How to Install Calculator on Samsung Galaxy Watch

How to Install Calculator on Samsung Galaxy Watch

At the last Samsung presentation in New York, in addition to the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, the company showed new smart watches.

The novelty has lost the numbers in the name and is now called simply. Samsung Galaxy Watch. I went with this watch for more than a week and now I will tell you what is good in this gadget and why it was very problematic to go back to the “apple” smart watch.

Galaxy Watch is a real watch. Striking resemblance

I do not want to list technical specifications and compare the Galaxy Watch with other wearable gadgets in terms of the performance of their filling.

For me, as a user, the sensations and usability of this device are important, because from morning to late evening the Galaxy Watch is constantly on my hand and the readability of information in bright sunlight is no less important than having a top-end processor.

Yes, in the light the screen is simply gorgeous: no glare or highlights, You can see the information and time in any weather and in any conditions.

At the presentation, several Galaxy Watch models were shown, which differ in size and colors: the buyer has access to watches with a diameter of 42 mm in black and pink-gold, and the larger version is 46 mm in a brutal steel version.

I got the “male” version of the watch, 46 mm in size with a sports rubber strap and a classic clasp.

The company is still betting on classic round watch, but in the case of the new Galaxy Watch, engineers have literally reached a new level.

Okay, I’m already used to the fact that the dial on the Super AMOLED screen realistically shines if you twist your wrist, creating the illusion of a real steel one. This feature was also in the Samsung watch of the previous generation.

But new Galaxy Watch is really ticking, if you bring them to your ear. over, a tick can be heard only if the second hand is in the installed dial.

I agree that the presence of this chip does not affect the performance and other parameters in any way, but very much even on the sensations.

Regarding weight: the watch is heavy, especially after apple AW. The case is made of 316L steel and weighs about 63 grams., so this gadget is constantly being felt.

However, I like this feeling: the watch does not pull your hand and does not cause any inconvenience. you just know that they are on your wrist. Pleasant heaviness.

The round bezel around the screen works as a navigation joystick: you turn it and switch between menu items or active screens. Such control was implemented in previous generations of Samsung smart watches, but in the Galaxy Watch the ring has the most pleasant tactile feedback, reminiscent of mechanical “clicks”.

According to personal feelings, in previous Samsung Gear S3 frontier tactile feedback was different, sharper.

Rubber strap can be easily replaced with any other, the benefit is universal: 22 mm for large Galaxy Watch, and 20 mm for small ones. To quickly replace the strap, a special lever on the rods is provided, which you need to slightly slide with your fingernail and remove the mount.

On the back of the watch there is a heart rate sensor, which does not protrude much from the case, so that the watch fits snugly on the hand. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX and scratching or breaking it is quite difficult (I didn’t succeed, although I dropped them a couple of times)

Despite being an electronic device, the Samsung Galaxy Watch protected against shock, temperature and vibration according to MIL-810G, so that you can ride a mountain bike off-road or drop to the floor.

Or dive to a depth of 50 meters: IP68 water protection and 5 ATM water resistance are also present.

What Samsung Galaxy Watch can do

Most importantly, this watch lives incredibly long for a gadget with a touch screen, a gyroscope, the Allways On Display function and other chips devouring battery energy.

The manufacturer assures that the Galaxy Watch can last on a single charge for up to 7 days. I used this watch much more actively than an ordinary user, but on the third day, when I took screenshots of the companion mobile application, watch charge was still at 87%, here is the proof:

This is really impressive battery life, given the capacity of the built-in battery. only 472 mAh.

A significant role in energy saving is played by the new 10-nanometer Exynos 9110 processor with two cores and a frequency of 1.15 GHz, which was specially created for smart watches in the bowels of Samsung.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch in your hand, you can:

  • monitor physical activity indicators
  • watch heart rate (heart rate)
  • see your stress level at the moment
  • perform breathing exercises

This is in addition to all other functions that you expect to receive from a smart watch on your hand, such as viewing notifications from all instant messengers and applications, tracking sleep phases, and displaying different widgets directly on the watch’s screen.

The watch runs under the Tizen proprietary shell and is compatible with all Android smartphones, starting with Android 5 (Lollipop).

I connected the Galaxy Watch to my iPhone X and also did not experience any difficulties. the clock transfers information to the Health application, and you can change the dials and adjust the frequency of notifications using the proprietary Samsung Galaxy Watch application, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

I was especially pleased with the huge selection of dials and widgets available for installation on watches. hundreds of them! Starting from classic chronographs, ending with the most informative digital options, with a bunch of additional data, including altimeter and barometer readings.

The watch has its own 4 GB memory, so if you wish, you can directly download favorite playlists from the same Spotify directly to them and go for a run, leaving your smartphone at home.

Also, while driving, you can receive a voice call and communicate with the other person using the Galaxy Watch, thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker.

Of the most interesting, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has the Briefing feature: when the owner wakes up in the morning, the watch recognizes the moment of awakening and automatically displays data about current weather, upcoming plans, current reminders and the predicted battery life of ourselves.

In the evening, before going to bed, the watch also automatically shows the results of daily physical activity and the weather for tomorrow.

How I weaned from the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It was hard

A week passed, I removed the Samsung watch from my hand and returned to my apple watch. Square clock. A watch with predefined dials, the choice of which is limited by the strategy of the developers.

Recalling and analyzing his feelings about using the Galaxy Watch, he identified the main pros and cons.


  • similarity to real watches
  • indestructibility combined with water resistance
  • bright and easy to read in the sun screen
  • easy change of straps and versatility
  • tremendous possibilities for customizing the dial
  • long battery life


  • watch sizes. With the onset of cold weather, I began to wear clothes with sleeves and the gadget was too large, constantly getting stuck under the cuffs.

On this, the cons end. Actually, the impressions from the updated Samsung smart watches remained the most positive, given that I used them with an iPhone, and not with an Android smartphone.

A watch is such an accessory that you must definitely choose yourself, listening to personal feelings. You need to choose a smart watch by the same principle, given that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is as similar as possible to a classic chronograph.

Galaxy Watch is a smart gadget for ordinary watch lovers who are not ready to love the square creations of the “Yabloko”.

Today, the cost of Samsung Galaxy Watch is 26 990 rub. for the 46 mm version and 21 990 rub. for 42 mm. This is exactly the moment when the price corresponds to the quality and functions. for this money you will receive a reliable device that will delight and help you cope with everyday affairs for at least 3-5 years.