How to Install IPTV on Samsung TV

How to Install IPTV App on Samsung TV?

  • Press the “SMART TV” button on the remote control.
  • Select “Popular”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Categories”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Video”.
  • Next, sort the list of appearing applications by “names from A to Z”.
  • Find in the list of applications “SS IPTV”.

Setup Smart IPTV app on your smart tv less than 1 min unlock hidden channels SIPTV

How to set up Internet channels on Smart TV Samsung?

Instructions for tuning digital channels on Samsung TVs with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner in automatic mode:

  • Go to the TV menu.
  • Open the item “Auto-tuning”.
  • Indicate the signal source: antenna, cable, satellite.
  • Determine the type of channels. choose digital broadcasting.

How to set up Smart TV on DEXP TV?

Automatic digital TV setup on DEXP TVs is done like this:

  • Connect the antenna to the input of the receiver. It is located on the back cover.
  • Press the “Source” button on the remote control.
  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • The automatic search process takes 5 to 10 minutes.

How to enter the IP address manually on the TV?

  • Go to “Network Settings” → “Cable”.
  • Select “IP Setting” on the network check screen.
  • Set “IP Mode” to “Manual”.
  • Use the arrows to navigate through the connection parameters (“IP address”, “Subnet mask”, “Gateway” and “DNS server”) and enter them manually.
  • After completing the configuration, click OK.

How to set up IPTV on LG Smart TV?

Installing IPTV from a USB flash drive

  • Open “LG Smart World” on your computer.
  • Download the archive of the IPTV program.
  • Unzip it and save it to a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the TV.
  • Go to “My Applications”.
  • Select a USB stick as the source for installing programs.
  • Install the application.

How to Install Pierce TV on Samsung TV?

Installing Peers.TV application on Samsung Tizen platform.

  • To install the Peers.TV application, you need to go to Smart Hub by pressing the Smart key on the remote.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • Next, in the window that appears on the left, select “Most Popular”.
  • In the window using the on-screen keyboard, select Peers.TV and press OK. to install.

How to install IPTV on Smart TV?

Open the Smart feed (by clicking “Home”) and go to “My Apps”.

  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the source for installing programs.
  • After opening the folder, click on the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application will be installed in the TV memory.

Remote Commands

  • P / P- and arrows. switch pages, groups, channels and videos
  • UP, UPx2. show current program information
  • DOWN. show channel history
  • SELECT (OK), CH LIST. load channel list in playback mode
  • INFO, INFOx2. show current program information
  • Number Keys. selection of the channel number; “0”, PR CH. channel history
  • RETURN. hide the channel list and information panel; Back to main list
  • EXIT. exit the application
  • c. SIZE, TOOLS, OPTIONAL. change aspect ratio of stream / video
  • PLAY / PAUSE / STOP. play / pause / stop stream / video (exit video player)
  • PLAY (long press). permanent on / off information panel
  • PLAY_PAUSE. play / pause stream / video; show groups in the channel menu
  • TTX / MIX. enable / disable 3D mode (Side-by-Side)
  • AD / SUBT. change subtitle track in stream / video (if any)
  • REC. enable / disable DVB input
  • RED. settings in the primary list; select audio / HLS track in stream / video
  • GREEN, GUIDE. EPG information; select video playback mode
  • YELLOW. show all channels; digital clock or aspect ratio in playback mode (option in settings)
  • BLUE. show Groups; settings in playback mode

Block TV MAC address

You can lock your MAC address in the app settings using the Lock MAC button. to avoid having your playlist dumped by someone else or if you have shared your MAC address with a third party.

If you want to remove the PIN, just enter 0000 when re-blocking the MAC address.

Changing the audio language

Press the RED button, select the language, press OK to set the language, press OK (RED, Back) again to hide the window.

