How To Install iOS 13 On iPad Mini

How To Install iOS 13 On iPad Mini

Important! Before using this method, be sure to create backup iPhone. It is highly recommended to do it through iTunes, as there may not be enough space for all photos ands in the iCloud cloud storage. In addition, make sure that there is sufficient free space on the drive where iTunes is installed.

The essence of the method

Most iPhone users have installed iOS 13 firmware via Wi-Fi. This is the most convenient way to update because it requires only a few clicks from the user.

However, it’s best to install iPhone using a computer using iTunes (or Explorer Finder in macOS Catalina) over, this must be done in a special way, performing the so-called clean installation. In this case, most often it turns out to install the firmware in the right way, without causing various software problems.

It is important to note here that some problems are still possible. We are talking about problems that are in the operating system itself. Only Apple can fix such.

How to install iOS 13 correctly so that there are no problems on the iPhone? The only way

Important! Once again, we warn about the importance of creating a backup. The procedure described below involves deleting all data from the iPhone and then restoring it from a previously created backup. If you do not back up, you will not be able to restore the data.

Step 1. Make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer. Check the update in the menu “reference“→”Updates“Or in the menu”System settings“On macOS Mojave and older.

Step 2. Download the iOS 13.1.2 firmware file for your device using the links below:

Note: at the time of writing, iOS 13.1.2 is the current version of iOS 13.

Step 3. Connect the iPhone to the computer and select the device in iTunes.

Step 4. Hold the key Shift (Alt on Mac) and click “Restore iPhone“. In the window that opens, select the firmware file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 5. Confirm the beginning of the recovery of iOS 13. During this process, in no case do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

What to do next? Two options

When the recovery is complete, you can either restore all the data to your iPhone from a backup, or make a full-fledged “clean” installation.

To restore data, just wait until the window with welcome information appears in the iTunes window. There will be an option to restore the iPhone from the backup you created earlier. Select the option “Restore from backup”, click “Continue” and wait. All data will be returned to your iPhone.

On the other hand, you can perform full-fledged “clean” firmware. It is practiced by many experienced iPhone users. It provides for setting up the iPhone from scratch, that is, without data recovery. Of course, this option is not suitable for everyone. Most iPhone users store a lot of important data. If you suddenly want to try this method, select “Configure as a new iPhone” on the welcome page in iTunes.

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