How to Install Internet on Samsung Galaxy

How to enable the Internet on Samsung: connection, settings and Wi-Fi

In today’s world it’s quite difficult to imagine your existence without access to the Internet: social networks, online shopping, ordering cabs and all sorts of other services. all available through the global network. How to configure the Internet on your phone Samsung?

These instructions are about setting up and then connecting your smartphone to the global network with the help of mobile Internet (via your operator’s SIM-card). If you need to connect to a router. read the material:

How to connect Wi-Fi to your Samsung phone

Automatic configuration of the Internet

The fastest way to go first is to automatically activate the traffic through your smartphone’s customizable settings menu. To do this:

If the SIM card is installed in the gadget and it is detected, then the operator’s connection will be detected automatically. If there is no connection, click the name of the operator (for example, Megafon). Most of the time this guide helps, but what to do if you can not access the connection automatically. You will have to choose the necessary parameters yourself.

The reasons why the mobile internet does not work

This can happen to any smartphone user, and the reasons can be very different. Before you panic and start looking for someone to ask for help, try to figure it out yourself. Let’s break down the main reasons why the cell phone loses access to the World Wide Web.

Checking the air mode

The easiest and most common reason. Usually an inattentive or inexperienced user can accidentally click on the “airplane” icon when “pulling back” the notification bar at the top of the screen. Therefore “pull the curtain” and see, whether you have not switched on an off-line mode (aka air mode). If it is on, tap on the icon and disconnect it. If that was the reason, you are lucky.

Check your balance

Another common reason of disappearing of mobile Internet is the lack of funds on your account. Or your Internet package on the tariff plan you have on is fully used up. You can check phone balance by sending USSD-request from your phone to your operator. The core four have this:

operator Beeline megaphone mts tele-2
Request code 102# 100# 100# 105#

To check spent traffic go to “Settings”, find “Mobile data” or similar point. There you can see how many gigabytes you have and how much you’ve already spent.

If there is no money on account or you “went in deficit”, then the only way out. refill your balance by any possible way.

If according to your tariff plan you have spent all the giga-megabytes, then all operators have the opportunity to buy an additional package.

Try calling someone and check the connection

This test will show if your device has a stable connection to the cellular operator. As they say, “if it has network coverage.”. Look at the icon on the top of the screen: how many “sticks” are glowing. If you have a weak signal, your cellular data transmission may be disrupted. Try to look for another place where you can have better reception and check there.


It may happen that the balance is not zero, the offline mode is off, there is a signal, but no internet. The reason might be that you have been in an area where there was no connection with the mobile operator (subway, a building with thick walls, etc.).п.). When the connection is re-established, the device does not register in the network.

In this case you might need to reboot. The standard way to do this is to press and hold down the power button. A menu with some standard actions will appear on the screen: “Turn off”, “Restart”, “Offline”. Select “Restart” (may be called “Restart”).

If this was the reason, you will have internet.

Disable and enable data transfer

Something might go wrong with the data transfer protocol. Switch mobile data transfer off and on one by one. The easiest way is to pull the notification curtain from the top of the screen and tap on the “Data Transfer” or “Mobile Internet” icon. After you press it for the first time, the icon becomes crossed out or pale. It means data transmission is turned off. Wait for 15-30 seconds. Tap the icon again. With this you switch on the internet. If it worked, then everything is fine.

Trying it over Wi-Fi

Internet over Wi-Fi is used wherever there are access points. It can be at home, at work, with friends or in public places (subway, café, hotel). Mobile Internet is not a substitute for this, but we do not need it. We want to check whether the problem is in the mobile Internet or in the smartphone itself.

  • Check if Wi-Fi is on.
  • Go into the settings and see what wireless networks your smartphone “sees”.
  • Is there a “familiar” network or any open.
  • Tap the name of the desired network. The connection process will start. If the network is “familiar” or open, you won’t have a problem connecting. If “unfamiliar”, you may need to enter a password. If you know it, enter it. Or ask someone who does.
  • After connecting to the selected network, see if any internet services work. To do this simply go to a website or run an application, such as a social networking service. If it works, your smartphone is probably fine.

