How to Install Google Play On TV

In today’s smart TV market, Philips is one of the leading companies after LG and Samsung. In recent years, the company has been actively developing in the development and creation of modern Smart TVs, which would not be inferior to competitors.

Philips TVs, as well as devices from other manufacturers, have a lot of features and installed programs. However, some people may not have enough of the initial set of applications, which means that they will have to install additional extensions. It was about the features of installing widgets on Smart Philips that we decided to talk about today.

How to Install Google Play On TV

Normal installation

As already mentioned, Philips TVs and the technologies used in them have developed at a fairly rapid pace over recent years, as a result of which we can separately consider older and newer TV models.

To install applications in this way you will need:

  • Go to the App Gallery from the Smart TV homepage;
  • Choose the region in which you are located, as well as the necessary application;
  • Add it to your home page.

After that, you can find it on your TV and start using it.

Installation from a flash drive

  • Format it in the FAT32 system;
  • Create a userwidget folder on it;
  • Transfer widget archives with installation files to it;
  • Launch Smart TV on the TV and insert a USB flash drive into it;
  • After he recognizes the connected device, the installation of widgets will have to start, which will become known thanks to the message that appears on the TV screen;
  • After the installation is completed, another message will appear. Now you can run the installed application, which is located in the Smart TV menu.

Installation via ForkPlayer

Also one of the most common ways to install widgets for Philips Smart TV is to install using ForkPlayer. To use this method you will need:

  • Go to the network connection settings on the TV;
  • Change the specified DNS to;
  • Wait for the TV to connect to the network. If this does not happen within a few minutes, try restarting it;
  • After connecting to the network, run the Megago program. Instead, ForkPlayer will start working for you;
  • If you have a TV set for 2008-2010, then instead of Megago you will need to run through Tvigle a separate optimized version of the program for Philips.

Quite often, after changing the DNS address, there may be a lack of network connectivity, problems connecting to it, or the application will not work correctly (posters and movies will not be displayed) To fix this, you will need to change the DNS in your router. For this:

  • For the primary DNS, specify;
  • As a secondary DNS:;
  • Set automatic internet settings and save the changes.

Philips Smart TV on Android

Philips TVs of the latest models differ from their predecessors in that they work on the basis of Android. This decision by manufacturers made Philips smart TVs quite attractive for a large number of users.

However, don’t worry that you won’t be able to use the apps you love on the older Philips Smart TV. Philips’s Internet TV application gallery is also featured in new devices, so you can decide which application and where to download it from yourself. In addition, you will not have problems installing third-party applications from a flash drive or downloaded from other sites.