How to Install Games on Nokia 108

After the first purchase of the iPhone, each of us asks himself a question, but how to install the game on the iPhone? Then, let’s look at this issue right now.

How to install the game on iPhone:

First, you need to make sure that Cydia is installed on your favorite iPhone. What does the Cydia icon look like?

In cases where you have not installed Cydia, this means that you have not done Jailbreak. Then, unfortunately, nothing will work. You will not be able to install free programs. And if you find the icon, please read and repeat the steps according to our instructions.

Install Installous on iPhone:

What is Installous? Instalius. A special program that will give you access to a million programs and games for the iPhone. This is the source in which all possible programs are collected. With the help of Instalius you can find programs for business, for entertainment, for traveling, for working withs and photos, for reading books and watchings, for learning English. This is an indispensable program for every phone owner from Apple!

1. Open the Cydia program and add a new source. To do this, click the icon at the bottom of the iPhone screen “Manage”.

2. Next, click on the icon “Source”

3. In the upper right corner there is a button “Edit”. Click on it.

4. On the right after pressing the button appears “Add”. In the window that appeared after pressing the button “Add”, enter the path to the source: http: //

How to Install Games on Nokia 108

5. Enter the path to the source? Press “Add source”. Cydia will display a message that the source is not registered. It’s okay, press the button “Add anyway”

6. Now in Cydia there will be new, programs that can be installed. Go to the source “”

7. You need to install. “Installous 4”. That’s why we added a new source.

8. Click on the Installous line 4. A button will appear in the upper right corner “Install”. Click, and after a few seconds this program will be installed on your iPhone. All! Now you have access to thousands of games!

9. After installing Installous, close Cydia. You will see on the desktop a new application. “Installous” With which you can install any programs yourself.

Installous games using Installous is very interesting and easy. Yes, by the way, you can install not only games, but also different programs: for business, for entertainment. Read the article on the topic. how to install iPhone game in Installous

Games, games, games, they are everywhere! Always relevant! 🙂 Now now it has become real on the iPhone to play interesting, exciting games. If you have questions, dear readers, please write them right here! 🙂