How to install a password on a computer at the entrance

install, password, computer, entrance

How to install a password on a computer at the entrance

For various reasons, it is necessary to find out how to install a password on a computer at the entrance, that is, when it is turned on. If you are afraid for the safety of your data and want no one without your knowledge to turn on the computer, then put the password will be the right decision.

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However, remember that this is not always convenient. For example, if you do not like to sit near the computer and wait until it is completely booting, and instead go to the kitchen for tea, then with the appearance of the password there will be some difficulties: the computer will be completely ready to work a few minutes after the password entering the password. That is, after you print it, you still have to sit and wait. The problem itself is small, but for some it may be very uncomfortable.

Now let’s look at how to put the password on different operating systems.

install, password, computer, entrance

How to put a password for entering your computer

To protect information on a computer from extraneous access, you can set the password on inclusion and input in Windows. The second option requires administrator rights.

If you need reliable protection against unauthorized access, take the choice of password seriously. In the “control panel”, open the “administration” node and click on the “local security policy” icon. In the list of “Safety Parameters”, open “Account Politics”, and then “Password Politics”.

Click the right key named Politics in the right window and select “Properties”. The “Explanation of the Parameter” tab shows a detailed certificate on the purpose of the parameter and methods of its application. Include politicians that are necessary to protect your computer from unlawful penetration.

In the “Management Panel” Launch the “Accounts of Users” service. Follow the link “Change of account” and click on the “Administrator” icon. Click the “Password Creation” and enter a combination of characters into the corresponding fields. Click “Create a password”.

Now you need to create accounts for other users so that they can work on a computer only under their profile. Expand the “Accounts” node and follow the link “Creation of account”. Fill in the field “Enter the name” and click “Next”.

Keep in mind that users from the Administrators group can easily change your password and thus go to your profile on a computer. If you are against such a development of events, translate the radio clip into the “Limited Record” position. Click “Create a record”.

Click on the icon of a new account and follow the link “Create a password”. Come up with a new password for this user and tell him. It must be borne in mind that you will have to regularly change passwords for all accounts if you have included this parameter in security policy.

These precautions can be circumvented if you boot from the boot disk or flash drive. To exclude this possibility, disconnect in the BIOS loading with CD/DVD or Flash. To do this, after turning on the computer, wait for the appearance on the invitation screen: “Press Delete to Setup”. Instead of Delete, the BIOS manufacturer can indicate another key, for example, F2, F9 or F10.

Find in the Setup menu a item that determines the order of loading the system. Install the download from CD/DVD in Disable. Then, in the section responsible for the password (it contains the word password), enter the password for the entrance to the BIOS.

True, this method can be circumvented. To do this, just open the system unit, remove the round battery that feeds the chip of the ROM, and drive the contacts with a screwdriver. ROM settings will be dropped by default. How to prohibit craftsmen to open the system unit, come up with yourself.

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How to put a password on a computer on Windows 10

In the tenth version of the OS from Microsoft, similar actions to install a password are performed, as in the previous versions. There is also not only a standard protection option, but also graphic, as well as a pin code.

How to put a password on a computer on Windows 10? Perform the following actions:

  • Through the “Start” menu, find and clat on the gear, which indicates the parameters of the system.
  • The window opens in which select the section with accounts.
  • Open the point with the entrance parameters. In some, it is designated as “entry options”.
  • Select a PIN code, standard password or graphic key.
  • Climat the “Add” button, come up with a secret combination or visual code, confirm the action and save.

How to change the password on the computer on Windows 10? In the same section, select the type of password that you plan to change, press the corresponding button and indicate the new secret combination. Here, delete passwords.

Windows 10: YouTube/Compp Profi entry parameters

There are other ways to block the system on Windows 10. You can use the physical security key-a USB key or a device with NFC support (smartphone or access card).

This method of entering the system works with Windows Hello, with which a fingerprint or pin code is tuned. This is necessary so that those who stole the physical key can not enter the system without passing the second stage of blocking.

