How to insert a flash drive into your iPad. Connecting a flash drive and an external hard drive

How to insert a flash drive into your iPad?

Uploading movies, documents, photos and other files to your iPhone or iPad is easy. Simply load them onto the JetDrive Go 300 from your computer, then plug the flash drive into the Lightning connector Useful feature. the extended Lightning connector: with it you can connect the flash drive even to an iPhone with a case.

What accessories do you need to connect a regular flash drive with your iPhone and iPad without any accessories, you can use drives with the right connectors: Lightning for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro up to and including 2017, and USB Type-C for iPad Pro 2018 and newer.

How to jailbreak

To do this, we will need the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” described above. Using it and the jailbreak function it is very easy to create normal names for folders and other audio and media files, it is easier to watch pictures or videos, no matter what format. You will not need to move files to the internal memory of the device.

To jailbreak your device, install the iFile file manager, which can be downloaded from Cydia. When the application will be downloaded from Cydia to the iPad, a special icon is formed in the main menu, which must be activated by clicking, and then through the adapter “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” install the micro SD card.

Now Jailbreak helps you to watch photos, movies or other video, audio and text files without any restriction in opening them, using any movie viewer, etc.д. And, use high-speed micro SD cards at least class 10, so that the video is 1080p quality.

How to choose an adapter to connect external storage devices to your iPad or iPhone

The adapter type depends on the model of your iPad or iPhone and the device you want to connect to.

For iPad and iPhone (with Lightning):

    (works for iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, older iPad Pro, to connect to USB-C) (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro before 2018, to connect to USB-A)

  • Apple Lightning to SD card reader (for iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, older iPad Pro, to connect to SD card readers)

For iPad Pro (2018 and newer with USB-C):

If your iPad or iPhone is equipped with a Lightning port, you’ll need Lightning adapters (list number 1). If your device has a USB-C port, you’ll need a USB-C-based adapter (listed as number 2).

If you want to save money, you can order an adapter on AliExpress:

Using the Files app on your iPad and iPhone, you can connect not only to external drives, but also to SMB servers.

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Charge your iPhone and other electronics

Immediately after the announcement, a joke flashed around the web about an expensive external battery, the role of which can be played by the new iPad Pro 2018.

Well, there is some truth in every joke, and the novelty can indeed charge other devices and accessories.

But then again, you’ll need to splurge on a cable from USB-C to Lightning to charge the iPhone or buy a USB-C to USB-A (mom) to connect any other gadgets.

A nice and somewhat odd point. The iPad Pro 2018 produces a power of 7 when charging.5W. But the charger, which Apple continues to apply to its iPhone for over 10 years, is only capable of 1 A current, which at 5 V voltage corresponds to only 5 watts.

By the way, the Apple website even has a special cable for charging the Apple Watch. USB Type-C on one side, magnetic washer on the other.

How to connect a USB flash drive to iPad

Tablet computers are becoming more and more popular by the day. According to experts, they will soon replace familiar to all personal computers and laptops.

Perhaps the most famous and popular tablet computer today is the iPad. This device has gained enormous popularity due to its small size, high performance, excellent build quality and an excellent sensor, to work with which. one pleasure.

But there are a number of drawbacks with the iPad that cloud the overall picture a bit. Among them. the lack of connectivity familiar to everyone flash drives.

Perhaps the company Apple, which is the developer of the device, consider it not essential, but in fact it is quite an important point, because iPad is equipped with a relatively small internal drive. For example, for fans of movies this is a critical point, because a lot of video on iPad “will not fit”, and a desktop computer from which you can download new movies, is not always around.

But it turns out, You can still connect a USB flash drive to your iPad. The specialists of Apple, developing this device, have provided the possibility to connect to it a camera with a USB interface. This “loophole” can also be used to connect USB flash drives. To do this, you need to buy a special adapter Camera Apple iPad Connection Kit, The cost of which in online stores at the time of preparation of this material was 50-60. U.S. (see Apple’s iPad Connection Kit). image).

Features of connecting a flash drive to the iPad using the iPad Connection Kit:

The flash drive to be connected to iPad must have a FAT file system;

When connected in this way flash drive can only be used to copy photos in JPG format and MPEG and AVI video formats (other types of files are not supported);

In order for iPad to “see” the contents of the flash drive, it must be in a folder named DCIM (this folder must be created on the flash drive and put all the files in it);

Only small flash drives (usually up to 8 GB) can be connected to the iPad. Otherwise the iPad will not be able to provide them with sufficient power;

For the same reasons it is very difficult to connect other devices to the iPad through the adapter (in most cases it is not possible or additional power is required);

Through an adapter you can connect one iPad to another.