It may turn out that the Internet does not work via Wi-Fi. Often the reason is the lack of connection to the Internet on the network itself. There’s nothing you can do. But maybe it’s your gadget. For clarification try to connect to the same Wi-Fi network another device. If it connects to the internet service, then the cause is your phone.

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In this post, we’ll look at the basic ways to check and restore mobile internet on your smartphone. All of them are simple and do not require any special knowledge. If none of the methods helped, contact the technical support of your operator or take your gadget to the service center.

How to turn on the Internet on Samsung: connection, settings and Wi-Fi

Hi all! Today I will tell you how to turn on and set up mobile internet on your Samsung phone. To do this you must have a SIM card inserted in your smartphone and have paid any of the tariffs that have internet. After that, in 99% of cases you do not need to configure anything, just swipe your finger from the top down, open the “Curtain” menu, click on “Mobile Data” (“Data Transfer”).

To check the connection, enter the Samsung “Internet” browser and type any query in the search field. If after this the Internet will not be, let’s try to configure it manually. Also, do not forget that you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi, about this I will tell you at the end of this article.

Setting by SMS

  • In order not to enter the settings manually, and not to look where it can be done in the phone, it is worth to call your operator on a hot line for a trimmer and ask to send a sheet with the settings in an SMS-message. In the upper left corner you will see this envelope with the gear.
  • Open the message through the “Curtain” menu. Or you can find it in the SMS section of the main menu.
  • Open the configuration message.

Manual tuning

  • Next you need to find the section that is related to “Mobile networks”. It may be hidden, so you will need to click on the “” button.
  • Go to the subsection “Access Points.
  • Now you need to enter the settings manually depending on your operator.

NOTE! You can see the settings below.

Everything that is not specified, leave with the default values and do not fill.

WARNING ! Dash (-) or dash means that you do not need to enter anything in this line and just leave the default value.

Wi-Fi connection

If you want to organize a Wi-Fi network in your home, cottage or apartment, then you need to do a few steps. they are all described in detail here. If you are connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network, you need to do the following:

  • Open “Menu”, go to “Settings” and go to the wireless network section. Next, turn on this module.
  • In some firmware, this subsection is in the “Connections” item.
  • Once the module is active, you will see all the nearby wireless networks, select any and connect. When connecting you will need to enter a password.
  • You don’t need to enter the password all the time, and turning on Wi-Fi is easier now via the same “Shutter” menu. Just turn on the module, and the smartphone automatically connects to the network.

How to configure the mobile Internet on your Samsung Galaxy. How to configure the mobile Internet on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet

How to configure the mobile Internet on Samsung using the smartphone menu? Let’s deal with this issue on the example of the popular android Samsung Galaxy from a reputable South Korean company. To do this, let’s turn to the adjustable items on the phone menu.

Nowadays almost everyone can not do without a smartphone, and even more so without the World Wide Web. And in recent years, mobile traffic has become widespread and developed. The speed of the mobile connection is similar to that of wired connection from many of the top providers. Any operator is trying to improve its technology for speed and quality of data transfer in order to gain the trust of clients.

Therefore, after purchasing, reconfiguring or installing a new system after reflashing, the first thing you need to do is to turn on the Internet connection. Consider a few ways to easily set up a mobile Internet connection on Samsung.

Ways to configure the Internet on Android

  • Automatic. preset in 95% of cases. It is easy to do and here the user does not have to connect additional features,
  • The manual way. it is necessary to use it seldom, when the automation does not work correctly.

Let’s look at both ways you can turn on mobile Internet.

Automatic configuration of the Internet

The fastest way, which you should turn to first thing. automatic activation of traffic through the menu of configurable parameters of the smartphone. To do this:

  • Go to the menu with the smartphone settings,
  • Choose “wireless networks”,
  • Click on the sub-item “mobile network,
  • Click on the subsection “operators” and check the correct inclusion.

If the SIM card is installed in the gadget and it is detected, the operator’s connection will be detected automatically. If there is no connection, then click on the name of the operator (for example, Megafon). In most cases this instruction helps, but what to do if you cannot access the connection automatically. You will have to choose the required settings by yourself.