Security keys are purchased in retail computer stores. Windows Hello sets up in the same place where the standard password is installed. Install the slider in an active position, and then:

install, password, computer, entrance
  • Enter Microsoft account.
  • Open the section responsible for safety, and then select “Expanded Security Parameters”.
  • Add a new entry way.
  • Activate “Using a computer with Windows”.
  • Further follow the instructions to configure Windows Hello.

How to Add a Password on Start up or Lock Screen on Windows 10 (Easy Method!)

To activate the security key, go to the section with the choice of locking method. Climate the key and select “Management”. Windows Hello settings will open. Connect the safety key to the device, create a PIN code and perform the subsequent actions that the system will request.

Password installation on a computer is a need when several users have access to the device. The secret combination will protect the data stored on PC from unnecessary intervention by unauthorized persons. Each version of Windows has a built.In possibility of installing a password. It can be changed and removed if necessary.

How to put a password on a computer with Windows XP, Vista?

Old Windows editions are still widespread among many users around the world, which means that the USR Password security code is set up at the entrance to the system is still relevant. We will analyze the step.By.Step guide for the implementation of the task:

  • After click on the Start menu, launch the “control panel”;
  • We go to the tab with user accounts;
  • Next, select our account (with administrator rights);
  • In the integrated integration, click the code of creating the code;
  • A window will appear in which you will create a password to protect the entrance to the system.

Password installation instructions for Windows 8.

Through the menu “Parameters”.

Cut your device under the control of Windows 8/8.1 you can through the “parameters” of the computer, for this, hang up the mouse on the desktop to the right upper corner, you should have such a menu.

Select “Parameters”, and then “Changing the parameters of the computer”.

In the menu that appears, select the “Accounts” tab.

Select the “entry parameters” and click on the “Add” button under the “Password” item.

It remains to enter the desired password for entering your account, having previously recorded it or just remembering it.

Through the “control panel”.

Open the “control panel” and select “Accounts and Family Security”.

Select “User Accounts”.

Click on “Management of another account”.

Select exactly that account on your PC/laptop, for which you need to install a password.

Come up with a difficult, but at the same time easy password to remember and save it.

How to install a password on a computer yourself

The password installed on the computer helps to protect the information stored on it from outsiders. It must be installed on all computers of organizations, as well as ordinary users. At the same time, installing the password on the computer is very simple on your own. With sequential performance of all necessary actions, this takes, as a rule, 3-4 minutes.

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To install the password on the computer correctly, first you need to come up with!

But before starting to install a password, you need to come up with it. It is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Experts do not advise using the user’s date of birth, his name or surname, as well as other personal information as a password. Also, you should not use the words password, login or non.Parol, who are so loved by some users. All of the above options are not suitable because when hacking a computer, attackers or special viruses first of all try these combinations. It is also desirable that the password on the computer is complex, that is, combines both letter and digital characters in itself. The total password length for Windows operating systems should be at least 6 characters.

Ideal, the password should be any abstract concept or definition, in no way related to the biography of the user or the birth of his classes. One of the easiest ways to come up with a reliable password is to open a random book on a random page, remember the first word that caught my eye and add today the day of the month.

You can install a password on the computer yourself through the control panel

So, to set the password, press the start button. Next, choose the settings point, in it. The control panel. In the newly opened window click on the section of user accounts. To install the password on the computer correctly, select the account of your computer and click on the Password Creation button. A menu with two empty lines will appear on the monitor. The first must enter the password, in the second. Confirm it.

As soon as you do this, click on the button to create a password located at the bottom of the menu. Password will be created automatically. After that, reboot the computer.

How to install a password on a computer at the entrance

To protect the user’s personal data, it is recommended to install a password on the computer at the entrance to Windows 7, 10 or another version of the operating system. To do this, use special user settings.

install, password, computer, entrance

To install the password on the computer at the entrance, open the Start menu and click on the user’s image in the upper right corner. After that, a window “Accounts of users” will appear in front of you. You can also open this section through the “control panel”. Please note that at the same time you should be the administrator of this computer, otherwise part of the settings may be absent.

