How to Insert a SIM Card into a Xiaomi Phone

So, here you are the owner of the xiaomi smartphone. Perhaps this is a redmi 4x or redmi 5a model, or maybe the more expensive mi a1 or mi6. It is possible that you have chosen another option from the large line of this Chinese manufacturer. Anyway, congratulations! Great choice! It remains only to turn on the device and insert a SIM card. Of course, for many, this procedure will be easier than ever. But there are those to whom the installation of sim seems a real test.

So we decided to talk about it in detail. We promise, having studied the information below, you can easily insert a SIM card in your xiaomi.

How to Insert a SIM Card into a Xiaomi Phone

What should be remembered?

First, keep in mind that many xiaomi smartphones do not have a removable back panel. Therefore, access to the slots for SIM and memory cards is located on the left side. Why not right? Usually there are “sitting” buttons for power and sound control.

In this case, the hole from where the slots are taken out is closed with a special cover. You can open it with a clip-key that comes with the device. By the way, do not throw this item away and keep it handy. After all, if you suddenly need to change the SIM card or get a microSD flash drive, it will be difficult without it.

For reference! On certain xiaomi models, you can install a memory card instead of the second SIM card. For example, such devices include xiaomi redmi note 3 pro.

We insert the SIM card into the xiaomi smartphone. detailed instructions

  1. Turn off the mobile device. Of course, it is allowed to install the sim on a “hot” one, but for security reasons we recommend not to do so.
  2. We take the phone and put it with the display down. At the same time, in order not to scratch the screen, we first put paper or some soft cloth under it.
  3. “We arm ourselves” with a paper clip key to open the SIM card slot. If you lost it or cannot find it, then try to pick up a needle or wire of the same thickness and use them.
  4. We find the connector on the side of the smartphone in which the slots for the SIM card and flash drive are hidden.
  5. Carefully and evenly insert the key clip into the hole, holding it strictly perpendicular to the end of the smartphone. Then press lightly.
  6. After the manipulations have been done, the tray should snap open and protrude slightly. Pry it with your finger and pull it out completely.
  7. We install a SIM card (or maybe 2 SIM cards at once, if there are connectors) or microSD to increase memory in order to get plus a couple of gigabytes for data storage.
  8. We put the slot back into the connector. Push it until it clicks.

That’s all! Just do not forget to put the SIM card correctly. To do this, you can use the instructions for the smartphone or special hints-schemes on the retractable slot.

For reference! Separate slots are installed on some Xiaomi smartphones (redmi 4 prime). For example, one for hosting sim1, the other for sim2 or a flash drive. But there are also models with a hybrid slot that can hold 1 or 2 at once sim, as well as a memory card (redmi note 4, redmi 4a, mi5, redmi 5, 5 plus etc.).