Manual Internet setup

How to configure the Internet on your Samsung Galaxy phone manually. Step by step instruction:

  • First of all you have to know the list of adjustable parameters of the used operator. The support service in this case will help you during the application or send a special request to the operator to send a list by SMS or look at the site if there is internet on another device,
  • In the submenu of adjustable parameters select the tab “connections,
  • Tap on “mobile networks”,
  • Open the “hotspots” panel,
  • Click on “add” at the top of the screen.

Then we fill in the proposed parameters, depending on the operator. Should look like this:

Let us consider this process on the example of the most famous companies providing mobile communications services in Russia.


To get the settings, send a special request (SMS with the text “internet” to the number 5049).

  • Network name: similar, e.g. megafon.
  • APN: the same.
  • User name / Users: also,
  • Password: also.
  • Point:

Save all configured data. Remember that you have to use the settings that were sent to you by SMS or that you have checked on the official site.

Internet settings in a dual-sim smartphone

Mobile traffic can be used from two SIM-cards of different providers (but only for one active, the second will be 2G). All settings are the same, only it is necessary to do them twice. The main thing is not to confuse the names when entering the name and address of the access point.

3G or 4G connection

Switch to a more modern connection standard, 4G, to always get high speed access to the World Wide Web. To turn on the standard, go to the menu called “network type. After the manipulations described above, 4G will connect automatically, under the conditions:

  • The device supports the 4G standard,
  • The region has access to 4G networks and coverage reaches the settlement or home.
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If 4G works poorly, try switching to 3G. areas of Russia are covered by this network.

How to turn on mobile Internet on Samsung Galaxy.

Hi! Today I will show you how to turn on the mobile Internet on your Samsung Galaxy phone. What is it? This feature enables the Internet from the cellular service provider you are connected to. If you use Wi-Fi internet at home, you must disable mobile data transmission, otherwise they will charge you for the used traffic. It’s very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you do not understand something. Let’s go!

How to turn on mobile data on your Samsung Galaxy

On the home screen of your smartphone, slide your finger from the top edge of the display down.

You’ll see a window. Pull the window down to the bottom of the screen.

Here you’ll see the Mobile Data function. Click on it.

The icon should turn blue. So you’ve enabled mobile internet and mobile data.

On the main or sub-screen, locate the Settings button and click on it.

In the settings, tap the Connections tab.

Next, on this page, click on the Data usage tab.

You’re all set. Here you can turn on data transfer. You can see here how much mobile traffic you’ve used.

How to turn on the internet in Samsung settings?

Mobile Internet, like smartphones themselves, have become almost an integral part of life for almost all city dwellers. Someone can find useful information, someone makes an important appointment, and someone even works. So the lack of network is at least a nuisance. Learn how to turn on the Internet on your Samsung phone.

How to configure the Internet on your Samsung phone

On your Samsung phone, as on any other device, you can adjust data such as username, password, access point characteristics, change the data channel, profile name. As a rule, the network begins to work immediately after the installation of the SIM-card without any additional action on the part of the user, because all installation is automatic. If this does not happen, you will have to deal with the problem yourself. There are two ways to enable mobile Internet on your Samsung.

How to connect phone to the Internet automatically

The first thing to do if the internet does not appear is to set it up automatically. It is possible to turn on the Internet on Samsung so:

  • Open the message with the settings. Normally, the installation SMS comes automatically immediately after installing the card. But if this did not happen, send a request to the service provider.
  • Open the text of the message and in the window that opens select “Application: Internet”.
  • Press the install button. Most likely you will be asked for a pin code. The standard codes are 0000 and 1234. If none of these options are appropriate, you are advised to contact technical support.
  • After installation is complete, activate mobile data and reboot the phone to enable mobile data on your Samsung.

Usually helps even with this simple procedure, if the Samsung Internet does not work. That’s why we recommend starting there. If the automatic setup proves to be useless for you and mobile data does not work on the Samsung, proceed to the manual setup.

