How to Install GTA on Android

The GTA series has always been about cool cars, gangster sagas and a cool open world. Now we can see all this already in our mobile device by downloading the analog GTA 5 on android.

In this game, everything is done so as to be as similar as possible to the original. Wanted a big city living by its own laws? He is here. Wanted a lot of different cars, each of which can be stolen? You are welcome. Wanted shooting, various guns and gang groups? This is also implemented in the game. There is also a criminal plot, the ability to arrange street races and even buy your own property. In general, despite the fact that we have a mobile game here, from the original GTA 5 it does not differ much. Therefore, to all fans of the brainchild Rockstar You can safely advise this project.

GTA 5 game features on Android

  • Huge city with great opportunities
  • An open world with cool simulation: cars ride around the city and pedestrians walk
  • A large number of weapons
  • Interesting story

How to Install GTA on Android

How to install the game

  1. Download the game GTA 5;
  2. If you saved the game on a smartphone / tablet:
    • Run the.Apk file on the device.
    • If you saved the game on a PC:
      • Transfer the downloaded file to the device and run it.
      • A window will pop up with information about the application access;
      • Click “Install”;
      • A window will open with the result “Application installed”
      • Click “Done”;
      • Find the game on the device and run it.

      Download GTA 5 (GTA 5) for Android

      One of the main games of the last decade is now available on your mobile phone. Meet GTA 5 on Android!

      Game without borders

      GTA 5 is one of the biggest games on smartphones. Look at least at this huge city, which is available for study here. Many different zones and areas, a change of day and night, identical traffic on the streets and, of course, many opportunities for learning and entertainment. You yourself are free to choose what and how to do here.

      Of course, the mobile GTA 5 has all the canonical “chips” of the original. And so you are free to take any cars, arrange street races, participate in group wars, flee from local cops and find many secrets on the city streets.

      But do not forget about the story campaign, which has always been a strong point of the game. Download GTA 5 is worth at least to see how you can do exciting shooter missions for smartphones. All plot tasks here are well-coordinated and give the player new gaming opportunities: we blow up warehouses, shoot from a machine gun on a helicopter, learn the basics of flying business and do a bunch of cool tricks.

      Accessible to all

      The big problem with GTA 3 and GTA Vice City on mobile devices is their adaptation. These games still work quite awkwardly on smartphones, both in terms of control and overall game optimization. GTA 5 takes into account the mistakes of its predecessors. Yes, the graphics here are not at all equal to the “big” brother, but there are no problems with optimization. Even on medium devices this game will work without sagging.

      But what’s really convenient is the ability to automatically save and launch the game from the place where you left the game. Such opportunities were not even in the “big” game, but here they are dictated by the platform: it is far from always that there is time on the mobile phone to reach the save point.

      The mobile version of the game came out great: beautiful graphics, good work on devices and nice controls that don’t interfere with playing. And now you yourself can download GTA 5 for free and see for yourself.

      Rockstar released the Grand Theft Auto 5 game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013, and today you can try the game on Android. Download GTA 5 directly from your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your favorite game on the road, at home or in between classes. 3 heroes, a lot of weapons and cool cars, interesting missions, realistic graphics.

      The plot consists of missions, for the passage of which the special skills of each hero are useful. Franklin is a master of driving, you will be able to slow down time while driving a car, and Michael is a good shooter. When shooting, time slows down to make it easier to aim. Trevor has clouding of consciousness, and he becomes uncontrollable: the hero inflicts 2 times more damage to enemies, and he loses his health 2 times slower. During the passage of the game, you get to know the characters closer, pump over their strengths, learn the history of everyone.

      The developers paid special attention to missions, thought out unique tasks for each hero. You will not rob the bank twice or kill the enemy in the same scenario. Diversity in everything.

      How missions go: you prepare for the task, buy the necessary equipment and weapons, act according to a well-thought-out plan. After passing, you get money that you can spend on tuning a car, buying real estate or entertainment.

      What are the differences between the Android version

      The differences are only in the number of missions and the amount of content [slightly curtailed opportunities]. But before you is the same world without rules, where you can not only complete tasks, but also explore the virtual world. Among the available vehicles, in addition to cars, there are also airplanes and helicopters. The graphics in GTA 5 on android, of course, does not reach the level of Xbox or PC, but it is also quite realistic.

      GTA 5 for Android is a great solution for fans of a computer series of games dedicated to the life of a criminal. Here you will find a lot of weapons, a huge number of cars and ample opportunities in terms of criminal activity. This is only a small part of what awaits you in this application.

      Game process

      In GTA 5, all the action takes place in Los Santos. The player will be able to play for three characters, each of whom has his own set of characteristics and special skills. During the game, the user can arbitrarily switch to heroes and perform various tasks with their help, while performing tasks in different parts of the city. As in the previous parts, the player himself has the right to choose, act according to the plot, or simply enjoy life in a virtual city and gain authority, bringing chaos and death to the streets.