Installing SS IPTV on F series TVs

  • Press the MENU button (for TVs with a touch control panel, the MORE button, and then select the MENU item).
  • Go to Smart Features, Account. app. Samsung.
  • Select Login.
  • In the Email field etc. enter develop, leave the Password field blank (for some models you need to enter the password sso1029dev!).
  • Press the SMART TV button, on the Applications page go to Extras. annexes.
  • Open the Options menu, select the IP Setting item.
  • In the window that appears, using the numeric keypad (on touchscreen consoles, open by pressing the MORE button and switching to the appropriate mode) enter
  • Return to the Options menu. and select Start App Sync.
  • At the end of the installation, SS IPTV should appear in the list of Smart TV applications

Remote Commands

  • P / P- and arrows. switch pages, groups, channels and videos
  • UP, UPx2. show current program information
  • DOWN. show channel history
  • SELECT (OK), CH LIST. load channel list in playback mode
  • INFO, INFOx2. show current program information
  • Number Keys. selection of the channel number; “0”, PR CH. channel history
  • RETURN. hide the channel list and information panel; Back to main list
  • EXIT. exit the application
  • c. SIZE, TOOLS, OPTIONAL. change aspect ratio of stream / video
  • PLAY / PAUSE / STOP. play / pause / stop stream / video (exit video player)
  • PLAY (long press). permanent on / off information panel
  • PLAY_PAUSE. play / pause stream / video; show groups in the channel menu
  • TTX / MIX. enable / disable 3D mode (Side-by-Side)
  • AD / SUBT. change subtitle track in stream / video (if any)
  • REC. enable / disable DVB input
  • RED. settings in the primary list; select audio / HLS track in stream / video
  • GREEN, GUIDE. EPG information; select video playback mode
  • YELLOW. show all channels; digital clock or aspect ratio in playback mode (option in settings)
  • BLUE. show Groups; settings in playback mode

Loading your own playlist

What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future?

If you are using a private connection, for example at home, you can run an antivirus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are in an office or on a shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a network scan for misconfigured or infected devices.

Another way to prevent this page from appearing in the future. use the Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Firefox Add-on Store.

Installation on J series

On TVs of this series, you can add third-party applications in other ways. Firstly, if the TV receiver’s firmware has a version lower than 1412, the user can install from a USB flash drive. The specifics of this process are described below. But if the firmware version is new (from 1413 onwards), then installation from a flash drive is no longer available. To install applications here you will need:

  • open Smart Hub and download the iAN TV widget;
  • successively go “Menu”. “Network status”. “Network settings”;
  • change DNS to to install ForkStore;
  • restart the TV set;
  • open Smart Hub and launch iAN TV.

How to install from a flash drive

Installing software from a flash drive is available only in some series of Samsung TV sets, in particular, for a number of J-series models. For this purpose, you need to format the USB-drive in FAT32 on your computer, and then create a “userwidget” directory in its root and drop it into it all pre-downloaded widgets. Next, you need to connect the flash drive to the TV receiver and go to the “Smart” section. The device recognizes the flash drive and prompts you to install existing applications. After installation, you need to restart the TV receiver. So all installed content will appear in the “My App” section.

How to install widgets on Samsung SMART TV

install, iptv, samsung

Preparatory actions

To install third-party software, you first need to download the Tizen Studio with IDE installer to PC from the official website, choosing the appropriate bit depth. Then you should run the installer, confirm the license agreement, set the path for placing the files and click “Install”. At the end of the installation, if the application does not start, you need to find the shortcut in the program folder and double-click on it. In the window that opens, you need to find “Tizen SK tools” and click “Install”, and then click “Extension SDK”, find “Extras” and select “Install” again. After installation and registration, you should go to the Samsung website and create an account. Next, you need to find its IP address in the PC settings.

Installation on H series

Installing widgets on H series TVs is as follows. First you need to log into the “Smart Hub” and go to the “Samsung Account” section. To enter, you need to specify “develop” in the “Login” field, no password is required. Next, you should set the checkbox to confirm automatic login and login. In the “Smart Hub” section, you need to aim the remote control beam at one of the default applications, for example, Megogo or YouTube, press and hold the center key on the remote control until the Synchronization Menu opens. Here you need to open “IP Settings” and enter the IP address of the local server running on the PC. After that, it is necessary to call the “Synchronization menu” with the central button of the remote control and synchronize with the server. Upon completion, you need to close and reopen Smart Hub. New programs will be on the main or additional page.

Synchronization with PC

Further actions are performed on the TV receiver:

  • you need to open Smart Hub, then “Applications” and press the keys 1,2,3,4,5 in sequence;
  • in the window that opens, click “On”, then “Enter”, enter the IP-address of the PC and confirm the actions by clicking “OK”;
  • when the TV receiver asks to restart it, it is recommended to disconnect it from the remote control and unplug it for at least a minute;
  • after starting, you need to reopen the “Applications” and find “Developer Mode”;
  • then you should go to the account on the TV set, specifying the account information created on the Samsung website as the login and password;
  • then you need to open the “Menu”, then “Network”, then “Network Status” and select “IP Settings”, where write down the IP address of the PC.