How to turn on the Internet on Samsung manually

Manual setup is not much harder than automatic setup. You can connect the mobile Internet this way:

  • Ask your service provider for configuration data. Keep in mind that there are no universal settings, so without this information you won’t be able to set up mobile Internet.
  • Open the settings on your mobile device, and then select the menu with connections.
  • Go to “Mobile networks” and “Hotspot.
  • Select Add-ons.
  • In the new window, you will see an empty profile, which must be filled in, proceeding from the recommendations of telecom operator. After filling in all the forms, save your settings.
  • Choose the created point and activate “Mobile data.
  • Restart your cell phone.
Connection operator APN Login Password
MTS mts mts
Megafon internet gdata gdata
Beeline beeline beeline
TELE-2 Do not fill up Do not fill in

How to set up the Internet on Samsung Duos

If your phone supports installing two SIM cards, you can set up the network for each one separately. To do it, as in previous cases, in “Mobile networks” menu in any of the two ways described above. Immediately after setting up, the user has the opportunity to take advantage of such functions as:

  • Data roaming. Here you can either enable or disable data transfer, depending on the need. Using the Internet of some Russian operators in other countries can be very expensive, so it is much more beneficial to switch off data in roaming at all.
  • VoLTE calls. Activation of this function allows to improve the quality of calls, if this option is activated. This condition only works when 4G networks are working.
  • Network mode. You can select the network mode by yourself. LTE is set by default, but can be changed to another mode if desired. For example, if you do not need the Internet, but it is important to support calls and SMS, then we recommend to choose the network with 2G Internet.
  • Access points. As a rule, no changes are required in this case. All settings are automatically sent by network operators and are automatically set when the phone is turned on. If the user happens to configure settings, he has the opportunity to return to past settings.
  • Network operators. In this case, as in the previous one, all settings are set automatically without user’s participation. But if there is such a need, the holder of a cell phone can choose a network operator himself. For example, this is necessary when the automatic settings are not optimal in terms of performance.
install, internet, samsung, galaxy

How to switch between 3G and 4G

This service is not available in all cases. To do this, a number of conditions must be met. First of all, the gadget must support the corresponding function. It is easy to check this. just go to the settings and find in the settings the line about switching networks. Second, the area where the phone will be used must have both 3G and 4G coverage. This information can be found on the official website of the operator. Third, the SIM-card itself must support both networks.

In order to switch between 3G and 4G networks, you will need:

  • Go to “Settings” and “Mobile networks.
  • In the window that appears, select the most preferred network type.
  • Go to “Mobile Networks” again.
  • Open the tab “Network mode”.
  • Select the mode relevant to 4G.

If mobile data doesn’t work on your Samsung after the new settings, you’ll need to restart your phone the usual way. If it does not help and this. repeat all items of installation.

Now you know how to configure the Internet on the phone Samsung. The only problem that may arise with this is the lack of network when automatically or manually installing. Usually in such cases, it helps to simply reset the device. But if it does not help, and all settings are correct, it is recommended to contact the service center: there you will be helped to turn on 3G on your Samsung Galaxy.

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Wi-Fi connection

If you want to organize Wi-Fi network in your house, cottage or apartment, then you need to make several steps. they are all described in detail here. If you are connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network, then you need to do the following:

  • Open “Menu”, go to “Settings” and go to the wireless network section. Next, turn on this module.
  • In some firmware, this subsection is in the “Connections” item.
  • As soon as module is active you will see all nearby wireless networks, choose any and connect. When connecting you will need to enter a password.
  • It is not necessary to enter the password constantly, and it is easier to enable Wi-Fi through the same menu “Shtorken”. Just turn on the module, and the smartphone will automatically connect to the network.

How to set up and connect the internet for your tablet by Beeline

To access the Internet from your tablet you only need to install a Beeline card into the device. Correctly set up mobile Internet via SIM-card or order automatic settings for the tablet is easy with these instructions.

Almost all tablets are equipped with a slot for SIM card. Connecting to mobile Internet from this gadget is almost no different from connecting to a smartphone. Usually after activating the card, access to the World Wide Web is provided automatically. If not, you need to insert the card into the slot and dial 110181#.