      The developers did not give up many of the computer features of GTA 5. For example, sitting in the car, you can turn on the radio station you are interested in or “chat” with girls of easy virtue.

      Unlike the previous parts, there will be no easy tasks. Before completing each mission, you will have to think through an action plan. Otherwise, you will be caught by cops or just shot.

      In this application, the player will have access to the entire city for research. You can safely go into buildings, buy food (to replenish health) and replenish your arsenal with new weapons and ammunition. A variety of cars will amaze you! You can find both simple cars and powerful sports cars or elegant retro cars. If you wish, you can always ride a bike and feel the “wind of freedom” on yourself.

      Other features

      If you want to enjoy incredible graphics, wide capabilities and a whole range of other advantages, then you definitely need to download GTA 5 to your Android phones. The project turned out to be attractive in all plans and will be convenient when playing even on the touch screen, which similar games cannot boast of. In the mobile version, the developers managed to save many functions of a computer game, which fans of the series will be able to appreciate.

      GTA (Grand Theft Auto) San Andreas. A game in an open world full of action and incredible adventures. Additionally, in GTA there is a series of gangster mini-games created and developed by Rockstar, which makes the passage even more intense.

      Of all ten versions of this truly cult game only three were released for Android, these are games. GTA Vice City, GTA San Andres, and the last. GTA III. Of all three games, GTA San Andreas is the most consistent and has the most elaborate game mechanics. In this guide, you will learn about the complete procedure for installing GTA San Andreas on Android.

      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an excellent action RPG developed under the banner of Rockstar Games, Top Developer on Google Play.

      Briefly about the plot

      The story begins with the fact that Carl Johnson, a protagonist by nature, escaped from the heavy burden of his life five years ago. His residence in Los Santos, San Andreas was very harsh, because this city was bent from the hardships of corruption, drugs and constant clashes with street gangs. The story begins in the early 90s, when the family of the protagonist broke up, and his mother was killed.

      Returning to his hometown, the corrupt police officer Karl sets you up, accusing you of murder. Now the main goal is to save your new family, friends and your beloved from enemies and take control of the streets.

      The graphics have been significantly redone and you will enjoy the newer version of the visual effects. All in all, this game is actually a promising addition to the GTA series.

      Features Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

      Below are the exciting features of the game that you will experience after downloading and installing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK and cache files.

      • Extended storyline.
      • The game lasts at least 70 hours!
      • 3 different control system schemes.
      • Support for MoGa wireless controllers.
      • Support for game synchronization and saving through the Rockstar service.
      • Amazing side adventures.
      • Unique character development.
      • New weapon.

      Main feature: You can find many cars around the city, and. Steal them! That is a quick and fun time. Driving in extreme conditions gives you a unique experience.

      • Great graphics and visual effects.
      • A customizable protagonist who earns money from various missions and increases his own physical strength in the gym.
      • Unlimited space with unusual sound effects.
      • Good game control system and easy controls.

      Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game is the highest rated game and one of the most popular games worldwide.

      So, a few years ago Rockstar Games released GTA San Andreas for smartphones / tablets.

      GTA San Andreas for Android is the same game that many once played on a computer

      GTA San Andreas for Android is not some specially adapted, stripped down version of the popular game. It is a large-scale project, which differs from a similar one on a PC with only one thing. Management.

      How to install San Andreas on Android

      If you need a licensed version, you can download it from Google Play

      The easiest, but at the same time costly way is to download the corresponding application from Google Play. To do this, you need:

      Important: since this game is paid, in order to download it, you will need a bank card tied to your Google account.

      The cache must be installed. It contains all the most important data

      But it is also possible to install the game on your phone or tablet for free. To do this, you must:

      1. Download the APK-file from the site (for example, at the link above);
      2. Open it on the device (the file is in the “Downloads” package);
      3. Click Install.

      You will also need to download the cache as well. It is an archive. You will need to unzip it to the / Android / obb / folder. It contains the basic data of the game (textures, scripts, etc.), so without it San Andreas would not be able to open.

      When all of the above is done, you will need to go to the desktop and click on the icon that appears. The game will start.

      How to start playing

      First, San Andreas will show a short version of the license agreement and the Rockstar Games logo, and after that it will display the menu. To start the gameplay, you need to click on “Play” (the first button. There is an image of a triangle on it).

      If the game is slow, you need to go to the settings and lower the graphics

      You can pre-select the appropriate settings. The player is allowed to change:

      • Brightness;
      • Resolution;
      • Texture detailing;
      • Shadow quality, etc.

      By changing the position of the corresponding sliders and switches, you can achieve optimal performance on the device. It is also permissible to configure controls, sound, etc.

      After starting, the splash screen will be displayed, and then the game process will begin. Understanding the interface and management is not difficult. Everything is intuitive.

      It’s convenient to play on a smartphone. The main thing is to get used to the on-screen controls

      Management in GTA San Andreas on a smartphone and tablet is convenient. But also if desired, the gamer can connect a mobile gamepad to the device, and interact with the game in the same way as on the game console.

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