How To Install A Program From A Disk To A Computer

Almost all programs (including computer games) are distributed in a compressed (packed) form. For normal operation, they need to be unpacked and correctly placed on the hard drive. The process of unpacking and placement is called installation or installation.

How to install the program on a computer will be discussed in the article below.

What is software?

Software. This is the totality of all the programs installed on the computer. Without it, the computer will be inferior, because it will not be able to perform its functions.

The most important piece of software is operating system (OS). For many years, the most common are the operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family (2000, XP, Vista, 7). With its simplicity, reliability and compatibility with almost all computer equipment being manufactured, Windows has won the preference of more than 90% of users. In this regard, the vast majority of programs (including computer games) are developed specifically for use with Windows operating systems.

This, of course, is about operating systems for classic computers and laptops. For portable devices (tablets, smartphones and other devices) special operating systems are being developed, such as Android, Symbian, Tizen and others. Programs are also installed on them. However, as a rule, it is impossible to use an application developed for Android in a device (computer) with the operating system Windows, Linux, Symbian, etc. Further, we will focus only on installing applications for Windows. The installation procedure for software for other systems is significantly different.

In fact, operating system. This is a combination of only basic utilities and programs, united by a shell, which allows the user to control the computer through a graphical interface and ensures that he performs the basic functions. Windows includes Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Notepad, WordPad, and other text editors. However, their capabilities are not enough for most users. In order to expand the functionality of the computer after installing the operating system on it, other programs are installed.

Almost all programs (including computer games) are distributed in a compressed (packed) form. For normal operation, they need to be unpacked and correctly placed on the hard disk (SSD). The process of unpacking and placing is called setting or installation. Installing programs on Windows is automatic and requires minimal user involvement and knowledge.

How to install the program on a Windows computer

Installation process all programs are inherently very similar. In practice, to to install the program just double-click with the left mouse button on the installer file, which, as a rule, has the name setup, install or a combination of these words with the name of the program. Next, you need to answer the installer questions and click the continue button.

During installation, the user is asked questions regarding program installation locations (installation path), the need to add a shortcut to the desktop, etc. (see. Fig.).

By default, programs are installed in the folder Program files, located on the system local disk. You do not need to change the installation path. This does not apply to computer games, which are most often installed on another local drive (any one of the user’s choice).

The correct operation of some programs may depend on the availability of other programs in the system. So, new computer games require a “fresh” version of DirectX, other programs may depend on the presence of NET Framework on the computer, etc. During the installation, the installer checks for the presence of the necessary components and informs the user if they are missing. In this case, you need to stop the installation process, first install the necessary components, and after that install the program itself.

After installation is complete, some programs require a reboot.

An installed program can be launched by going to the “Start” menu (in the lower left corner of the screen) in the “All Programs” section and selecting it in the list.

How to remove a program from a computer

Uninstall (uninstall) programs also requires the correctness of actions and their certain sequence. Just removing the program folder from the hard drive will not guarantee its complete uninstallation. About the program will remain entries in the Windows registry and other places.

Programs must be deleted with the help of a special manager (see. Fig.). To run it, you need to in the Control Panel (go to “Start.” “Control Panel”) open the item “Uninstall Programs” (in Windows XP. “The installing and deleting of programms”) The uninstall manager displays a list of all the programs installed on the computer. To remove a program, you need to find it in the list and double-click on it with the mouse (in Windows XP. Select the program and press the button “Delete”) continue to answer the questions of the uninstallation wizard until the process is completed.

How To Install A Program From A Disk To A Computer