Click on the link “Create a password of account”. If you use Windows 10, then you should pre.Click “Change of accounting in the“ Computer Parameters ”window and click“ Entrance parameters ”in the window that opens. Set the password on the computer at the entrance by introducing any combination convenient for you and confirm it with repeated input. Please note that if a password has already been installed in the system, it will also need to be indicated in order to change it to a new. You also need to enter a hint for a password. It can be any word or phrase, having read which, you can immediately remember the password.

Be careful when installing a password and pay attention to which input language is currently set. Given that when you enter a protective combination, you will see encrypted characters, you can easily make a mistake by indicating the password on the Cyrillic alphabet instead of Latin or vice versa. Also see if the Capslock indicator is turned on in order to avoid input in capital letters, and if necessary, turn it off by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard.

Being a computer administrator, you can install a password on a computer at the entrance not only for your profile, but also for accounts of other users. To do this, select “Management of another account” in the main window “User accounts” and set the password for a user. If there are too many users of the computer, then use one of the special access to access restrictions, for example, Kaspersky Password Manager to store passwords.

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You can install a password not only when entering Windows, but also directly when you turn on the computer. To do this, when starting the device, press the DEL key (F1, Tab or another indicated in the instructions for the computer or motherboard), after which the BIOS system menu will start. Go to Set User Password, specify the desired combination, then click F10 to save settings. Now immediately after turning on the computer, the user will have to enter this password to download the system.

How to remove a password from a computer when downloading Windows

If you are firmly sure that none of outsiders can get access to your PC or you have nothing to hide, you can disable the trained entrance to the system. In other cases, it is better to refrain from such a measure, although many users need to enter a password greatly annoying.

So, we describe how to turn off the password at the entrance to Windows 10 or more old versions:

  • Call the command line console (Windows R keys);
  • Enter the NETPLWIZ command, confirm;
  • If the utility does not start, we try it in a different way: we collect Control Userpasswords2, click Enter;
  • In the list of accounts that appears, select the one for which it is necessary to remove the password;
  • Opposite the inscription “Demand the input of the name” we remove the box, click OK;
  • To confirm, you will need to enter a password and confirm the operation by pressing OK.

As a result, at the start of the operating system (inclusion, reboot), the password will not be requested. But when leaving the sleep mode, changing the account and unlocking the screen after violent lock (Windows L), you will still have to enter it.

If this option does not suit you and you want to forever remove the password at the entrance to the Windows 10 OS, including the Hibernation mode, try another way that it is advisable to use if you have sufficient experience.

To do this, we go to the control utility of accounts (via “Start” and tab “Parameters”). If you use the Microsoft profile to enter the system, indicating the bunch of email/password, you need to turn it off. After that, it is necessary to create a regular local profile for which the password field is empty. As a result of such actions, synchronization with Microsoft servers will be disabled, which can lead to improper operation of some applications on other devices tied to this account.

There will be no consequences for a regular profile. Just change the password, leaving the corresponding field empty.

Another way to help get rid of the authentication procedure, including when waking up a computer, will be very relevant if you forgot the Windows password:

  • In the search console, dial the word “power” and click with the mouse on the link that appears;
  • You can come here through the “control panel”;
  • Select the “password request for awakening” block;
  • Mark the selector “Do not request a password”.

Turning on/disabling a password entry request

If, having visited the page on which the password should be present, it is not possible to detect it (there is simply no command or in return there is a “change” button). The secret combination has already been installed. The absence of a request for its input when loading the system indicates the disconnection of the option. In this case, it makes no sense to apply instructions on how to install a password on a computer when entering the system. Another approach will be required.

There is a universal method of activating and deactivation of the request to enter the previously added cipher:

  • Using the search, find and start the application “Perform”.
  • Enter the NETPLWIZ command and click Enter.

As you can see, adding a secret combination to the entrance to Windows is not difficult. The main task of the computer owner is not to forget the password. Otherwise, it will have to dump it or reinstalling the operating system.

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