How to Install Android TV on TV

I’m watching articles on the site that are somehow related to Smart TVs, and I understand that the topic is more popular than ever. Convenient: they turned on the TV. and here you have a browser for visiting sites, online, games, social networks. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that smart TVs have a future. Of course, they will not replace a computer, but as an entertainment device they fit perfectly.

It was not wise to think that all the features of Android cannot be used on TVs. Similarly, companies that are engaged in the development of digital technology probably thought of and created Smart TV set-top boxes. In this article, we will consider one of these consoles from Defender. She called Defender Smart Android HD2. The article should be interesting first of all to those who have TVs without Smart TV. Or, who are not satisfied with the capabilities and functionality of Smart TV. But you really want to watch a movie on the Internet or from a flash drive, go to social networks, play games. and all this on the TV screen.

What is a Smart TV set-top box on Android?

Typically, this is a small device that plugs into the HDMI connector of the TV and runs on the Android operating system. The set-top box is powered either from an adapter that can be plugged into an outlet, or from the TV’s USB connector. In the console itself, as, for example, in a tablet, a processor, RAM, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. are installed. This is quite a tablet, only without a screen. The screen is a TV.

The console can be controlled using a conventional keyboard and mouse. You can connect wireless devices, which is much more convenient, or via Bluetooth. For example, I connected a wireless headset. I can say that one mouse is enough to control such an Android console. There are also special Air-Mouse remote controls.

There are even models with built-in cameras and microphones for communicating on Skype. For example, Defender Smart Call HD2. By the way, Smart Call HD2 can connect to old TVs that do not have HDMI. And it connects to the so-called “tulip” (composite AV-out). The Air-Mouse is included.

What do you need to connect a Smart TV set-top box to a TV?

  • The prefix itself. Nowhere without her
  • TV with HDMI
  • A regular computer mouse, and / or keyboard to control the Android set-top box (if there is no remote control in the kit).

Overview of Defender Smart Android HD2

Let’s take a closer look at everything with the example of Defender Smart Android HD2.

How to Install Android TV on TV

On the box you can see the main features, and at the back. technical specifications. Here are the main ones:

  • Rockchip RK3066 Dual Core processor, clocked at 1.6 Ghz
  • Mali 400MP Graphics Accelerator
  • Android 4.2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB of internal memory
  • It is possible to connect microSD up to 32 GB
  • WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth
  • 2 full USB-connectors for connecting flash drives, and other peripherals.

Other characteristics can be found on the official website. The prefix works very smartly, movies and games go without problems. Unfortunately, now there is no way to test some powerful game, such as Asphalt 8, but I will definitely try it.


In the kit you will find the Defender Smart Android HD2 console itself, a power adapter, an HDMI extension cable, a small manual, a warranty and a power cable with an additional USB connector.

As I already wrote, the prefix is ​​connected to the HDMI connector of the TV. It can be connected either directly or through an extension cord. Also, the power cable (microUSB connector) is connected to the console, on which there is another full-fledged USB connector. There is a slot for connecting microSD cards and another full USB (in total, two USB-connectors for connecting flash drives, keyboards, mice, external HDDs, etc.). An indicator that lights up during device operation is also present.

Everything is assembled soundly, the cables are normal in length.

Connecting the console Defender Smart Android HD2

I first connected this set-top box to a small 24-inch LG TV. I connected the power to the USB port of the TV. Let me remind you that if your TV does not have USB, then the prefix can be plugged into the outlet through the power adapter that is included.

I connected a wireless mouse adapter to one of the USB connectors so that I could control the Android set-top box. And in the second I connected a USB flash drive to check how the movies go.

I sat for a bit and realized that it would be more convenient to use a 32-inch TV. I got over the LG 32LN575U TV.

We connect everything, turn on the power of the set-top box (if powered by USB, it will turn on with the TV). On the TV, you need to select the HDMI to which you connected the set-top box. Otherwise, the image will not appear. On LG TVs, this is done by pressing a button INPUT. Then you just need to select the active HDMI (if there are several of them on the TV).

If the prefix has already loaded, then you will see the main screen. No, this is not an ordinary Android 4.2 desktop. There is a special shell, which, by the way, is very convenient to use. It looks like this:

Let’s look at the functionality and features.

Functional Android TV set-top boxes from Defender

There are 6 tabs on the main screen. I advise you to first go to Setting (settings) to connect to Wi-Fi (if you have a Wi-Fi network), set the time, etc. Settings are no different from those on a tablet or smartphone.

I connected to the wireless network without problems (you can connect using this instruction). The network prefix holds well and stably.

I noticed only one problem, however, this problem is more likely Android. If the time and date are incorrectly set, the gray Wi-Fi icon will light (as in my photo above, in the lower right corner), and the Internet in Google Play will not work. This is a popular problem for all Android devices, which I recently wrote about in a separate article: the gray Wi-Fi network icon on an Android tablet, or phone. Google Play (Play Market) does not work.

Therefore, set the date and time correctly. Set your time zone. And since these parameters, as I understand it, are reset after the power is completely disconnected from the console, it is better to set automatic configuration from the network.

In the settings, on the tab Screen, You can select the screen resolution and refresh rate. The rest of the settings are almost the same as on other Android devices.

Let’s look at the 5 remaining sections that can be selected on the main screen.


In this section you will find programs with which you can watch movies from the device’s memory, memory cards or flash drives, watch photos or listen to music from the Internet.

You can watch the using the already installed MX Player. I believe this is the best player for Android. I used it all the time on the phone. As soon as you plug in a USB flash drive or memory card that has, it will immediately appear in MX Player. No need to search for it in folders.

Films are going great.


If you open the TV folder on the main screen, you will see already installed programs for watching onlines, YouTube and Zoomby, where you will find many movies and TV shows.

YouTube looks like this:

Move on.


Here are the programs with which you can access the Internet, sit on social networks, download files, etc.

Of course, go to

If you don’t like the standard browser, then in the section Apps there is google chrome. For social networks, you can install the official applications from the Play Store. VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, all this is there.


There you will find two installed games: Angry Birds and Cut the Rop.

Played a bit of Angry Birds.


Well, in the last section you will find many installed useful programs, including ES Explorer and Explorer for managing files, as well as programs for working with mail, maps, calendar, Play Store, etc.

Of course, do not forget about the hundreds of thousands of applications and games that you can install from the Play Store.

You also need to pay attention to the notification center in the lower right corner. It displays the clock, Wi-Fi connection status and other notifications. For example, about connecting a USB flash drive.

And in the left corner you can see the panel on which there are buttons “back”, “home”, “view running applications”, “volume control”, “turn off the console” (switch to standby mode), and a button that allows you to minimize this panel.

It is impossible to completely turn off the Defender Smart Android HD2, as I understand it. Press the power button and put the console in standby mode. She will “wake up” as soon as you move the mouse.

If the set-top box is powered by a USB TV, it will turn off and turn on also with the TV. If it is powered by an outlet, I think you can leave it turned on.

For example, you use Defender Smart Android HD2 and want to watch TV: just switch to TV mode by selecting the desired input on the TV. When you want to switch to the console again, select the desired HDMI.


The very prefix Defender Smart Android HD2 I really liked. In general, the very possibility of getting all the Android functionality on the TV is very cool. I can say with confidence that not a single Smart TV, not a single manufacturer can compare with the capabilities of Defender Smart Android HD2.

It will be interesting to see your opinion on such devices. How do you use the smart features of your TV? Does everything suit you? You can share in the comments.