How to install a browser on LG Smart TV

How to install Yandex Browser on TV

Yandex.The browser is one of the most popular and functional browsers not only in Russia, but also in the world. He has a built.In advertising blocker, has an improved mechanism for creating slabs, and can boast of the turbo mode to save traffic and many others. It is not sacred that many Smart TV owners would like to install a web navigator from Yandex on their TV. But an attempt to go to the playmarket and load the program from there often fails. How to install the Yandex Browser we need for a home TV, and what will be needed for this? Let’s talk about this in our material.

Television form of the application “Yandex.Browser “has a slightly simplified structure compared to its version on PC. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary basic functionality that allows you to go to the Internet, receive notification, reproduce media content and so on.

Despite the numerous attempts of users to download a browser from Yandex from Play Market, you can simply not find this browser in a digital store from Google.

Installation of browsers on a TV with SMART technology is carried out in a slightly different way, and is as follows:

  • Turn on your TV;
  • Call the main TV menu using a TV remote control;
  • Using the remote control, start a special program for downloading applications on TV. For example, on Samsung TVs, such a program is Smart Hub, on LG TVs. “LG Smart World” ETC;

Do not forget to regularly update your browser from Yandex. To do this, go to its settings, and click on “update”.

You can also update the browser along with the firmware of your TV for this you need to go to “Settings”, choose “support” there, click on “update” and allow the installation of a new version of the program.

Let’s analyze the installation of Yandex.Browser on different TVs from a number of popular manufacturers.

How to install third.Party programs

Widgets inaccessible in the official LG store can be downloaded from other sources. Such software can be found on the sites of independent developers, portals and forums of Smart TV fans, blogs and social networks. Installation on the TV is a little more complicated, but an attentive and thoughtful reading of instructions will help to cope with this task even inexperienced users.

Note: The lack of software in Content Store does not mean that the widget is unsafe or has low quality. The reason is often the misunderstandings between LG and external companies/developers’ groups regarding the use of content. However, it is not recommended to install little.Known applications from unverified sources.

Installation from a flash drive

First you need to find and download the necessary software through a browser on your computer. Then remove the contents of the archive.Zip or.RAR (programs distribute in compressed form) to the root directory of your disk and follow the instructions given below:

  • Enter your Smart TV account;
  • Insert a flash card into an accessible TV slot;
  • Wait for a notification that the media is connected;
  • Click the button with the “hut” icon on the remote control;
  • Scroll the menu and find the shortcut of the desired widget;
  • Run the desired program.

The main condition for using software on the flash drive is that the carrier should not be removed from the nest during the software operation.

Installation in the developer mode

The development environment of Webos applications is needed not only by developers creating software, but also to ordinary owners of Smart TVs. For work, you will need:

  • Download and install on your computer Java Development Kit, Git, Webos TV IDE and installation application (archive with extension.IPK);
  • Register on the Webos developers portal;
  • Install an application of the developer mode on the TV (through the official store);
  • Connect the computer and the Smart TV to the same network.
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Please note that when downloading programs for PC, it is necessary to take into account the size of the operating system bits (32 or 64 bits). For work in the development environment, emulators are not required.

Then perform a series of steps separately on your Smart TV and on your computer.

-unpack the IPK archive and move the files to the new project.

Next, add a new device by switching to the “target configuration” tab. (the lower right angle of the program window) and click on the “new connection” icon. In the window of the window, the type of connected device (“LG Smart TV” in the drop.Down menu “Type of device”) appears on the window of the window). In the “IP address” line, enter an IP address that can be found in the program for the developer mode launched on the Smart TV.

Then the device icon will appear on the same tab. In his context menu that appears when clicking with the right mouse button, select the “Properties” line. Then, in the field of properties “password”, where in the developer mode it is necessary to introduce a combination of characters from the line of the same name. Then apply the changes made (button “apply”).

Software installation will take some time, after which the widget will work without the intervention of the user. The icon will also appear on the menu. You should know that to install some software, you will need to indicate the DNS servers in the TV settings. Detailed information about the procedure can be found in detailed software instructions on specialized websites and forums.

LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV

In the new TVs of this company, the browser has already been preinstalled. In general, LG was the first to release TV with Smart TV support since 2009. What are the advantages of the “native” browser for LG Smart TV:

  • High resolution support;
  • Prevented popular applications (YouTube. Etc);
  • To save the page you like in the “chosen”, just press a separate button on the remote control;
  • The resources attended are preserved in the “Journal”.
  • Pages or tabs began to load for a long time;
  • Some online resources were suddenly blocked;
  • Pictures and other media materials are not loaded.

