in gadgets to expand storage. This is what any memory card (Micro-SD) looks like, the only difference is the manufacturer and storage capacity:

On the back of the card are the pins to connect. Any information you write down can be stored inside. The card can act as primary storage and you can run apps, games, and the system from it. To do this, you need to connect the memory card and set it up.

How to transfer files from your phone to a memory card

When the microSD drive is installed in the smartphone, you can start freeing up the internal memory of the device. Thanks to this, it will be possible to install a useful application, which previously was not available due to overcrowded storage.

  • Open the application “Explorer” or “File Manager” (called differently depending on the model of the device).
  • Move to the folder where the photos, videos, or music are stored.
  • Long-press to select the file or multiple files.
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If you want to move photos and videos, you can use a different method:

  • Open gallery.
  • Long-press to select a file.
  • Select the Move option.
  • Choose a folder on your microSD card to move.

The process of moving the files can take some time. Depending on the capabilities of your smartphone, memory card, and amount of data. The more there is, the longer it will take to transfer your photos, videos, and music. Some devices allow you to hide the move window, so you can do other things on your smartphone without being distracted by the background process.

Format the memory card

Formatting is, simply put, deleting data. Before formatting the card, reset all the data on your computer, because after this procedure the card won’t have any more data. The formatting can be done in two ways. with your computer or on the phone.

If you’ll be doing this on your computer, you’ll need to plug the card in again and right-click the media drop-down menu. Find the “Format” command. and click on it. The card formatting process will start. After its completion you can install the card in your device.

We also recommend that you perform formatting on the device in which the card will be installed. To do this, go to “Memory” and select “Format Memory Card”. After such a total “update” smartphone just has to see it!

If your case was much more complicated, and after the manipulation is still not visible the memory card in your smartphone, we advise you to contact the service center. There you will be told exactly whether it is possible to reanimate the card or you will have to buy a new one.

We hope that our tips have helped you. We wish your memory cards always work correctly!

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