How to Install Games on your iPad

How to install apps on iOS without jailbreaking

You will need: a Windows or Mac computer, a cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, and you must remember your iTunes username and password.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. If required, confirm the power of attorney to this computer.
  • Download the installation IPA-file of your desired game/application from the iOS apps section
  • Download and open the Cydia Impactor PC app from saurik. this app will install the app on your iPhone.
  • Enter into application. You will see a window like this:
  • Drag and drop IPA file to this window. The app will ask for your AppleID login (this is the mail your App Store, iTunes and iCloud are tied to, usually iCloud mail). Enter it.
  • Next the application will ask you to enter the application password created in the account (see next point). Don’t be scared, it’s perfectly safe. Your data is not saved anywhere and is only used to sign the installation file directly on your PC, and will be sent to Apple to confirm the certificate. Enter your password:
  • Log in to the AppleID site and create a password for the applications as indicated in the screenshots (if you do not have an application password, you need to enable two-factor authentication):
  • Then paste the password into the box from step 6 and click ok.
  • It will then install it and if you are using a Mac you may receive a message asking if you want to save the key in your binder. Allow this action by clicking “Allow”
  • Once the installation is complete, the app will appear on your iDevice. But when you run it, it will say that the application was created by an untrustworthy developer, i.e. you. To fix this, follow step 9.
  • Go to Settings, select “Basic”, scroll to the bottom and wait 5 seconds. The “Profiles and Device Management” item will appear. Under “DEVELOPER” find your Apple ID and click on it. Click on the blue “Trust” sign. In the window that opens, click on the red “Trust” button. Wait for the download to complete and for “Verified” to appear next to the installed app. You can now open the installed app.
  • Remember that this certificate is valid for 7 days and after that time you will have to do the same procedure again.

For those who don’t understand anything or something went wrong, watch the video instruction:

HTML5 Mini-Apps

In addition to alternative directories, Apple’s “jailbreak” also goes the other way. through platforms within other apps. For example, such platforms are created on the basis of popular messengers that want to launch their own internal catalogs of mini-applications and their own payment systems.

A typical example is the catalog of the Chinese tech giant Tencent inside the WeChat messenger. It’s a separate platform with HTML5 mini-apps smaller than 10 megabytes. So it doesn’t matter if you have Android, iOS or another operating system. Still WeChat mini programs can be downloaded and run in a standard way in a single interface. In essence, it’s a full-fledged platform open to independent developers. in a sense, a competitor to Google Play and the App Store.

Tencent has agreed with Apple that it will only accept into its catalog mini-apps that comply with App Store rules. This is one of the ways developers are gaining access to iOS users bypassing Apple.

Apple itself also sees potential in mini-apps. In the latest version of iOS 14, it introduced App Clips, snippets of apps that run on the phone without installing the full program.

Games for iPhone and iPad

No modern smartphone is not without interesting toys. As for iOS, iPhone games are so diverse that it can be difficult to choose what you want. But it’s not a problem because download and try the game you like, whether it’s an exciting action, a beautiful puzzle or interesting arcade, on our website you can for free, and then decide what you really like and “for you” your smartphone.

Primitive Game. Playing as Nickelodeon characters. Pick a spunch. changing underpants and choose a projectile. ♪ I picked his stupid favorite, Krebsburger ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪. The enemy is either a player or a bot. bot honestly #@ creepy. A game of shuttlecock, so to speak. there are even skills but. on the already more pumped up Rackets. On the one hand it’s fun and on the other it’s not. I had enough to play for 15 minutes and blown the hell out of this brick. Maybe someone will like it, but. not me. Touchpad control. Run, beat, run, beat, and so on. whether to play. probably. If you have extra time.Graphics are even worse than on the screenshots. Have a nice evening and enjoy the game.

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Funny. cheaters do not banish. And then the point of the game ? Frankly speaking, it is not clear on what subject this company can not cut cheatovolstvo. For them, this is primarily a business and they treat their own customers and players. Stupidly scored and all, how can it. Yeah, well. If the money is ticking, there’s no point in doing anything.There’s no update, no fixes. ¶ what they’re updating, you can’t understand ¶. You can shove a lot of things into the game. debug the project and get rid of the hell out of bug zombies and cheaters. no. why ? Put anti cheat. walk the game. the tablet. Yes, they would have found a way out. There is not much to say about the game. everyone already knows this style. they’re throwing you a boulder out of the airplane. You land and start running like a cockroach collecting everything in a row. Over time, the territory decreases. then reduce to the limit. the challenge is simple. Shoot the hell out of all the enemies and be the last one alive. Graphics are good. controls are sometimes a drag. Would have been fine if it weren’t for the cheaters. I wouldn’t waste my time. The point of playing where cheats. Thank you all for listening. play only good games.

