How to Insert a Sim Card into a Smartphone Correctly

HTC One m8 # 8212; how to insert a sim card?

How to Insert a Sim Card into a Smartphone Correctly

HTC One m8 # 8212; how to insert a sim card?

Sometimes after buying a smartphone when you go home, you completely forget about everything that sellers read or told you. And it comes to the point that you just don’t remember how to open the lid or how to insert a SIM card?

We will try to disclose the answer to the question: How to insert a SIM card into HTC one m8?And just how to pull out a sim card?

First you need to understand that the HTC One m8 smartphone uses only nano SIM cards (nanoSim) and if you don’t have the same, then run to the operator’s salon to replace it with the same one.

how to insert a sim card into a smartphone

And so how to insert a SIM card into a smartphone:

# 8212; Turn the smartphone over as shown in the picture.

# 8212; Insert a key or a paper clip, a toothpick (just don’t break it there) into the hole and press all the way to open the tray for the SIM card.

# 8212; After the tray for the SIM card pops up, insert your SIM card with the contacts down.

# 8212; Push the tray all the way into the smartphone.

That’s all! Everything is very simple. Just do not use cropped SIM cards for this smartphone, as either it will not work, or it will not lie correctly in the tray and will not be detected, or it will get stuck there, which is even worse.

insert your SIM card with the contacts down

How to remove a SIM card from HTC one m8?

# 8212; Be sure to turn off your smartphone.

# 8212; Turn the phone over with the back to you.

# 8212; Use a cry or a paper clip, a toothpick, a pen to pull the tray out of your smartphone.

# 8212; After the tray pops out, remove the SIM card.

These are simple tips, but it is advisable to follow them, as they are recommended by the manufacturer and when performing these steps, your smartphone will serve you for a long time.

I recently reviewed a good budget 5.5-inch smartphone MegaFon Login (MegaFon Login). The smartphone was originally sharpened for working with a MegaFon SIM card. At first, it was impossible to unlock the phone for free. Now this opportunity has appeared. In addition, it turned out that MegaFon Login can be turned into a dual-SIM model. How to do it all yourself, read on.

Alas, I do not have this smartphone in my hands, so I personally can’t check the tips. So, how to turn MegaFon Login into a dual SIM card. read the article Megafon Login (MFLoginPH). A phablet is a two-character one. activate the second slot.

The second tip is simpler. It allows you to unlock your smartphone, after which the phone will be able to work with the SIM card of any mobile operator. You need to follow a few steps.
1. Insert the SIM card of any other operator into the first or second slot.
2. Turn on the phone and press end call when requesting the unlock code.
3. Enter “# 9 #“.
4. Go to the “Telephony“ tab.
5. At the bottom of the list, select “Simme Lock“, then “Network Personalization“ and “Unlock“.
6. Enter the unlock code “1025“.
7. Reboot the smartphone.

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If you install a nano-SIM card on a powered device, the device will automatically reboot.

  1. Remove the cover of the nano SIM card holder.
  2. Use a fingernail or other sharp object to remove the nano SIM card holder.
  3. Place the nano SIM card in the nano SIM card holder, then reinstall the holder.
  4. Replace the cover.

Make sure you put the nano SIM card holder back in the correct position. Do not flip the holder when you insert a nano-SIM card into it.

Inserting a memory card

  1. Remove the memory card slot cover.
  2. Insert the memory card into the memory card slot, then reinstall the cover of this slot.

Removing a nano SIM card

  1. Disconnect the nano SIM card slot cover.
  2. Using a fingernail or an improvised item, remove the nano-SIM card from the holder.
  3. Remove the nano SIM card.
  4. Insert the nano SIM card holder back into the slot.
  5. Replace the cover.

Removing a memory card

  1. Turn off the device and open the cover of the nano SIM card and memory card slots.
  2. Press on the memory card and quickly release.
  3. Pull out the memory card completely and remove it from the slot.
  4. Close the cover.

You can remove the memory card without turning off the device in step 1. To do this, you must first disconnect the memory card in the Settings section Memory next to the SD card. and then follow the instructions above.