This is a signal that it is time to update the built.In observer. It is performed in two ways: manually or using a “flash drive”. If the TV is connected to the Internet, then the USB drive is not needed, and the procedure will be much easier.

If the telepressel is not connected to the network, the browser can be updated using the “flash drive”. How to update the browser on Smart TV LG. Procedure:

  • They go into the TV settings and watch what it costs, for which they choose “Information about the service”.
  • Using the computer, they go to the official website of LG, and the model and digital designations of the TV are entered in the line “Model number”.
  • If the desired telepressel is found, the window will open, where they look at the “software and firmware” column. There is a section “Software File” that is downloaded.
  • The saved file is thrown into a USB drive, having previously formatted it or creating a separate folder.
  • Connect the “flash drive” to the TV, which will determine the update and install it.

If TV is connected to the network, it is even easier to update:

  • Enter the settings (Settings button on the remote control).
  • “Support”.
  • “Software Update”.
  • “Check the availability of updates”.
  • If a new version is available, “update”.

To download a third.Party browser, they enter the LG Smart World application. An official program store. To use it, you will have to register on the LG website by entering e.Mail and password. Search and installation of the application:

New browser will appear on the menu. Updates for it can be checked in the same store. LG Smart World.

Popular browsers for LG TVs:

install, browser, smart
  • Google Chrome. Well optimized for the Android OS, productive, stably working, stylishly looking, with support for extensions;
  • Mozilla Firefox. In terms of data transfer, it is inferior to chrome, but has its own characteristics: “understands” many formats, unique extensions are available on it, supports Flash technology;
  • Dolphin Browser. Works stably, speed at the level of the previous two. From “chips”-interaction with social networks, the ability to create PDF files.

By updating or downloading a new browser, the TV must be turned on.

Browser for Smart TV. Connecting element of “smart” TV options. Therefore, it needs to be updated in a timely manner in order not to encounter lags, incorrectly working functions. Manufacturers install their observers in produced TV, but if desired, the user can download a third.Party browser from the Internet, fortunately, now there are many of them, and each to his own taste and color.

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LG Smart TV with Google TV. Chrome

How to download Yandex.Browser on the TV

Television form of the Yandex application.The browser has a slightly simplified structure compared to the computer version. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary basic functions that allow you to get access to the Internet, receive notification, reproduce media content and so on.

Yandex browser is one of the most popular web browsers in Russia.

Despite the numerous attempts of users to download the Yandex browser from the Play Store, you can simply not find this browser in the Google digital store.

Yandex web navigator may not be available in Play Store on TV.

How to install Yandex Browser on Samsung TV

The Samsung Web Navigator installation procedure is as follows:

  • Call the menu on your Samsung TV;
  • Find and run the smart concentrator;
  • Here, find and start the Samsung App TV application. Thanks to the functionality of this product, you can download new applications to your Samsung; Select Samsung applications
  • If necessary, enter the system. In the list of available applications, look for the Yandex browser (use the search engine); Samsung applications on your TV
  • Select the Yandex browser and, by clicking on the “Install” button (or “download”), install the application on the TV;
  • All you need to do is start the application and use its functions.

How to install Yandex.Browser on TV LG

For installation of Yandex.Browser on the LG SMART televisor must use LG Content Store.

  • Enter LG Content Store (LG Smart World) by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control of the TV distance; On the TV menu, select “Save”.
  • Find the Yandex browser and click “install” to download it to your TV.

How to connect Yandex to Sony TV

If your Android operating system is installed on your Sony TV TV, the Yandex browser installation procedure is as follows:

  • Click the “Home” button in the main menu;
  • In the main menu below is the section “Applications”; Select “Apply”.
  • In the application section, select “Google Play Store”;
  • Use the search function to find Yandex Browser;
  • Select “install” to install a browser on the TV.

Please note that Sony recommends installing applications using the Apps Tool function. Loading and independent installation of the Yandex browser APK file can lead to unstable TV operation.

Скрытая функция LG SMART TV (webos) | Как установить ForkPlayer | Iptv TV box

It is not recommended to install APK files on the TV.

What to do if there are problems after updating?