Cool DLC. I have a lot of experience playing Don’t Starve: RoG. But the first roll in Shipwreck, I was totally helpless before the game, I’ve long wanted to and recommend that people do not look at the guide, it disarms the game in front of you making it meaningless. Just as well the new characters, each adapted to a new world (Warly is my favorite character). Now waiting for Don’t Starve:Hamlet.

Atmospheric game with an uncomplicated storyline and well-developed characters.

Not a bad game, nice to replay. I only wish they had released Grid 2 first, it would have looked more appropriate on cell phones

Awesome game, passed it and bought it on appstore.

Interesting game! Still installed on the phone, I play at your leisure. On the pluses you can write a lot of things, let’s start with the more important to me. I found the game itself leafing through the category of “survival” as I love these games. So, leafing came across this game, was immediately hooked by the description. First of all I liked the realism of survival, it is similar to the game Stalker, only not in first person. And most importantly, it is a very interesting storyline, addictive. Well it still has a lot of positive points, for example: a large selection of weapons, food, medicine, there are many NPCs. I liked a lot of communication with them, well, the very map on which the game will go. it’s just cool, you can come to any city, even in Moscow. Quick pluses: Survival realism, an interesting storyline, a large number of things, etc.д

A kind of toy in which you need to build and promote your MEGA CITY. Can’t say much more than that

Description of App Store sections

The first section that greets us in the app store is the “Selection”, where experts and marketers line up various popular programs and games, advertise new products, and introduce us to promotions and discounts. From here you can also go to “Categories” and select the direction of the applications of interest.

You can also view the “Top Charts” section. This is a ranking of programs and games in three categories. The first displays the most downloaded at the moment paid applications, the second. free, and the third “Top Cash” displays the most popular applications.

It’s worth noting that some apps, while free, contain in-app purchases. Sell for real money inside the application can play currency, items and improvements for the character, vehicle or spaceship, animals and plants for the farm, new game levels, etc.

Recently, many developers have begun to sell even time. For example, the authors of the game Real Racing 3 (which is distributed free of charge) have established a time limit when buying, improving or repairing cars. You either have to pay or wait for a few hours to perform the desired action. Enthusiasts have even calculated that the full passage of the game will either cost several hundred dollars, or take about a month of pure waiting.

Often embedded purchases for real money are veiled and can look like a purchase for play money. Sometimes in the press there is news about unhappy parents whose child has made purchases in the game for a large sum of money. Do not be alarmed, because there is a way to block the spending of funds through programs and games. For all newcomers, we recommend making sure to use it first. Only after some time, when you clearly understand where they are trying to “rip off” the real money and will not react to it, you can turn on the built-in shopping.

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Back to the App Store. The “Browse” section is divided into three sections, one of which is where Apple offers you to browse some of its own themed collections of apps, and the other is the Popular Nearby section, which offers the user apps that are popular in their region. This duplicates the Categories section, which can also be accessed from the Selections tab.

The next section is “Search”. Here it’s simple, you can type in either the app name or keywords.

The last section “Updates” will display the current updates for the programs and games installed on your device. From here you will also be able to update them. In addition, it also displays all purchases for your Apple ID, including downloaded apps from other devices.

To download an application or game, click on the appropriate button (with a price. to buy the paid or “download” to download the free).

Some apps and games in the App Store on your iDevice may display a cloud icon with an arrow instead of a download button. This means that you have already purchased or downloaded the app on another device. You can download the app by clicking on this “cloud”. If the program or game was paid, you will not be charged again.

Be sure to download our Apple app to stay up to date on all things Apple. Plus, we’re always publishing helpful tutorials and reviews.

After you press the download button, you will need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot make your iPhone or iPad remember the password and always use it when loading applications. This is for security purposes.

After trying any of the above options, the application will begin downloading. This will be evidenced by the icon that appears on the downloaded application, which contains elements of the progress of the download. Just click on it to pause the download. In the same way, you can resume downloading.

After downloading, it will automatically install. When the app icon looks normal, the app is ready to run.

How to download the application using iTunes?

Open iTunes. Download the latest version of the Apple multimedia appliance from the official iTunes page.

Go to the App Store section in the top bar.

Select the tab iPhone or iPad.

Find the application you are interested in.

