How To Install Google Play Services On Android

It will not be possible to completely remove Google Play Services without root rights, however, if you really want, you can set up your phone so that Google services and services are present in it minimally. Let’s see how to disable Google services in the settings, and what to do to completely remove them.


Usually, the need to remove or disable Google Play Services arises due to the significant power consumption of this application. Calendar, Maps, Hangouts, Drive, Location Services and other plugins may not be used, but still take up a lot of space and eat up battery power. To reduce the impact of Google Play Services on your phone, just turn them off in the Android settings.

Go to settings, find the account section. You need a Google account, which is tied to everything on Android. You can delete it, and then the data of the calendar and other built-in programs and services will cease to be synchronized. But let’s go the other way and try to just stop Google Services and the Google Services Framework.

Open your account sync settings. Here you need to uncheck all the boxes so that each plugin stops functioning. If you are worried about the high power consumption of Android, do the following:

  1. Go to the section “Language and input” in the settings.
  2. Open the Voice Search submenu.
  3. Go to the “Recognize Ok, Google” section.
  4. Turn the toggle switches to the inactive position.
How To Install Google Play Services On Android

This will disable the voice search feature on Android, which constantly accesses the microphone and discharges the battery. The phone will work even longer if you erase the cache of built-in applications. Play Store, Google Services.

  1. Open the “Applications” section in the settings.
  2. Click on the “All” tab.
  3. Open the Services page, click “Clear Cache”.
  4. Stop the program by pressing the appropriate button.

Similarly, you can delete the cache and leave the rest of the plugins. You can easily return them to a healthy state if necessary, but for now they will not interfere and consume a charge.


To completely remove the Services, you need root privileges. You can get them in different ways, on some custom firmware they are by default. Thanks to root access, even embedded programs can be removed from the system, removing them directly from the directories in which they are installed. Let’s see how to remove the built-in Google Play Services on Android, and what kind of applications can be removed in general:

  1. Launch Root Explorer or another manager that is suitable for working with the Android file system.
  2. Open the / system / app directory. Inside you will see the firmware.
  3. A similar list of applications with some additions will be in the / system / priv-app directory.

If you delete these files, as well as the frameworks in the / system / framework directory and the libraries in / system / lib, then there will be no firmware on Android, and the question is “Google services, can I delete them?” finally get a positive response. How to recover deleted programs? There is only 1 way. you need to download Google Services.

By the way, the composition of the programs differs depending on the version of Android. In order not to accidentally delete something wrong, find the appropriate version of Google Apps and look at its composition before you clean the file system.

What to do if there are no root rights? Is it possible to delete services without them? No, it is only possible to stop the firmware, but only access to the file system will help to remove them. Therefore, the user has to choose: make Android routine or put up further with built-in applications, without being able to remove Services.