How To Install Games On A Smart Watch

We continue to torment the TV. today our question is how to install the Smart TV application or TV widget on Samsung or LG. By default, several branded applications from the manufacturer and the most standard ones, such as YouTube or IVI, are installed on the TV. However, many television channels or Internet resources have their own Smart TV applications. Let’s see how to put them on your own. Consider installing Smart TV Apps using the example of two of the most popular TV manufacturers. Samsung and Al-G.

What is a TV application widget?

These are designed programs that are made specifically for the convenience of using them on a widescreen TV. Here may be:

  • games,
  • transmitting central TV channels,
  • movie archives,
  • television versions of information sites

In general, everything that your soul wants.

Today, programmers are actively and universally deploying cloud technologies, so Smart TV applications do not take up much space on the TV’s drive. all the main content is loaded as needed from a remote server, so you can install quite a lot of programs and games without affecting the speed of the TV. At the same time, they are optimized for not too powerful hardware, on which it is often impossible to properly view the same high-quality movies through a regular TV browser.

Smart TV apps for Samsung

Well, let’s try to install some TV application as an example. To begin with, your TV set must be connected to the Internet. how to do this is written in detail here.

How To Install Games On A Smart Watch

We click on the remote control on the central color button

and get into the Smart TV menu. Here we will see the icons of preinstalled applications for Samsung TV. But we are interested in the item “Samsung Apps”. click on it.

Here you will be prompted to log in to your Samsung account or register a new one. We fill in all the points and confirm the registration by Email. be sure to enter a valid address.

So, we log in and get into the systematic catalog of Samsung Apps, Smart TV applications, or they are also called widgets specially designed for use on Samsung. All of them are conveniently divided into thematic sections., Sports, Games, etc. You can use the search form to search by name. quickly find the right TV application. There is also a section with a list of all the applications already installed on your TV.

Navigation in the catalog occurs using the arrows on the remote control or a mouse or keyboard connected to the USB port of the TV. Select the desired widget and click “Enter”. We get to the page with its description. Here you can estimate the size of the application in relation to free memory on the TV. Press the “Download” button to download Smart TV applications from the Internet

After that, the “Installation” button will appear in the same place. click it.

We are waiting for the appearance of a window notifying of a successful installation. Then we launch it and use it.

Apps for LG Smart TV

The LG Smart TV application is installed in approximately the same way. the only difference is in the location and names of the menu items. To enter LG Apps we use the “Home” or “Smart” button on the remote control. it can be called differently on different models.

Then use the arrows to scroll through the menu to the “LG Store” item.

We get into a directory similar to Samsung. We are interested in the item “Applications”. we go into it

And we select the program we need.

Here everything is the same. information about the application. To install, click on the corresponding button on the screen.

In the event that you do this for the first time, the service will ask you to create your LG account or log in from FaceBook.

This is done simply, as in any service. register a real email, enter a password to enter, specify other data. all according to the list.

After that, confirm the registration from the specified mailbox, log in with your username and password and return to the TV widget setup menu. Once again, we start the installation and upon completion we are happy to launch the program.