How to install a web camera on your computer

How to connect and configure your camera as a webcam

The Internet often asks the same question: “How to connect a camera Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, etc. Instead of a webcam?”This article may partially clarify the answer to this question, and possibly help you fix bugs related to “lags” of video images, hangs Skype or the entire OS during a video broadcast.

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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a PDA instead of a webcam?
  • What kind of DFC can work as a webcam.
  • Video capture hardware.
  • Video capture software.
  • Installing and using SplitCam.
  • Video switching when using a video capture device.
  • Possible problems with video transmission.
  • Installing and using ManyCam.
  • Connecting a HPC to ManyCam.
  • How to fix problems with Skype video calls?
  • Processor load when streaming video.
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How to Check if a Camera Works?

Many users check if the camera works with the software installed on their laptop. For example, calling friends and relatives on Skype. However this method is not 100% reliable. The thing is that a webcam can be switched off in the settings of one or another application while it is in working condition.

To find out if the camera is really on, special online services allow. One of the simplest and convenient. WebcamMic Test. To check the camera, the user is prompted to do so:

  • Go to
  • Press the “Test webcam” button.
  • When using the service for the first time, the browser may ask for consent to turn on the device. Confirm the action by selecting the “Allow” option.

If the camera is turned on and working properly, the user will see his image on the laptop or PC screen. Otherwise the following message will appear.

In addition, you can find out if your laptop’s webcam is on, and without access to the Internet. On Windows 10 computers, there is a standard application that allows you to do this test. Open the “Start” menu and find the program with the name “Camera” in it.

The webcam is automatically turned on at startup and the image from the webcam appears on the screen. The malfunction will be indicated by a corresponding notification.

How to connect your webcam to your computer

A webcam is a truly unique device. With its help, you can see and talk to your loved one, even at a distance of many thousands of kilometers. It gives us the opportunity to see what is happening on the other side of the world. Now these devices are quite inexpensive and available.

It is worth taking into account that today there are many companies and companies that produce webcams, and, therefore, the way of installation can vary. Therefore, you need to clearly follow the instructions, if they come with the device.

To install the webcam you will need:

  • computer or laptop with Internet access;
  • Webcam and USB cable (if it is not a wireless version);
  • necessary drivers for the device.

A step by step guide on how to install a webcam

The instructions are for the Windows operating system. For others, the installation may be slightly different.

Step One. Buy a webcam at a computer hardware store. Do not go to places of dubious reputation. The devices come in different sizes, companies and with different additional functions, such as backlighting or motion detection. Hence the large price range. It is better to buy a webcam with a built-in microphone, unless you intend to use it for internet conversations with friends or relatives.

Step two. You should carefully read the instructions on installing the webcam before connecting the device. If it does not come with one then let us move on.

Step Three. Make sure you have everything you need on hand to successfully connect. The webcam itself should be supplied with a USB cable, which should be connected to a computer or laptop. Usually already at this stage the operating system recognizes a new device and installs it automatically.

Step four. Run the CD that comes in the box with the webcam. If no new dialog box appears on the screen, double-click on the “My Computer” icon and start the installation by clicking on the disk icon. If you do not have a removable drive, you can look for the drivers on the internet. They are usually available on the websites of the device manufacturers.

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Step Five. Once you begin installing the webcam, follow all the instructions exactly to successfully complete the operation. This usually only takes a few minutes. Sometimes a reboot of the computer is required after the installation is complete.

Step Six. Now it’s time to install the webcam. Install it on the top edge of the monitor, securing the device with the special clips or clips. If these are not available, it is best to place the camera on a stable, level surface at face level. You want people to see more than just your forehead! Once you’ve adjusted the webcam’s position, you shouldn’t touch it during a video chat. There’s nothing worse than watching a bouncing image and trying to catch the features of the interlocutor in this merry-go-round.

Step Seven. Installation is finished. Your face is now open to the entire virtual world. Enjoy !

If something went wrong.

Sometimes, even after the most meticulous installation, problems with the image or sound of the webcam are inevitable. But do not rush to sound the alarm and contact a computer wizard!

First you need to check how well the device is connected. Maybe the cable is just worn out or the connector itself no longer works? Try to connect the device to different USB ports. If the webcam is connected to a computer or laptop through an adapter, then connect it directly. And, of course, a torn cable and protruding wires will also have a negative impact on proper operation.