Next, on the PC you need to launch Tizen Studio, select “Connect TV”, and then click on the button with the plus image. In the window that appears, specify any arbitrary name, below the IP address of the PC and click “Add”, then in the next tab move the slider to the “On” position.

The next step is to create distributor and author certificates. To this end, in the upper part of the window, click “Tools” and select “Certificate Manager” in the drop-down list, then in the window that opens, click on the button with the plus image. Here you should select “Tizen”, enter any name for the certificate and click “Next”. In a new window, you will need to arbitrarily specify any data, and then click “Finish” and “Ok”.

Preparatory steps before installing the software

If the installation of the server on a computer is very easy (just download the required distribution kit into the device’s memory and install or unpack it, if it is an archive), then on various Samsung TVs the creation of a develop account is significantly different. To figure out how to tune your TV receiver, you need to know its series. It is determined by the device marking and is indicated by a letter immediately after the diagonal and assigned in accordance with the year of manufacture (B. 2009, C. 2010, D. 2011, N. 2018, etc.). For example, on the UE55NU7100U TV, the screen size is indicated by the number 55, and the exit time is indicated by the letter N.

Thus, once you know the year of manufacture of the device and determine its series, you can start registering a new account and downloading applications. It is important to remember that when installing third-party widgets, all previously downloaded applications (except for the official ones) will be erased.

Installation on E series

On E-series TVs, you need to open “Smart Hub”, and then press the red “A” button and choose to create a new account, and then confirm your agreement with the terms of the license agreement. In the “Samsung Account” field, you must enter “develop” and enter any six-digit number for the password. Next, you need to put checkmarks in front of the fields “Remember password” and “Automatic login”, and then create a new profile. Then you need to go to the authorization window and enter the created registration data. An icon in the lower left corner of the screen will notify you that you are logged in. If, during the formation of the profile, a notification appears that this account has already been created, you should close the registration and go directly to the account login window. You should enter “develop” as a login, any password. Next, you need to run a local server on your PC and perform synchronization to install widgets.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

To date, many users have already acquired TVs with Smart functionality. One of the many advantages of such TVs can be considered the ability to view IPTV. For those who do not know, IPTV is a modern digital television, which is much superior in picture and sound quality to the vast majority of analog channels.

With IPTV, you can watch many channels of various topics. There are several ways to connect IPTV TV to TV. In this article, I would like to analyze the question of how to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. I would like to note that to connect IPTV in many cases, you need a special set-top box, we will analyze the option in which you do not need to connect the set-top box.

The use of IPTV television will be possible thanks to the installation of a special application on the Samsung TV. We will find out in detail how to install it correctly. It is worth noting that not all Samsung TVs can be configured to play IPTV using this method. Setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV without a set-top box is possible only if your TV was released in 2010 or earlier, and also if it belongs to the 5th sub-series (or older). If you don’t know if your TV supports IPTV. ask relevant questions in the comments.

Before installing and configuring the widget for watching IPTV on your TV, you must connect your TV to the Internet. We will not focus on this, all the details of this connection are cable or using Wi. Fi we have already analyzed. Only after you have made a workable TV connection to the Internet, you can start the procedure for installing the necessary widget.

Install the nStreamLmod widget

To watch IPTV television on your TV, you need to install a special nStreamLmod application. This application is a player program that can read playlists in.xml and.m3u format. further, we will consider the sequence of actions that will allow you to set up IPTV television on a Samsung Smart TV.

First you need to go to Smart Hub by pressing a button on the TV remote.

Then press the “A” button on the remote control (most often it is red).

Go to the item “Create a work record” and enter the required data. This is “develop” login and password “123456”.

After entering all the above data, click on “Create a work record”.

Now enter your username and password, which will allow you to enter the created account.

Find the “Tools” button on the remote control and press it, then select “Settings”.

A window will appear in front of you, in which we are interested in the item “Development”.

Next, you need to specify the IP address of the server that the TV will contact to find the program we need. With the help of it, we plan to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. We go to the item “Setting the IP address”.

