How To Install An App On An Ipad

How to download the Play Store (Google Play) on the iPhone, or a little about the App Store

You can get there in two ways: through a computer and directly on the iDevice itself. In the first case, you will need the installed iTunes program, which can be downloaded on this page. In general, you can’t go anywhere without it and you need to install it in any case. With iTunes, you can download and install programs and games, download music, and from your computer, sync contacts, mail and notes. If you are a happy owner of a Mac computer, then iTunes will be installed on it by default, while for any Windows computer you need to download the program.

How To Install An App On An Ipad

You can also get to the App Store directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To do this, just find the corresponding program icon on the iDevice desktop.

To download any application or game, you must have an Apple ID account. The most detailed instructions on the Internet for registering an Apple ID are here.

How to download programs (games) on iPhone and iPad overview of App Store sections

May our constant readers forgive us for this post :). Many of our articles and tutorials are aimed at active iPhone, iPad or Mac users. However, the ranks of lovers of “apple” technology are replenished every day with thousands of newcomers. Especially for those who have just acquired the first iDevice, we will tell you how to install the first applications on it and whether it is possible to download the Play Market application (Google Play) to the iPhone.

What is Apple ID?

To quickly figure out how to create an Apple ID, read our instructions. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to come up with a complex password, which will consist of upper and lower case letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers.

All purchases and free downloads are tied to your Apple ID, not your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, try to remember or save in a safe place your Apple ID login information.

When Apple ID is created, you can safely go shopping in the App Store. This requires an internet connection. It can be either Wi-Fi in your home, a free access point in a cafe or park, or mobile Internet.

How to install apps and games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Description of App Store sections

In addition, you can view the “TOP charts” section. This is a rating of programs and games in three categories. The first one displays the most downloaded paid applications at the moment, the second one is free, and the third “TOP-grossing” displays the most popular applications.

It is worth noting that some apps, while free, contain in-app purchases. In-applications can sell for real money in-app currency, items and improvements for a character, car or spaceship, animals and plants for the farm, new game levels, etc.


Recently, many developers have even started selling time. For example, the authors of the game Real Racing 3 (which is distributed free of charge) have set a time limit for buying, improving or repairing a car. You have to either pay or wait for several hours to complete the desired action. Enthusiasts have even calculated that completing this game will either cost several hundred dollars or take about a month of pure waiting.

Often, in-app purchases with real money are veiled and may look like play money purchases. Sometimes news comes up in the press about unfortunate parents whose child has made purchases in the game for a round amount. Do not be afraid, because there is a way to block the waste of funds through programs and games. We recommend all beginners to start by using it. Only after a while, when you clearly understand where they are trying to “rip off” real money and will not react to it, you can enable in-app purchases.

Let’s go back to the App Store. The “View” section is divided into three parts, in one of which Apple moderators offer to familiarize yourself with some of the thematic collections of applications compiled by their own hands, in the second there is a Popular section next to which offers the user applications that are popular in his region. The Categories section is also duplicated here, which is also available from the Selection.

The next section is “Search”. Everything is clear here, you enter either the name of the application or keywords.

The last section “Updates” will display the current updates for the programs and games installed on your device. From here, they can also be updated. In addition, all purchases for your Apple ID are displayed here, including downloaded applications from other devices.

To download an application or game, you must click on the appropriate button (with the price. To buy a paid one or “download” to download a free one).

Opposite some applications and games in the App Store on the iDevice, instead of the download button, a cloud icon with an arrow may be displayed. This means that this application has already been purchased or downloaded by you on another device. You can download the application by clicking on this “cloud”. If the program or game was paid, then the money will not be debited from the account again.

Be sure to download our Apple app to stay up to date with all the news about Apple. In addition, we regularly publish helpful guides and reviews.

After clicking the download button, you will be required to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot force your iPhone or iPad to remember the password and substitute it always when downloading applications. This is for security reasons.