It is better to initially connect the SIM to the tariff created for the tablet. Beeline has a package called “Internet for Tablet”. If you use mobile tariffs, the traffic either runs out quickly, or is expensive. After activation and choosing a tariff, you need to set up network access correctly. You can do it manually or with the help of automatic settings.

To get the settings to enable the Internet, you can through the portal of Beeline. On the settings obtaining page you have to specify the model of your device. After that, it will be necessary to click on the request “Mobile Internet” and follow the instructions. Not all gadgets support automatic configuration, so you can do the same manually.

Let’s set it up on Android

The vast majority of tablets run on Android OS. For such devices, the order of connection is as follows:

  • In the settings of your tablet you need to go to the “Mobile network” section.
  • In the “Data transfer” item set the toggle switch to “On.
  • In “Access points” press the “New” button.

The new access point will be the actual Beeline. Manual settings for activation are as follows:

These settings must be saved. If you still have no access to the network, you can contact the operator at the short number 0611.

Setup on iPad

It is even easier to set up a point of access on iOS devices manually. The procedure for all tablets on this base is the same. In the settings, you need to go to “Basic” and then to “Networks”. There is a section “Mobile data network”, you need to form a new. Data for the new network:

All other parameters are the same as for Android. The new point remains to save, restart the device and use the Internet.

Setting for Windows tablet

Less common are Windows-based devices, but it is also possible to install mobile Internet on them. It is a little bit more complicated, but in general the procedure is the same as for other devices. To set up your Windows tablet, you need:

  • In “Parameters” go to “Networks and Internet”.
  • Select “Cellular network” and then “Advanced settings”.
  • Create a new access point name.

How to call a Beeline operator from a number: MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or Rostelecom?

The specifications for creating a new point are the same as for the iPad.

How to connect Beeline Internet on a tablet

To access the network from the tablet, it must be properly configured, activate the card and choose your tariff. How to configure the device. we have already considered. To connect the Internet via SIM card, you need to install it in a slot on your smartphone or tablet and dial 1011111#. Then you only need to choose your tariff and type of data transmission.

3G internet

Depending on the coverage, the gadget will switch to the fastest data transfer. This command connects 3G internet for a tablet on any platform. Activation and use of service is free of charge.

4G internet

To connect high speed internet, you need a card, which supports this option. Old SIM cards are not suitable for this, in Beeline stores you can exchange your old SIM for a new one, free of charge. Note that not all gadgets support 4G. You can check whether your phone supports the new type of connection in the app “My Beeline” or in the personal cabinet.

In addition to the correspondence of the gadget and SIM card, you also need a suitable tariff. Beeline has a superfast internet option, “Highway,” to connect, dial 115061#. Also supports 4G tariff “Everything”.

Why the Internet does not work after connection

If after adjustment the Internet does not work and does not connect, it is necessary to check the remaining amount of traffic and money on the account. Even an unlimited Internet has a certain number of megabytes that can be used at a high speed. When these megabytes are exhausted, the operator provides traffic, but the speed is so low that it is impossible to load pages.

If there is no mobile internet on a Beeline SIM card, you can order an extra traffic package. If it is not a question of the number of megabytes, you can restart your device. This method helps in 90% of cases, especially after installing new settings, applications or options. In the extreme case you can contact your operator. Phone number: 8 800 700 0611 (free of charge).

How much does it cost Beeline Internet for a tablet

per month. Highway option (for Moscow and Moscow region):

  • for 1GB. 200;
  • 4GB. 400 per month;
  • For 8GB. 600 per month;
  • For 12GB. 700 per month;
  • for 30 GB. 1200 per month.

Within the “Everything” tariff line you can order from 3 to 30 GB, per day, respectively. So, each subscriber, from inexperienced user to an avid Internet-user, will be able to find here something for himself.

Connection to mobile Internet

The final step is to connect to the mobile Internet.

Lower the notification curtain and activate the “Mobile data” switch in the quick access bar. If everything is set up correctly. the Internet should work without any problems.

Some reasons why the Internet does not work on Samsung:

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