How to insert a Smart card into the TV set

Where to install a Smart card if your TV set has no corresponding slot

If your TV does not have a CI/PCMCIA connector for the CAM module, the user must purchase a TV set-top box (receiver) to be able to connect digital broadcasting. Choosing the device isn’t difficult: there’s a wide range of devices on the market today to meet any requirement. You shouldn’t have any problems with the set-top box connection. Some providers, such as MTS, when connecting themselves install their TV set-top boxes to subscribers, including payment for the use of it in the monthly payment, or provide on a free basis (usually during the promotional period of the company). Installing the Smart card and CAM-module in the receiver is similar to the connection through the connector on the TV panel.

The installation mechanism of the card for tricolor TV

Most receivers for this operator are built on the same principle, and the price difference indicates only the additional features. For a standard gadget of this type, when inserting an additional component, it is customary to use the following plan algorithm of action:

insert, smart, card
  • connection of the receiving device, which is necessary to be able to contact the packet element with a standard TV set;
  • finding a special slot, to install an additional mechanism that allows you to open the corresponding package;
  • insertion of an additional component. the chip must always be on top;
  • Closing the tuner hole, making operational adjustments.

To install a card correctly, you should look at the arrows drawn on its surface. At length you need to look at the instructions of the receiver itself, because it may be a device of a non-standard sample, which will use a different installation algorithm.

There will be no problems with the rest of the technical aspects, because all the cards have standard size parameters. In case of additional, problematic situations, it is worth contacting a professional technician.

If you don’t know how to insert the Smart card into the receiver properly, it can lead to problems with TV broadcasting and incorrect operation, and in rare cases, can cause damage to the receiver.

It contains information necessary for contact with the satellite equipment for watching TV, namely:

insert, smart, card
  • About the services available to the user.
  • Special data for exchange with the receiver.
  • Operator marks confirming quality.
  • A design that allows you to identify the provider.
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A Tricolor TV card is similar to a regular phone card, but has a different size. You can learn more about Smart-card.

For details on how to insert the Smart card of Tricolor operator into the tuner see the instruction, which is always supplied with the equipment.

The advantages of using

Connecting such additional equipment allows you to take maximum advantage of the possibility of comfortable receiving information from TV. Thanks to the purchase and installation of Smart cards from well-known providers (MTS, NTV,, Tricolor TV), the user:

  • can enjoy quality digital broadcasting with improved clarity. that is less sensitive to interference and distortion with improved picture and sound;
  • chooses a list of pay channels he wants to watch by himself;
  • has the ability to easily connect and disconnect paid channels;
  • receives receives a text version of the TV program programs on your screen (depending on the provider and the TV model capabilities).

For example, subscribers whose digital TV provider is MTS use this service.

Rules of connecting and configuring the CAM-module

If you buy a receiver, you can provide satellite broadcast channels even on TVs that are more than ten years old. Specialists will be able to choose the right material, cable, ensuring the successful connection of your TV to the satellite dish. However, despite the many advantages of the receiver, you still have to deal with some disadvantages when using it. In particular, you have to get used to using two remotes:

If you are tired of such confusion and want to simplify your “life” we recommend you to connect a CAM-module.

How it works

Pcmcia Card Slot is present on most modern televisions. This slot is used to connect decoding cards of television signal.

If you buy a special access card with the appropriate coding from a cable TV operator, which is inserted into the Pcmcia slot, you must pay for a package of channels.

After you pay for the tariff, the card will be activated and allow the user to watch all the available channels. The TV signal passes through a demodulator and reads the information from the card inserted in the Pcmcia Card Slot.

Secure connection guarantees to the subscriber and the operator that only the person who paid for the service will use broadcasting services.

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How and where to buy a Smart card of Tricolor TV without equipment

You can buy Smart-card on the main web-site of satellite TV company, at official dealers or in the operator’s office. And you can do it without equipment. Previously this was impossible, and it was issued only with a receiver or CAM-module.

If the card fails, is damaged or you lose it, it can be recovered:

  • If there is a warranty, the restoration will be free of charge.
  • Keep in mind that two cards cannot be linked to one subscriber. If you go through the restoration procedure, the old plastic will not work.
  • If your equipment does not support the presented component, then you can exchange it according to the rules of the company.

To get detailed advice on the issue, contact the staff by calling the hotline, or by writing to technical support through a personal account on the website.

insert, smart, card

Before we talk about how to install a Tricolor Smart card, let’s review the main systems. One of them is a system of satellite television NTV. This system is paid, so in order to get access to NTV programs you will need to buy a special card and make a subscription fee to the account.

This provider encodes its channels using the ViAccess system. This means that you will get access to all channels encoded and available thanks to this package, if you have the corresponding module. You can also view NTV PLUS TV programs by using a receiver, but it must have a Cl slot.

The advantages of such equipment

Before you buy a new LG, Philips or Sony TV, it’s worth thinking about buying a model with a built-in receiver and a slot for a CAM-module, because such electronic equipment has undeniable advantages.

  • Better value for money. Buying a conditional access module will be cheaper than the usual TV-set or Smart STB.
  • Easy to install and set up. It is enough to insert it into the slot along with a subscriber card and make a simple hardware setup.
  • It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This device is slightly larger than a plastic card and is inserted into the CI-slot on the TV panel. There is no need to hang additional shelves for it, especially if the TV-panel is mounted on the wall as for external TV-set-top-boxes. Also, such wireless equipment doesn’t take unnecessary power outlets, since it’s powered by your TV.
  • Easy control from TV remote control.

Answers to users questions regarding Smart Cards

There are a lot of problems when using Smart, that’s why many users ask questions in Support. Users get answers to their questions quickly and without delay.

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What does it mean if Smart card is not detected by receiver?

To fix the error you should follow these steps:

  • Insert card correctly.
  • Clean the plastic card surface.
  • Check for damages, scratches.
  • Reset receiver.

Reset the receiver when rebooting doesn’t help. When the settings are reset to the factory level, you have to perform flashing.

What to do if the Smart card is defective

On the TV monitor screen there is a record that the card is blocked. It means that your disc runs out of memory or it is faulty. Users themselves can not solve the problem, you need to contact technical support. The office can offer a new card, especially if the slot is faulty.

Smart card belongs to a different broadcast region. what does it mean

When this inscription appears on the receiver, it means that the antenna was originally configured to receive a signal from another project. The module itself for digital TV is configured to activate. To do this you first open the menu:

  • activate the Settings item;
  • click on the line “About the receiver”;
  • Then click the line “Reset to default settings.

Next, you check the region of broadcasting and tuition fees.

Do you need an antenna for the Smart card or not?

The antenna is designed so that in one place there is signal reception and in another place there is no signal. To watch channels, you need to tune the antenna to the place where the signal is transmitted. The antenna works with the amplifier. The stronger the signal, the better the image on the screen.

What to do if the Smart card is not installed

If Smart installation is not done, you should check these ways:

  • Whether the TV is turned on;
  • Study the manual to operate the card properly;
  • You may need to install the device additionally.

When the instruction manual is read carefully, there is no problem installing and activating the Smart card.

The Smart card is a handy device to access digital broadcasting. Plastic device works without interference if you follow the instructions. Inexpensive and compact in size. The user can set it up on his own.

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