How to insert a SIM card into the HTC phone

How to insert a SIM card into your phone: types of SIM cards, use their use

The evolution of SIM cards is expressed in the form of a change in size and functionality, due to the appearance of new gadgets. The slots are not universal, so the operators have a problem: when purchasing a SIM card, the user should have the opportunity to independently insert it into the phone without returning a return. The operator in the office undertakes to inform the client about the SIM card and its features, and in case of uncertainty, you can ask the employee of the communication salon insert the card into the phone slot.

The very first SIM cards were the size of a bank card, and most users never used them. For old telephone models, such large cards were required, since they were loaded and equipped with all the necessary schemes, which are now significantly reduced. These models of cards were issued from 1991 to 1996. And now they have been discontinued, being considered a rarity.

If you classify modern SIM cards, you will get 3 types of SIMI:

  • Mini-SIM. This model is considered standard, although it is not the very first, as already described above. For that time, comparing with the first models of SIM cards, Simka seemed small. In addition, it is called mini-SIM due to its size and a small chip, since it was actively used for devices of the old generation. Mini-SIM purchased for phone numbers Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, etc.D. With the help of these phones, it was possible to make calls and write text messages, on this their functionality ended. Now Mini-SIM is practically not used due to its size, in rare cases, it is inserted into the nest of ordinary button phones, which are still being sold on sale;
  • With the advent of new devices, specialists have developed Micro-SIM. Only the size of the SIM card, the chip and functionality decreased, remained the same, while the possibilities of phones have increased greatly. Cutting the plastic on the map led to the fact that Simka herself did not take up much space and did not require a large slot, this made it possible to accommodate other components in the phone case. The modification was affected positively at the work and options of the device. Initially, the idea of ​​reducing the amount of plastic visited the creators of Apple, and the idea was implemented for the iPhone 4 model. Later, the innovation was popularized among other smartphone models, so Micro-SIM is the most common at the moment;
  • Nano-SIM is the smallest SIM card that is known in communication salons and devices developers. It was developed for the iPhone 5, and can compete with popularity with a Micro-SIM card already described. Competitiveness is confirmed by the appearance of new smartphones, the slot of which contains only Nano-SIM. Nano-Sim itself is only one chip that has practically no plastic on the sides. Another difference is the subtlety of the chip compared to Micro-SIM.

In order not to get confused when buying a SIM card in the communication salon of the selected provider, you can ask for a combined format.

What is the structure of the SIM card?

Before performing any actions with the card, you need to know at least in general terms its device. The standard SIM card is simplistic to consists of two elements: an electronic chip and the base of plastic, to which this chip is mounted.

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The main warning during all manipulations associated with the SIM card is not to damage the electronic chip containing information reproduced by a mobile device. If the chip is damaged, then it will not work to restore it, and the subscriber can buy a new SIM card.

The plastic plastic plastic does not contain any information component: its purpose is to be the basis on which the electronic filling will be mounted. The latest models of smartphones and tablets do not need this plastic basis.

What are the types of slots for the SIM card

In the process of development, the phones received various technical solutions of the construction of the case. SIM card slot also underwent changes. In the early 2000s, Mini-Sim type SIM card was used. She needed a rather large tray for her. It was placed, as a rule, under the battery.

This caused certain inconvenience when installing and extracting the card. To get to the slot, you first had to turn off the smartphone, remove the rear panel and remove the battery. The process of replacing the SIM card thus took some time.

Later, when the SIM cards format changed, models appeared in which the slots for them were removed from under the battery and removed it when replacing SIM cards.

When the Micro-SIM was replaced by Nano format, smartphones with two slots for a different type of “SIMM” appeared: one under Micro-SIM, the second-for Nano. In recent years, mobile devices have been produced with two slots for nano-format.

Today, there are several types of slots for SIM cards:

  • Individual trays, access to which can be obtained by removing the back cover;
  • Sliding slots for two SIM cards or one “SIM card” and a memory card;
  • Sliding slots combined for 2 SIM cards and a memory card.

For the sake of savings, manufacturers often put combined slots in the smartphone, in which you can install either two SIM cards, or one “SIM card” and a memory card. It is better to find a smartphone with a slot with three trays. Then you can use two SIM cards and a memory card.

Battery, battery charging

The phone uses a built.In battery. The operating time of the telephone of discharge of the battery depends on the intensity of using your phone.The functions you use and accessories can also affect the operating time of the Oakkumulator. For example, the constantly included Bluetooth connection

Power usage. Long.Term conversations on the phone and frequent use of the Internet also accelerate the discharge of the battery. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the location: a weak signal of the mobile communication network and extremia.Meter forces the battery to work more intensively.

Before turning on and starting to use the phone, the battery is recommended to shake.

To charge the battery, use only a network power adapter and a USB-cables of the supply kit.

insert, card, phone

One. Insert the smaller end of the USB-cable into the USB connector.

Insert the other end of the USB cable into the network adapter.

Insert a network adapter into a network outlet to start charging the battery.

During the charging of the battery, the nothing indicator is constantly glowing ooran. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will change the color of the native.

If you charge the battery when the phone is turned on, the battery charging icon of charging isocated in the status line

Charges, the battery charging icon will change to the icon of a fully charged accumulator

To ensure the safety of charging the battery, it stops when the battery is excessive.

Battery charging, turning on and off power, power on power

Before turning on and starting to use the HTC Desire with the battery, it is recommended to call.