Press “Download” if it is free or “Buy” if it is a paid app.

Enter your Apple ID and password and press “Get” button.

In the upper right corner, by pressing the arrow button, you can see the status of the active download (progress and time left to the end of the download).

After a successful download, the application will appear in the “My apps for iPhone/iPad” tab.

Purchases (free downloads) made on other devices, such as iPhone or iPad will be available under Updates.

Xcode 7

Next, you must download and install the latest version of Xcode 7 (at the time of writing it was 7.0.1). Unfortunately, the program is only available to Mac users.

After you have launched the program and carried out the preliminary steps, add your Apple ID to Xcode, so

install, games, your, ipad

2.1 Go to the Xcode menu → Preferences (or press ⌘ ,);

2.2 go to the Accounts tab;

2.3 at the very bottom of the left side menu click on the plus sign → “Add Apple ID”;

2.4 enter your Apple ID and password and press the “Add” button.

What to do next

All you have to do is find the necessary program in ipa format and download it to your iPhone.

The installation file will be saved in the Files app, and you can send it via the Share menu to the AltStore. The utility will install the application by itself.

There are certain restrictions on the installed programs.

First, you can install apps with a single Apple ID on only one device at a time. If you install apps on another device, the apps on the first device will stop working.

Second, there is a limit of only two apps to install through AltStore. To install a third, you will have to delete the first or second.

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Thirdly, the certificate is only valid for 7 days, after which the programs must be re-signed.

However, there’s nothing wrong with that. AltStore knows how to re-sign apps without the need to connect your smartphone to the computer.

This is what it needs our Apple ID/password for. The utility can remind about the necessity to re-sign the application in a week, there is a possibility to create a quick command, which will renew a signature with a single click, or even display a widget on the desktop with the number of days until the expiration of the certificate.

Apple mobile app developers with a valid certificate can install up to 10 apps and you won’t have to re-subscribe every 7 days.

The installation procedure is as follows:

Download any ipa file to your iPhone. You can find and download it directly in Safari or send it to your device using AirDrop.

Use the Share menu to open the program in the AltStore.

Agree to install the application and wait a couple of minutes.

To install the program, the iPhone must be in the same network as the computer running AltServer. That’s why we allowed the connection to the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Uninstall all installed applications in the standard way, for the final removal, do not forget to clear the certificate in the path Settings. Basic. Device Management.

How to install the app store on iOS

Open this link in Safari and click “Install Zestia”.

Confirm the installation of the appropriate profile.

A new Zestia icon will appear on your desktop. open the application.

Choose the application you are interested in and install it.

Now go back to Settings, go to “Basic”. “Profiles” and click on the name of the developer of this application in the list. Click “Trust” with confidence.

Enjoy the new unofficial app! 🙂


It really works. You are tired of waiting for jailbreak release? You want to install third-party applications not from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad? There is a solution. Zestia is a Cydia counterpart with unofficial programs that work on non jailbroken devices. In addition, the app has some list of hacked apps with endless in-game purchases, which is not encouraged by developers. Warning: the app.

Using third-party programs

In addition to the official ones, there are several popular third-party programs with which you can install ipa files. Such applications are iFunBox and iTools.


The main feature of this program is its speed. True, the developers didn’t even bother with the interface. But functionality is the main advantage.

  • Download and install the program;
  • Select the desired application and download it to your computer;
  • Then connect the gadget to the workstation, start iFunBox and choose the following sequence: “Data Management”. “Installation”;
  • Then you should specify the path to the ipa file, which is located on the computer and perform the installation.

However there is one unpleasant moment: the developers strongly recommend not to install applications that are larger than one gigabyte. Subsequently they may not work correctly.


This utility, unlike iFunBox, has a more attractive design, but has nothing else to offer its users.

  • Download and install the utility;
  • Find and download the desired ipa file;
  • Connect the gadget to your computer;
  • Launch the program, go to the tab “Applications/Applications”. “iPhone” and press the “Install” button;
  • Then we specify the path to the ipa file and wait for the installation to complete.


This program is also very popular. But all applications and games that are available for downloading via vShare are located on the servers of the plug-in itself. This greatly simplifies the entire procedure, but may limit the list of available resources.

  • Open the Cydia application;
  • Connect the appvv repository;
  • Find vShare in the list of available programs and install it;
  • Launch the application, and update to the latest version if necessary;
  • In the list of available programs and games select the desired one and download.

The best feature of this application is that it allows you to install several applications simultaneously, without any speed limits.

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