After any of the above steps, the application will start downloading. This will be evidenced by the appeared icon of the downloadable application, containing elements of the download progress. By simply clicking on it, the download will pause. In the same way it can be renewed.

After downloading, an automatic installation process will occur. When the application icon has returned to its normal form. It is ready to launch.

How to uninstall an app on iPad

If you actively use your iPad, then a large number of unnecessary applications and games have probably accumulated on it. Usually this does not create problems, but if the space in the device’s memory has run out, then you will have to delete old ones to install new applications.

Now we will look at three ways at once, how you can delete an application on the iPad and thereby free up space in the device’s memory. We will also tell you why applications may not be deleted and how to fix it.

Removing apps using settings

Also, iOS provides the ability to delete applications through the iPad Settings. To do this, open the “Settings” application and go to the “iPad Storage” section.

Note that in some cases this section of the settings may be called “Using storage and iCloud”), and in older versions of iOS (before iOS 9) you need to go to the “Statistics” section.

In the “iPad Storage” section, you need to wait a little while the list of installed applications is loaded. After the applications have appeared, find the one you want to remove and click on it.

As a result, you will see a window with information about the selected application. This will indicate the size of the application, as well as the amount of documents and data that are related to that application. In order to remove this application, click on the “Remove the program”.

The function “Download the program” will also be available here. In fact, “Download a program” is the same as uninstalling an application, but saving the data related to this application. Using the Download Program function, you can reinstall the application without losing user data.

Removing apps via iTunes

As a last resort, applications on the iPad can be uninstalled through iTunes. To do this, you need to connect your iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and click on the device icon, which should appear in the upper left corner of the window.

This will take you to the iPad settings in iTunes. To uninstall applications, here you need to go to the “Programs” section, the link to which is on the left side of the window.

As a result, a window with the desktops of your iPad should appear. Here with a double click you need to open one of the desktops.

Then hover over the application and click on the delete button.

After that, the icon of the selected application will disappear from the desktop. Now all that remains is to confirm the action using the “Finish” button at the bottom of the iTunes window and the application will be removed from your iPad.

Removing apps from the iPad desktop

The iOS operating system allows you to uninstall installed applications directly from the desktop. This method of removal is the most convenient and fastest, so in most cases it is used.

To remove an application, find its icon on the desktop, press it and hold your finger on the screen until a cross-shaped button appears next to the application icons.

After that, click on this cross and confirm the removal of the application.

As a result, the application you have selected will be removed from the iPad. To remove the crosses next to the application icons, just click on the “Home” button.

It should be noted that in some cases this method of removing applications from the iPad may not work. Sometimes when you click on the application icon, the uninstall button does not appear. If you encounter such a problem, then try one of the methods described below.

Apps are not removed

If none of the described methods worked, then perhaps you have enabled the restriction on deleting applications. To disable this restriction, open the iPad settings and go to the “General. Restrictions” section.

There will be a long list of different restrictions here. Find the restriction on removing programs and disable it. After that, you can try again to uninstall the application.

How to install an app on iPad from a computer

Step-by-step instruction:

Log in to iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer.

  • Go to the page for synchronizing the i-device with a desktop computer, click the “synchronize” checkbox and select the program tab.
  • Next to the selected application (game) or several applications, click the install button
  • In the lower right corner, confirm your actions by clicking the “apply” button.
  • Wait for the files to finish copying to the iPad.
  • The deed can be considered done! Go to your desktop and check for app availability!
  • We use iTunes to search and install applications

    If you are a MAC owner, iTunes will be installed by default, but how can you download games to your iPad via your computer if you own a desktop PC? Install the proposed iTunes for Windows. To do this, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field, specify the location and click the “Download Now” button.

    How to install games and applications on iPad via computer. Installing games on the iPad using file managers

    Another way to install applications through a computer is with special file managers. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this method:

    • You don’t need to sync devices
    • You don’t need to be logged in to iTunes
    • No device internet access required
    • It is absolutely safe
    • High installation speed

    Sign up with iTunes and get an Apple ID

    How to install a game on an iPad via a computer using iFunBox

    Ifunbox is the same file manager that allows you to download applications to your iPhone (iPad) through your computer. The manager is distributed free of charge for iOS and PC platforms. You can download the program from the official website of the developer i-funbox.com.