You should also remember that some manufacturers require additional activation of the webcam using special keys in addition to the drivers. Their combinations vary depending on the laptop company. Here are some of them:

install, camera, your, computer

If no additional activation is required it is worth checking the Device Manager (Start. Control Panel. System. Hardware. Device Manager). A list of all the software installed on your computer is displayed there. Find the name of the webcam driver and check if there is a small exclamation mark icon next to it? If so, you should perform a reinstallation of the device.

And what to do if the drivers are okay, but there is still no image? Then check the webcam settings. Open, for example, the program Skype. In the top menu you need to click on the “Tools” tab, then in the opened menu find “Settings” (CtrlJ), from the side list select “Video settings”. Next, click on “Webcam Settings” and you will see a window with options. Try to increase the clarity, brightness or contrast.

In any case, remember not to panic and run to get a new webcam after the first failure. It is usually easy to fix, even for a beginner. You just need to put some effort and save.

Installing Software

Some devices come with a stand, which is convenient for filming videos Some models do not require drivers to download or install them independently after connecting the device to the PC. If this does not happen, you can download and install the software for the gadget in the following ways:

  • Through the CD from the webcam package, if available;
  • Using the manufacturer’s official website, download from the Internet;
  • Using the “Device Manager”;
  • By downloading through “Driver Booster” or similar utility.

The easiest way to download and install the driver in the “Device Manager”. Having found the WEB-camera in the list, right-click on the name and select “Update drivers”. Then select “automatically find updated drivers”.

Using the CD

All necessary software is packaged by the manufacturers together with the device If the system unit has a CD drive, but the package with a webcam had a disk, then you should install the software using the media. After inserting the CD, you can configure the camera, step by step, following the onscreen instructions.

install, camera, your, computer

Nowadays discs are rarely packaged with the gadget, as it requires a large package, and you can install the software over the Internet. In any case it will be necessary to update the installed driver, so many people immediately use the manufacturer’s website, where you can download the latest version.

Downloading the driver from the manufacturer’s site

The latest version of the software for the webcam and all the necessary drivers can be downloaded from the official resource of the brand. The address of the manufacturer’s website is usually listed on the packaging, but you can also find it through search engines. Find the software in the “Download” section or by searching the website.

Video Setup

After installing the software, make sure that everything is installed correctly, and that the camera functions as it should. The best way to do this is to use the popular social networking site Skype.

In the “Tools” section select a connected device from the list and check the image quality.

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If Skype is not installed on the PC, there are online services on the Internet to check the video. You can test the camera absolutely for free and in one click.

As a result you will get a detailed report with all the characteristics of the gadget. And if any problems are found, the service will tell you how to fix them.

How to connect the IP camera to the computer

IP cameras connect to your computer via a network cable or Wi-Fi for video surveillance.

  • Connect the IP camera to a wall outlet or power adapter. But if the camera and your router support PoE (check the documentation), then there is no need to do this: The device will charge directly through the Internet cable from the router.
  • Connect the camera with internet cable to the LAN port of the router. Make sure your router is turned on and set up.
  • Install the camera configuration software on your computer. Most often it is sold with the device. If you can’t find it in the box, check the manufacturer’s website.
  • Run the program and follow the instructions. Usually such software allows you to set up a wired or Wi-Fi connection of the camera, as well as control video streaming and recording. Such software works differently depending on the specific manufacturer. If your software does not configure the camera automatically or does not display prompts, look for instructions on the official website.

You can also use your smart phone as a wireless IP camera. To do this, just install one of the special programs on it, and then view and control the video through a computer browser.

How to install drivers and “make” the webcam work

If there is an installation disk in the package

In most cases, the configuration of the camera on the computer ends in the previous step. Drivers for most webcams are installed automatically. If this does not happen, the CD that should be included in the package will help. Insert the disk into the drive, the installation menu will appear. Next, following the explorer prompts, you need to install the device drivers. Reboot your computer to get the webcam working correctly.

IMPORTANT. To check the webcam’s operability in WindowsXP it was enough to open “My computer” and find there the USB-device.This function is no longer available in later versions of the operating system. In Windows 7, for example, you can see the image from the camera only in specialized programs such as Skype.

If the installation disk is not included in the package

But how to configure the webcam on your computer on Widows, if the bundled with a camera no disk or it is lost, and the drivers are not automatically installed? There are three ways to solve the problem. The first is to install a special program that will find the appropriate drivers on the Internet and automatically install them. There are many such programs, the most popular are DriverBooster and DriverPack. These utilities are very simple and have an intuitive interface, so any user will understand them.