No one is safe from unexpected troubles and incomprehensible problems. They especially scare if you are engaged in installation or updating for the first time, and do not yet understand all the processes.

LG web browser does not start

If the utility does not start at all, then most likely you did something wrong during the installation process. Remove the current version and put it again.

The web browser cannot connect to the Internet

With this phenomenon, it is worth checking whether the router works correctly. Make sure the password is entered correctly, and the network frequency corresponds to the parameters of the TV.

Lack of internal memory

Using the remote control (or mouse) through the main menu, clean the space. This is done due to the removal of rarely used applications and cleaning the cache.

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Features of LG TV

Smart-TV differs from the usual television with additional functions that allow the owners of technology to use the Internet and online applications. The basis for access to the network was the Webos operating system, which in 2012 was free use, and a year later was already used by LG Corporation. If you focus on the features of TVs, it turns out that they are:

  • Allow brutal control using Magicremote remote controls;
  • Support voice management;
  • Allow you to create your own local network for quick access to third.Party devices;
  • Able to combine several active functions at the same time (for example, watching television and video game).

There are other features that distinguish LG equipment against the general background.

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The purpose and functions of the browser

Modern TVs. Almost computers or smartphones. Therefore, the software must pay additional attention, monitor the relevance and correctness of the installation. Web Browser from LG helps to interact with websites. Its intensity is slightly unusual. The platform on which it works is called Android TV.

In addition to a standard browser, you can download more familiar programs such as Opera, UC Browser, Yandex.Browser, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. The set of functions in principle is the same. The main difference in the intenses and the location of the working elements.

Overview application for LG TVs can be viewed in the video

Among the main options, access to which is opened by the discussed application:

  • Use of Internet resources;
  • View sites (through the search engine or input of the URL);
  • Watching video;
  • Seing social networks;
  • Access to online galleys and libraries;
  • Listening to the radio through the network;
  • Launch of musical compositions from open and closed sources;
  • Use of special software products;
  • Can work with a voice assistant.

For the full use of all functions marked “SMART“, you need to connect via cable or Wi-Fi. The latter option is carried out through the WLAN block. Modern models are equipped with them, more old ones can be supplemented with a remote option that can be bought separately.

The need to update the web browser on the LG Smart TV TV

Since the most part of the LG Smart TV functionality is tied to the work of the built.In intra.System browser, it must be regularly updated. This becomes especially relevant when LG, together with other suppliers of additional in terms of new versions of individual components/tools for its TVs. Such a “instrumental” update usually makes a number of changes to applications and system settings, which can become incompatible with the current version of the browser. And in this case, the user may face a number of technical problems:

  • Long loading of the browser. The waiting time for starting, response and loading pages/tabs/applications may increase;
  • Blocking IP addresses of a number of online resources. Due to the failure in the database of the “Black List of Malicious Sites”, individual sites may stop loading;
  • Violation in the work of the browser Adobe Flash Player. For this reason, media files may stop displaying: pictures, videos, etc. D.;
  • Other problems that may depend on a specific TV model.

One of the problems of untimely renewal of the browser may be a violation of Adobe Flash Player, which is why only the white screen will appear when trying to play the video

Possible problems: causes and methods of elimination

In order for the installation and update to be successful, the following rules should be followed:

install, browser, smart
  • Download according to only with proven sources;
  • With manual update and installation, do not remove and do not touch the flash drive;
  • Do not press the buttons during installation, do not turn off the device.

If all conditions are met, then the functionality of the observer is ensured, but it happens that after installing or updating problems may occur that complicate or make it impossible to use the observer.

Most of them will be able to cope on their own, the main thing is to determine the reason.

Problem Cause The method of elimination
Inability to launch the Smart TV LG observer After a manual update, the system is not able to recognize a new version. Synchronization must be carried out independently: go to the settings-support-irialization.
Lack of Internet connection After the update, information was not imported from the old observer to the new. You need to reset the settings. In the browser, find the “Settings”/“General” tab, click “Settings Reset”. Restore the web browser.
Lack of internal memory Incorrect reading data on the state of memory of the system after updating. Run the SMART function using DU. Open the “Smart” functions, then. “clean the cache”.

These problems are most common among users, but other malfunctions are also possible in the work of the browser.

The installation and regular updating of the installed programs will help to get a maximum from the Smart TV LG. Web browser helps to expand the capabilities of Smart TV LG. By installing a browser, the use of functions will become comfortable.

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