    Installation Guide (just a few clicks):

    Connect the iPad (iPhone) to the computer (it is recommended to connect via a USB cable, it’s faster and more reliable)

  • Launch iFunBox and select your device in the “Current Device” tab (the “name” of the connected iPad or iPhone should be displayed in the selection menu)
  • Go to the “Install applications” tab and in the window that opens, select the archive in.Ipa format with the desired application on the computer’s HDD.
  • The selected application will be copied and installed in the iPhone memory and will appear on the desktop.
  • How to install an older version of any app on iPhone and iPad

    Quite a common situation. You update an application or game and instead of improved performance and new features, you get a completely inoperative tool. Developers of all stripes make such mistakes, and you can only roll back from the new version to the old one using the Charles Proxy tool.

    The Charles Proxy program can also come in handy in those cases when some functions have been removed in new versions of applications or games. There are a whole lot of examples of such remote functions, take at least the official applications of VKontakte or YouTube, the latest version of which causes only negative emotions in users.

    We want to note right away that despite the apparent complexity, any user can install an old version of any application. The main thing is to follow the instructions clearly. In it, we installed on the iPad one of the first versions of the application of the popular social network Instagram.

    How to install an older version of any app on iPhone and iPad

    Step 1. Download, install and run Charles tool for Windows or Mac (download)

    Step 2. Launch iTunes and start downloading the application, the old version of which you want to install on your iPhone or iPad

    Step 3. In the Charles window, select the iTunes server from which the application is being downloaded, with the word “buy”. Right click on the server name and select Enable SSL Proxying

    Step 4. Return to the iTunes window and stop downloading the app

    Note: if the application has already been downloaded, then it must be removed in the section “My programs”

    Step 5. Find the desired app again in iTunes and start downloading it again

    Step 6. Go to the Charles window and find another line with the word “buy”. This is exactly the object that we are looking for. Go back to iTunes and stop downloading the app

    Step 7. Expand the found branch with the word “buy” in Charles and find the line buyProduct

    Step 8. Select the line buyProduct and go to the Response tab, where specify the XML Text display type

    Step 9. On the screen, after the softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers line, you will see lines like:


    Where the seven-digit number refers to the application’s version numbers in ascending order. In our example, we rolled back Instagram to the truly ancient version 1.8.7, whose build number was first in the list. In practice, it is most often necessary to rollback to the previous version, therefore it is recommended to choose the build number (the one enclosed in the tag) as close as possible to the final version.

    Step 10. Right click on buyProduct and select Edit

    Step 11. Select the XML Text section and find the line in the field:

    Where XXXX is the latest version of the application. Instead of XXXX, you need to paste the value you copied in step 9, and then click Execute. In our example, we changed the number 81542337 to 2948163, thereby rolling back the most recent version of Instagram to the earliest.

    Step 12. Again right-click on the buyProduct item and select Breakpoints

    Step 14. Go to iTunes, find your application and refresh the page (Ctrl R on Windows). Then start downloading the tool

    Step 15. A moment after you clicked the download button, you will be taken to Charles, where you need to switch to the Edit Request. Xml ​​Text screen. In the XXXX field, instead of XXX, paste the build number that you copied in step 9, and then click the Execute button.

    Step 16. Then click Execute again

    Step 17. Go to iTunes and make sure the download has started. Wait for the download to finish

    Step 18. In iTunes, select the “My Programs” tab, find your application and by right-clicking on it, select “Information”. Here you can make sure that the old version of the application is being downloaded.

    Step 19. Delete the new version of the required application from your iPhone or iPad, connect the device to iTunes and install the old assembly

    Step 20. After the end of synchronization, the old version of the required application will appear on your smartphone or tablet

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