How To Install An Answering Machine On Your Phone

Many users would like to install an answering machine on their smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system, which could itself receive a voice call when the user cannot do this for any reason: play a predetermined voice message, as well as record a message from an incoming subscriber. The value of an answering machine on Android for some categories of users is difficult to overestimate. First of all, this application will be appreciated by constantly hurrying and not always having time to answer the challenge business people; this includes students who are in pairs, but do not want to miss a call; drivers whose hands may be busy driving, and many other categories of users.

Unfortunately, setting up a voice answering machine on Android is not always possible. In many firmware phones and tablets, there are restrictions on recording an incoming call from the line. Whether these recipes will work specifically on your device. only a practical test will show. In the meantime, we offer you several options for how you can set up an answering machine on a device with the Android operating system.

Answering machine on Android for users of HTC smartphones

If you. a lucky owner of an Android device from the Taiwanese company HTC working on msm72xx / msm76xx chips, it’s possible that you are lucky. In HTC smartphones on these chips the driver is regularly present with which you can record incoming calls.

Thanks to this driver, the rVoix application also works. The program can also work on devices of other companies based on msm72xx / msm76xx chips, in each case it must be checked individually.

For the application to work, you definitely need to get root privileges. RVoix application is able to record incoming or outgoing calls in mp3 and wav formats and work as an answering machine. The application interface is simple enough and convenient so that even a novice can understand it. rVoix writes calls directly from the telephone line, is able to filter calls.

How To Install An Answering Machine On Your Phone

If you are holding a HTC smartphone on the above chipsets, rVoix. This is the simplest and most convenient solution for receiving the answering machine function on it.

Autoresponder on Android for users of other devices

For those who use a phone or tablet with an Android operating system that was not released by HTC, things get much more complicated. Nevertheless, there are recipes that allow you to acquire the function of a voice answering machine on such devices. One of these recipes you will now give. Note that due to limitations of the operating system, as well as branded firmware that manufacturers flash into their devices, the operation of this recipe on all Android devices is not guaranteed.

So, to get a voice answering machine on Android, we need the following applications: Tasker, SMS Backup, Call Recorder, Auto Answer Incoming Call. Note that in this case it is not necessary to obtain root access rights to your Android smartphone. Install the above applications on your Android device, and begin to understand their capabilities.

The Auto Answer Incoming Call program, as its name implies, can answer incoming calls. We are most interested in two points in this program: “Don’t Answer if In Call?” and “Delay Before Answer”. The first item determines whether the smartphone will answer an incoming call if it arrives at a time when you are already talking with someone, and the second sets the delay time before answering. That is, if you have a tick “Don’t Answer if In Call?”, the application will be able to answer the caller on the second line to the subscriber and record a voice message from him. As you can see, the settings for Auto Answer Incoming Call are simple: set the time after which the program itself answers the call, and that’s it.

The Call Recorder program, which is clear from its name, can record an incoming call. It is also easy to configure. All that is required of the user is to enter some settings. We must choose from which source the sound will be written: from the microphone, from the line, etc., the recording format, as well as its quality (it is recommended to immediately set the maximum). If you wish, you can set a message that the call is being recorded. After each call, the program may also ask you if you want to keep a record of this conversation.

Do not forget to move the slider at the top of the screen to the position in the main application window “Included”, after that, the program will notify you that now it will record all further calls.

Next on our list is the SMS Backup application. The value of this application is that it can synchronize all your calls with the Google calendar, and if you wish, you can go there at any time and check if someone has called you. If there are missed calls. You can listen to the voice message left by this subscriber. The application is tied to a Google account, which must be previously configured in your Android device. Checkbox must be noted “Auto backup” and go to advanced settings (“Advanced settings”) Here in the menu item “Backup settings” indicate that we want to keep a call log. After that, select the e-mail style and give the application the opportunity to synchronize with your account. If everything went well. Your smartphone can pick up the phone and record an incoming call.

The only unresolved issue so far is the need to leave some voice message to the incoming subscriber before starting recording. For this purpose, the so far unused Tasker program is useful.

The application is multifunctional and complicated in settings, it can be difficult for a beginner to deal with it right away. If you delve into the settings, Tasker allows you to create a task in which the application will play a voice message when an incoming call. A more complicated option is when the Tasker picks up the phone on an incoming call, turns on the speakerphone, plays a pre-recorded voice file to transfer it to the line (these dances with a tambourine are necessary because, as mentioned above, direct sound transmission to the line in the operating room Android system is not possible). After that, the Tasker can turn off the speakerphone, enable recording from the line, and end the call.

Due to the limitations of the OS itself and the firmware of different manufacturers, the application may be unstable, users note that sound can be transmitted with distortion, hissing, etc. Check on your smartphone or tablet, try, dare, and let good luck accompany you.

A simple version of SMS answering machine on Android

If you do not have big requirements for your answering machine, and all you need is just to know if someone has called you, you can use the functionality of the SMS Backup application described above. There is also a fairly simple, functional and convenient application for this. Answering machine, which can send text messages if you received an SMS or have a missed call. You can create several options for auto reply, view the history of events, choose what the message is sent to.

As you can see, getting a voice answering machine on Android is not always a simple matter. But it’s worth a try, perhaps your smartphone or tablet is best suited for this task. Good luck!