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The battery is already installed in HTC Desire C when delivered. A thin insulating film was inserted between the battery and its. Before charging the accumulator, Eden needs to be removed.

To charge the battery, only a network power adapter of the IUSB cable from the device supply kit should be used.

During charging through a car or network power adapter, it is forbidden to build a battery from HTC Desire C.

One. Insert the smaller end of the USB-cable into the USB connector.

Insert the other end of the USB cable into the network adapter.

Insert a network adapter into a network outlet to start charging the battery.

In order to safety, charging the battery stops when it is excessive.

When you turn on the HTC Desire C, you will have to configure it.

Insert SIM & SD Card in HTC Desire 626. Install SIM & SD

Whether a regular SIM card is suitable in Micro-SIM slot

You can cut a map of ordinary sizes to Micro-SIM dimensions if the card is old. However, it is much easier and safer to contact a service center where you will be given a new SIM in the form of a transformer. All popular sizes.

If the module urgently needs to be replaced with a smaller one, you can cut it manually with ordinary sharp scissors.

The choice of the correct size of the SIM card

If you order a new mobile service, your SIM card will be attached to a larger plastic card. Just remove the chip of the desired size from the card (but do not remove it until you see what size you need).

Types of SIM cards

SIM card is an identification module of the Subscriber of the Communications Operator. Several decades have passed since their launch and before the start of mass sales, and during this time their shape and size have improved. This process was forced. At first, smartphones appeared on mobile markets, and there were simply not enough space under the back cover. Technologies improved, user requests, batteries increasingly increased, phones are thinner and less space.

insert, card, phone

This evolution of cards allowed them to reduce almost half, and modern advanced slots noticeably freed the space for other details.

Let’s look at what types of SIM are, what is their feature, and how to insert SIM:

  • Full.Size (which was not even guessed about the presence of much). The largest in the ruler, around the perimeter as a bank card. Appeared in 1991 with the first wave of popularity of cellular communications among ordinary residents. It is not used in modern phones, sometimes you can find cars with similar “innovations” a la 90s.
  • Mini-SM-is still used for devices released from the period of the 2000s to the beginning of the 2010s, supports 2G and 3G.
  • Micro-SIM-appeared in 2003, but is currently considered the most used generation of communication modules. It is supported by all manufacturers of modern gadgets with 3G and LTE.
  • The smallest is Nano-Sim, which looks like her predecessor, only without plastic edges. Appeared five years ago, and is used in all models of the Apple brand and some other producers of the premium segment.

All types of SIMCs are inserted the same. Into the designated slots in a smartphone or tablet. It is impossible to say exactly where the stand is located, since manufacturers reserve the right to place them anywhere, according to their design concept. Sometimes a sticker with step.By.Step instructions are glued on new phones, it can also be found in the user guide.

How to insert a microchemist into a regular phone

Smartphones are being improved, they become thinner, stronger and smarter. Sometimes manufacturers compromise. Sacrificing the usual way and making changes to the operation of the devices, they achieve competitive characteristics or invent fundamentally new chips in the smartphone.

If the joy of buying a new device was overshadowed by the fact that the old SIM card does not fit into the slot of the device, you should not be upset. Firstly, you can contact the representative of the operator who will help replace the card with the preservation of the number, tariff and balance. Secondly, in any mobile phone store there is equipment that allows you to adapt the card to a new format. There sellers will cut SIM in seconds. The third option is the most interesting. The card can be cut to the desired format and at home. To do this, you need a ruler, scissors, handle and nail file.

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Conditionally, the map of the mobile operator is divided into two components. The first is a plastic rim that does not contain information. The second is directly the chip in which the user number is sewn, information on the balance, saved contacts and ordered services are also stored there. It is the chip that is the most valuable part of the card. It is important that the phone with a damaged chip is most likely no longer recognizes and will have to apply for help to the customer service center.

How to assign actions for SIM cards

Actions for SIM SIM card on Android. In the settings, you must go to the section “Network and the Internet”, the name is relevant for the Android 9 version.0. In other versions, the signature is almost no different or the desired functionality is in the point “SIM cards dispatcher”.

Wi-Fi parameters, mobile networks and VPN are configured here. Choosing a line “SIM cards”.

In the section, you can turn off the SIM cards by pressing on the slider. Below are the parameters responsible for actions for each SIM card. For example, adjust the priority for a specific operator when working with:

  • Mobile data (Internet);
  • Phone calls;
  • SMS.

Important: if SIM does not work, instead of the name for SIM 1 or 2, it will be written: “The card is not found”.

How to install a SIM card on Android

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The SIM card is necessary in order to ensure a wireless mobile interaction between the device running the Android operating system and the supplier of wireless services. A specific method for installing a SIM card in the device depends on the location of the SIM slot: it can be both in the battery compartment and in a special tray.

Open the lid of the battery compartment. In most cases, the battery compartment can be opened neatly picing the back cover of the device with your fingers.

To correctly install the SIM card, you need to check with the diagram indicated next to the SIM card slot. The diagram will show how exactly the SIM card should be inserted: a mowed corner inside or out.

Return the back cover of the device in place. Now your SIM card is installed and ready for use. [1] X Source of Information

Insert the pointed end of the tool for extracting SIM into a small hole next to the SIM card tray. In most cases, the manufacturer of the device provides such a tool at the time of the purchase.

Carefully (fingers) must be pulled out for the SIM card (after it will protrude from the device sufficiently).

Gently return the tray with the SIM card back to the device (to the click). Now your SIM card is installed and ready for use. [2] X Source of Information

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