How to install an application on Android from a computer

How to install an application on Android. 3 ways

APK format (file name.APK) have all installation files of application for Android OS. There are several installation methods: using a computer and directly from a mobile device. Remember that all the applications you download on the Internet do not undergo antivirus check, for this you need to check them on a computer or have an antivirus on your device.

If you install the game with the cache, then install APK according to the instructions below, and for the cache, see this instruction.

ARC Welder application for Google Chrome browser

Perhaps the easiest way to launch Andoid applications on a computer with Windows OS is to use the ARC Welder application for the Google Chrome browser. The application was developed by Google and it can be used not only on computers with Windows. This method also works on chrombuk and Mac. The launch process practically does not depend on the platform used. Just go to the Chrome online store and install the ARC Welder application from the catalog.

The ARC Welder application is located at the beta studio and is intended mainly for developers. However, the process of loading the application is quite simple. You need to download the APK file to Arc Welder. APK file can be obtained by backing up the application on the physical device of Android or, downloading from various third.Party sites on the Internet. We do not recommend downloading paid applications and games from dubious sites. There are resources that archive free applications, for example, APK Mirror.

When the required APK file is downloaded and ready to download, you can open the ARC welder from the extensions list to Google Chrome and specify this file. Then you need to choose the method of displaying applications. Landscape/Portrait mode, smartphone/tablet and access method to the exchange buffer. Not every Android application will start in this way, and some applications can partially lose their functionality. ARC welder, unfortunately, does not at the moment have a built.In support for Google Play services (if you are not an application developer and do not have access to the source code), so Google apps and some third.Party applications refuse to work.

Applications or games that are launched in ARCs mainly work stably. You can get full functionality from Evernote, Instagram and even Flappy Bird. Only one application in ARC welder can be installed at a time, you need to return to the installation dialog for the launch of another application.

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The process of deploying applications and restriction on a one.Time launch of only one application create barriers for the daily use of the tool. Nevertheless, the expansion is suitable for the needs of developers and testers or just to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of a mobile platform.

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The next installation option will be in demand in a situation where the application is missing Play Market, or you cannot install it for other reasons. To carry out the plan, you will need:

  • In the section of the telephone settings “For Developers” Activate USB debugging. You will also need to copy the assembly number, which is presented in the “On the phone” tab.
  • In the Installapk window, the name of the smartphone should be displayed, as well as the green circle opposite it. If everything is done correctly, then specify the path to the location of the APK file.

After pressing the corresponding button, the installation process will begin. Unfortunately, you cannot follow him. Therefore, you will have to build on the size of the distribution and power of the smartphone. Next, the icon of the installed program will appear on the desktop of a mobile device.

What are XAPK and APK files?

Due to some restrictions introduced by Google to publish applications in Play, the size of the application for Android cannot exceed a certain size. Developers of large applications, such as mobile games, can use additional files with resources that are necessary for the application or game and will download after installing it and the first launch.

install, application, android, computer

The community of developers and users came up with new formats for the distribution of mobile applications that allow you to store all the necessary resources and files in one file. XAPK and APKM files are archives that can include several APK files and additional resources (cache). These formats are gaining popularity on software portals, for example Apkpure.COM and APKMIRROR.Com, especially for downloading mobile games.

Instructions for installing applications on Android

As an example, we consider the installation of programs and applications downloaded from our resource. This technique is universal and applicable to other places of downloading applications.

Instructions for Android 7, 6 and 5

Using the search, find the program or application you need. Enter the exact name or keyword, for example, “maps” or “navigation”.

Open a page with a preferred result.

Click on the “Download APK” button to download the application.

For security reasons, the system will report the risks of downloading the file with the extension “.APK “. Confirm the action only if you consciously download this utility.

After loading the application, click on the “Open” button if you want to start an immediate installation of the program on Android. If necessary, you can always install the program later. Open the “loading” utility, where you select a previously downloaded application.

Step 6.In order to security and prevent an unauthorized installation of applications, the function of installing third.Party applications is blocked. To remove locking, open the settings section. Safety, where to translate the switch opposite the “Unknown Sources” item. Then return to the “loading” program and repeat the installation.

In the process of installation, for additional security purposes, a notification will appear, informing which application downloaded the installed program. Confirm the action, only in the case of information coincides, otherwise stop installing.

Installing Android Apps in Windows 10!

As soon as the application is installed, there will be a notification with the output button or launch of the application.

Open the settings section. Safety, where to translate the switch opposite the “Unknown Sources” into the initial, inactive, state.

