How to Install Font On iPhone iOS 13

Every year, the iOS mobile operating system becomes more open and supports more third-party solutions from independent developers. Recently, users have been able to install fonts on their iPhone and iPad, expanding the ability to work with text and graphic documents.

How to Install Font On iPhone iOS 13

Why install new fonts on iOS and iPadOS?

This question will surely arise for many readers, because the standard iOS font looks very nice, and it is often used by third-party application developers. In fact, this is, of course, not about the system font of the platform, but about supported textual “skins” that expand the functionality of programs for working with documents.

In particular, this is due to the fact that with the new features of the latest iOS versions, not only the iPad, but also the iPhone Pro are used by users to work with texts, graphics, presentations, etc. At the same time, many documents loaded into Keynote, Pages, or another application previously could not display correctly due to the lack of appropriate fonts in the system, but now this problem can be easily solved.

How to install fonts on iPhone or iPad

To add fonts, you need to download the font installer application from the App Store. As a basic collection, most users will have enough free Font diner, containing over 20 new fonts for iOS fonts. After downloading from the App Store and first launching the application, the user will be prompted to install new fonts.

You can view the fonts installed in iOS (iPadOS) in the menu Settings → General → Fonts.

It is worth noting that it is far from possible to use the installed fonts in all applications, even regular ones (Notes). But popular text and image editors already support this feature. For example, to apply the installed font in Pages, tap the icon with the image of the brush and select the style of the text you like.

Why I chose the font, but nothing changed on the screen

Unfortunately, not all fonts support the Cyrillic alphabet, which means that if you change the font in the text in Russian, the inscription will remain the same. On the other hand, the font applied to the text written in Latin will be changed.

How to remove fonts on iPhone or iPad

To remove a specific installed font, go along the path Settings → General → Fonts and press the button Edit. Highlight the required fonts and click Delete.