The second way is to search for drivers on the network using the built-in Windows tools. To do this, right-click on the “Start” menu. In the menu that opens click on “Device Manager” (for Windows 8 and earlier versions the way is: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “System”).

Next, you need to identify devices with uninstalled drivers by the yellow icon on the right. Among them we find the webcam. After right-clicking on such a device and selecting “Update drivers” in the pop-up menu, you will need to click “Automatically search for updated drivers” in the new window. The drivers will be installed and the camera will work after the reboot.

The third way to solve the problem is to manually search for the necessary files on the website of the manufacturer of the camera.

Quick Guide

Connecting your webcam to your computer is fairly easy. Both a schoolboy and a middle-aged person can cope with this.

After plugging the USB cable into the hole, you will see a popup window on the bottom right. Click on it. “Hardware Upgrade Wizard” will open. It will immediately ask you to automatically install the driver. You click “Next” and just wait for the system to start. If not, the “Wizard” will notify you that there is a problem with the device.

In the case where the OS “does not see” the webcam, you need to install the drivers manually. This is usually the case with Windows 7 or 8/8.1. This may be difficult at this point, but in the end everything is manageable.

How to enable the webcam in Windows 7

To do this you will need to do something like.

    The first thing to do is to check if the device is even present in our “Device Manager. To do this you need to write in a search yourself this request, and then open it.

  • If after this the device does not work then you must click on “Update drivers” in the same window where we clicked on “Launch”. It is possible when you have downloaded drivers for an outdated version, and they are not fully supported by Windows 7. You can enable automatic drivers. This will allow the system to update itself and work.
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Checking status of web camera in the system

To check the webcam’s operation in Windows, use the Device Manager. You need to perform the following actions:

  • Open “Control Panel.
  • Go to “Device Manager”.
  • Find the name of your webcam, right click on it and select “Properties”.

A window will open that will display the status of the webcam. The inscription “The device works fine” indicates that it is working properly. Other messages in the status bar will indicate various errors which are explained below.

Enabling the camcorder through Device Manager

If we are talking about the seven, you can also enable the device with the Device Manager. To connect the camera in this way, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the “Start” menu and go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Locate the “All items” subsection.
  • Then go to “Device Manager”.
  • Then open “Image Processing Devices”.
  • Find web-camera from the list and click the context menu.
  • Click on “Activate”.
  • End the process by rebooting the computer.

Windows 7: How to check the camera on your laptop

Checking the webcam in Windows 7 is not a complicated process, but requires some understanding of the steps. Therefore, below is information on how to check the webcam on Windows 7.

Please note! On computers with 7 versions of the basic Windows software installed, the camera operability cannot be checked by means of the operating system. Third-party applications are used for this.

Despite the fact that Seven does not include functionality to test the camera, to test the image you do not need to download additional applications. An existing program, which implies the use of a webcam, will be sufficient. The most popular among them are Skype, Media Player Classic, PotPlayer, etc.

To test the performance of the webcam using Skype, do the following steps:

  • Starts Skype. Click the program shortcut to open the main menu.
  • Then open the main menu.
  • Go to “Tools” section.
  • After getting to the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Video settings” function.
  • Check camera operation and adjust image settings.

The Media Player Classic Home Cinema application will also help you adjust the camera settings. And most likely this video player is already installed on your computer because it is part of the standard K-Lite package. To make sure that the webcam works with Media Player Classic, you must run the player. Then go to the “File” section, which is located in the horizontal menu at the top. Select the “Open Devices” function and get the desired picture.

Notice! In some versions of the program you will also need to set the basic camera settings, which are done through the “View” section of the application.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

The popular player Daum PotPlayer has even more functionality than the previous application. It will not only allow you to check the camera, but also to write videos with the imposition of various filters.

One more way is to use specialized online services like WebcamToy. With their webcam, you can take photos, process them, shoot video and impose various effects.

Important! Images made with the help of such services are available only to the user.

Online camera checking service WebcamToy

Setting up your camera in Windows 7

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Since this version of the operating system does not have its own application for working with the camera, the configuration is carried out with the help of third-party utilities. One of the simplest options that work well with systems of any power is AMCap. It is designed to take photos and record video. It has many options to help solve the problem of how to set up the camera on your Windows 7 laptop. Most of them are concentrated in the Options tab. In it, you can make an acceptable picture on videos and photos by dragging and dropping sliders in the rows:

You’ll also find additional options like shooting against the light and enhancement. In the Skype menu you can find a similar functionality. This will help to use your camera for calls, and at the same time to show the most normal picture.

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