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Instructions for Android 8, 9 and 10

In Android 8, the function of global provision of rights for the installation of applications from unknown sources was replaced by individual. Android 9 and subsequent versions use the same way to grant rights. It is required to provide the right to install from unknown sources to the program that is used for installation: file manager, browser, manager, cloud disk, etc.D.


Next, select “Applications and notifications”.

In the new window, click on the point “Show all applications”.

In a detailed list, open the program that will be used to install applications.

In the menu “On the Appendix”, click on the item “Additionally”.

In a detailed list, select “Installation of unknown applications”.

On the next page, activate the switch “Allow the installation from this source”.

Next, to install the application, open the program with the allowed installation.

In the “Open File using” window, use the “Package installer”.

Click on the “Install” button, wait for the end of the installation.

We transfer the program to a memory card

If you installed a removable medium, in this case, most applications on the machine will be installed directly on the flash card. With the exception of certain applications that are required to be located in the internal memory.

You, if you wish, when you wish, can transfer programs to a memory card. So, let’s do this:

How to install and Run Android Apps on Computer | Laptop ? Computer mai android app kaise chalaye

If this action has not worked for you, it remains to apply one of the special applications created specifically to move to the SD card. I have a Xiaomi Redmi phone, so I will select the application for it.

How to install an application on Android from a computer

As mentioned above, we have prepared two options: the first rests on the installation of a specialized program called “Installapk”, the second-in the use of its own Google Help. Well, and the easiest way to connect a smartphone to a USB computer and throw a downloaded.APK (application or game) on the phone and further, start, through the conductor installation file. In some cases, the installation of the cache is required, for this, read the instructions: “How to install a game with a cache on Android”.Both are extremely simple. If desired, even the most inexperienced user will be able to master them.

First of all, you must download this program. And if for one reason or another you need to install the application on Android from the computer, you can use the aforementioned software. It is the best in your business and acts almost without fail. You can use it on any version of Windows, starting with XP.

  • We install the program. The process is extremely simple: it is enough to click several times by the “Next” button until the “Install” button appears;
  • Launch Installapk;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Safety” and put a checkplace opposite the subparagraph “Unknown Sources”. Next, you should pump the “Settings” menu at the very bottom, find the “For Developers” submenu there and opposite the subparagraph “USB debugging” to put a box;
  • Smartphone or tablet connected? Then click twice according to a previously downloaded application or game in format.APK and installation will pass in automatic mode-after a minute or two, a shortcut will appear on one of the screens.
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Unfortunately, some devices are not supported by the program. But you should not despair. There is a one hundred percent option that really works flawlessly.


This method involves installing the Installapk program on the computer, which should help install the APK file on the device from the computer. The installation process of Installapk takes place according to the standard procedure: just click “Next” and agree with the license. We will consider in detail the installation of applications on the Android via an APK file located on the computer:

  • First you need to turn on the developer mode on Android itself. In the standard version of the firmware, this is done as follows:
  • Open the “settings” and switch to the “On device” section.
  • There find the “assembly number” and click on it about 10 times.
  • Unfortunately, this method of switching to the developer mode may not be suitable for your device, since a lot depends on the firmware and the Android version. Some manufacturers generally disconnect this mode in their devices.
  • If the previous manipulations in the “settings” are successful, an additional section should appear. “Developer Regime”. Switch to it.
  • Here, set the “USB debugging” in an active position.
  • It is recommended to check whether it is allowed to install applications from unknown sources on the device. To do this, return to the main settings and go to the “Security” section. There it should be noted with a tick the item “Unknown Sources”.
  • Connect the device via a USB cable to the computer from which you will install.
  • Now open the Installapk program itself on a computer. It automatically identifies the device connected by USB. In the “installation through” unit, you need to put the “usb” mark.
  • On the device itself you will receive a message about USB debugging. Click OK.
  • The Icon of the connected device on the IntaLLAPK integse should be green. This means that you can proceed directly to the installation.
  • On the computer, open the folder where the APK files are located for installation. Windows will automatically appoint an APK on the computer Installapk. You just need to open the selected file with a double click.
  • The utility window opens, in which a single mouse needs to be selected with a connected device. At the bottom of the window will become active button “Install“. Click her.
  • The installation of the selected APK file will start. You will not receive any signals about the completion, so you will have to check the process manually.

This installation option is used very rarely due to a large list of actions necessary for implementation. It is much easier to transfer the APK file to the internal memory of the device and perform the installation already from there.

The methods described in the article today are the only one of the efficient options.

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