Enter the following address.

This IP address is also suitable.

After that, click on “Synchronize Applications”. As a reminder, it is possible to remove previously installed applications. Only the standard widgets will remain. If this does not bother you, then continue setting.

After completing the installation procedure, press “Enter”.

Now find the nStreamPlayer program in the list of applications installed on the TV and launch it.

In the “Playlist URL 1” field, enter the following address “http: // powernet. com. ru / stream. xml “

After all the manipulations, when you start the nStreamPlayer application, a list of channels available for viewing will appear.

Note that there is now a shortcut to the new IPTV viewer app on the Smart Hub desktop.

Recall that the installation of the nStreamPlayer application is necessary in order to configure IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. How to watch IPTV TV after all, read the continuation of the article. There we will analyze how to set up the display of channels and programs for them so that you know what time different programs are on.

In this article, we have touched on a rather serious topic about setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs. The products of this company are used by a large number of users who are probably interested in how to watch IPTV. In the sequel, we will touch on the settings of the installed nStreamPlayer application in more detail.

Installing Simple Smart IPTV, basic methods depending on the model

The installation of the IPTV application for Smart TV is shown using the example of TVs from the manufacturer Samsung. The installation procedure takes place using a USB flash drive.

Launch on Non-Tizen TVs

Second way

For some Samsung TV models, you can use this method:

    The “Smart functions” button is selected in the menu.

An account is created for the device. The word “develop” is indicated as a login, and a password must be set.

You re-enter the Smart Features menu, then Open Smart Hub.

The “Parameters” tab will open and “IP setting” is selected.

In the window that opens, enter the address To do this, you need to use the remote control.

After these manipulations, you need to click the “Options” button and synchronize all applications. To do this, you need to click Start App Sync.

Then they find Simple Smart IPTV in the list and launch it.

TV ready for use via IPTV Player for Smart TV.

Method from OttClub

Many services that provide access to high quality paid channels also use SS IPTV and provide their own current installation instructions for all models. OttClub is one of them, you can use their installation instructions, whether or not to use their playlists. it’s up to you.

  • Go to the site and register
  • Confirm mail, immediately after confirmation you will have a free trial period
  • Log in to your personal account
  • On the main page on the right, select “How to watch”
  • Select your device “On TV”. Samsung. “SS IPTV”
  • Follow the instructions, at the moment it is like this:
  • Below there will be a link to a playlist with your unique key. After confirming your mail, you have a free trial period.

SS-IPTV App for Samsung Smart TV: Installation Methods

Having a TV with Smart-TV function, users can watch IPTV channels for free. Unfortunately, providers do not talk about such a possibility, offering a cable TV connection or paid resources. The instructions in the article will help you connect SS IPTV for Smart TV Samsung for comfortable viewing of your favorite channels.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs

For users who want to watch their favorite shows on a smart device, you need to properly set up IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV.

For most Samsung TV models, no additional settings are required after installing the SS IPTV app. You can immediately download playlists and watch your favorite movies and programs.

But some Samsung TVs may have issues with IPTV playback. Then a proxy server will help, which will allow you to convert the UDP protocols to HTTP. Those. after launching the application in its settings, you need to check the box next to “Convert UDP to HTTP”. You will also need additional information. IP address and port. They can be viewed in the settings of the router and UDP Proxy router.

Launch on Tizen TVs

To run the application on a TV with OS Tizen, you must also first download it from the Internet.

  • Download the program archive from the official website.
  • Unpack the contents to the root directory of the flash drive.
  • Insert the USB stick into the USB port of the TV.
  • The TV will now display the SS IPTV app.

An application from a USB flash drive will automatically appear in the TV menu “My Apps”.

Download and install IPTV player

Before you start talking about looking for channels, you should download a player that can show them. Otherwise, this whole procedure will not make sense. The application in question is located at the link This is the official site because there are no unnecessary ads, viruses and other garbage that you would not want to admit to your Smart TV.

By the way, downloading can be used not only on the TV, but also on the computer, if you have problems with the Internet, and you are afraid that the TV will simply freeze during the download process. Then you can first “dump” the file to your computer, and then use a formatted flash drive to transfer it to the TV and install it on it. It is much more convenient.

Get over 200 IPTV channels in Full HD quality from 4.5 per month. Including sports 50fps and strawberry. Connect!

  • After downloading the installer for the IPTV player “IpTVPlayer-setup” Ustanovshchik IPTV Pleer, you need to run it. It’s easy, because the program gives good instructions on how to finish the installation process efficiently, quickly and conveniently.
  • The user will see the so-called “IPTV Player Installation Wizard”. To make it work according to the rules, the user should check the box next to the “Select parameters and installation folder” line. This will open several useful functions at once, which are:
  • In the choice of the direct place where the IPTV player will be installed;
  • In creating a shortcut on the screen;
  • In granting permission to all users to use the device.

Observing how the playlist is installed in IPTV on the TV, you will notice that there is a sub-item “UDP-to-HTTP Proxy” on the panel. Opposite it, you should tick the box, which will allow you to transfer files over the local network.

  • When finished with this, the parameters will be automatically configured. If you do not need this, then when the “Parameter settings” menu opens, in front of all the points that are in doubt, you should uncheck the box, and leave them in front of those that are needed;
  • You will be additionally offered to download a special set of programs to improve your work on the Internet. If they are not needed, then do not press confirmation;
  • If everything suits you, then click “Install”.

A couple of seconds and the program is already at your complete disposal. But before proceeding, deal with the window “Completing the IPTV Player Installation Wizard”. Now you can definitely start searching for channels.

Installing a playlist for IPTV on a TV

You don’t even need a TV to watch modern TV. But we are used to the fact that it is in every home and everyone should use it, so we do not deviate from traditions. Nevertheless, the 21st century is on the street and it is high time to forget about prejudices. Here, for example, how far technology has gone. viewing programs is possible even without a satellite dish or a conventional antenna. This technology is called IPTV. That is, a television tied to the device’s IP address.

To watch it, you need an IPTV Player. By the way, an IPTV player is a TV broadcast player that was created taking the VLC player as a prototype. But the IPTV player is specially “sharpened” for watching IP-TV. Here are the main features of the player:

  • Background recording of a huge number of channels (hundreds and more);
  • It is possible to record streaming video and audio;
  • Supported programs in JTV and LUA script;
  • You can watch unencrypted streams http, Librtmp, rtmp, udp-multicast;
  • Can find multicast channels.

Setting the channel list for IPTV

Even if you already have a player and it works, this still does not make it possible to use this television format on your TV. To make a playlist, it is imperative that they have the m3u format. This is what allows you to view your favorite programs. But even if there is a list, this does not mean that it will work without interruption. In fact, problems turn out to be so complex that there is no opportunity to watch the TV program for which this business was started.

But there is a way out. In particular, it consists in using other channels that are available on the Internet. All that is needed from the user is to download and install them using the instructions.

There are several options for how you can do this:

  • Download playlists from open sources, which offer a fairly extensive list of applications for almost free. There are many such sources on the Internet, therefore most users choose the option under consideration;
  • Download a playlist from an official source, of course, by paying for it to the provider who connects the service in question. As a rule, this option is more reliable, the provider works officially, therefore there should be no problems with this connection.

But let the subscription fee be minimal, but our people do not get tired of looking for freebies and continue to give preference to free lists. In principle, there are quite decent ones among them, but the signals often disappear or the picture does not come of the highest quality, although it is stated that this is an HD channel. But otherwise, users are a sin to complain.

How to install Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TV 2020 use a USB

How to connect the list of m3u channels for free

If this is the first acquaintance of a person with the advantages of IPTV, then, naturally, he does not want to pay yet, since he does not know what he will get in the end. But still it is worth remembering that the work of television for free, without connecting the service with the provider is fraught with various troubles, from poor quality channels to a black screen on the entire list.

To prevent this from happening, download the sheets only on proven resources, albeit free. In addition, providers regularly close more and more loopholes, so it becomes more difficult to watch TV for free. Here’s how to download it:

  • We work with the installed IPTV program by finding “Add playlist”. “Add URL” in its settings;
  • Select the m3u sheet and take its url;
  • We press confirmation of the procedure and get acquainted with the list of TV channels that will henceforth be available on your device.

But users can expect an unpleasant surprise. to view the channels, you will need to install an additional program. To do this, you just need to follow the instructions. The download will take place automatically, and if not, then you need to go to the Smart TV menu and select the desired program manually. But it is important that it reads the m3u format, otherwise the procedure will be meaningless.