This is a limited use for the iPad flash drive. But despite its shortcomings, Apple devices remain very convenient and popular.

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USB flash drives for iPhone (iPad)

Unfortunately, to connect an ordinary USB flash drive to the iPhone via any adapter Lightning-USB will not work, the device simply will not see it. And Apple does not want to switch to USB-C yet (perhaps then the task would be easier and less costly).

However, manufacturers of flash drives offer flash drives, which have the ability to connect to the iPhone and a computer, among which we can highlight the most popular of those that can be officially purchased in our country

Separately can be allocated card reader for Apple devices. Leef iAccess, which allows you to connect any memory cards MicroSD interface Lightning.

Price of flash drives for the iPhone higher than the standard, but at the moment there is no alternatives (unless you can buy the same flash drive for a lower price in reputable Chinese stores, but how they work, I have not tested).

Can I use my iPad as a flash drive?

Another question that bothers the owners of iPad, especially in versions with large memory, is whether you can use the device as a flash drive. This option is possible. There are legal ways, i.e. without Jailbreak, and with it.

If the buyer does not want to deprive his device of warranty, you can use one of the three options.

  • Connect the iPad to the PC and through iTunes to install the Documents application.
  • iTools. the application is installed on the PC, and through it in the menu item “External Hard Drive” you can transfer the necessary information to the device. It should be understood that in this case, the tablet can not open files and serves only as a carrier.
  • The third option allows you to transfer files without using wires. It is necessary to install the application Wi-Fi Drive on the tablet and then to enter there the IP-address of the wireless network to which both the tablet and the PC, from which data is to be copied, are connected. A network connection is established between the two devices, and then you can transfer the necessary files.

If you want to use iPad as an Android device, that is, “connect it to a PC and get access to the memory,” the application from Cydia (appears after Jailbreak) called PwnTunes will help you. It is paid, but it is the most convenient and secure. All directories with necessary information for iOS work become hidden from the user, and he sees only what he can work with. The app costs 13.

Many happy owners of shiny new iPad’s, bringing their purchase home, with horror discover that this device does not have an outlet for the usual and so familiar to us USB-flash drive. “How could it be??” immediately pops into my head. Indeed, today we use USB-flashes almost every day, they have managed to replace the inconvenient and large disks, allowing you to often record and erase information. So, how to connect a flash drive to the iPad? The owners of this modern device quite often ask the question. The answers are countless, but we decided to find the most effective of them and present in this small review article.

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At the moment, as we know, such a device has not yet been invented. Although if flash drive for iPad appeared, it would be very popular, as every year the number of owners of small convenient tablets increases. But so far we can only hope for its appearance and use various “improvised” materials to work our iPad (flash drive connection can be carried out with adapters).

Where to buy and how much does it cost USB flash drive for iPhone

There are flash drives for iPhone and other manufacturers. The most popular and well promoted is Leef from iBRIDGE. True, it costs like a plane, and the dimensions are obscenely large.

As I said before, all flash drives functionality is the same. The only difference is the design and probably the presence of some pluses in the companion app.

How much similar stick in Russia? I specifically asked this question and below are the average from online stores for flash drives (with lightning connector) in 32GB.

  • Leef iBRIDGE 32Gb. 6990rub (123)
  • SanDisk iXpand 32GB. 4990rub (88)
  • Elari SmartDrive 32GB. 4990rub (88)
  • PQI iConnect mini 32GB. 5540rub (97)
  • Transcend JetDrive 32GB. 3761rub (66)
  • Ugreen 32GB USB 3.0. 2350rub (38.5)

At the time of writing this article, I casually showed my friends a flash drive from Ugreen and what do you think? Three of them immediately ordered the same! In Russian online stores sell flash drives similar to Ugreen, but under a different name (Elari SmartDrive) and with a price tag of 5000.

Here, of course, everyone’s business, but if “you do not burn,” then a little while you get the perfect flash drive for the iPhone, while saving a lot of money The only downside is a 2-3 weeks, but still free shipping from China.

What else can I tell you?? This device is very helpful on long trips, for example, when you want to watch a movie on your iPad/iPhone, but don’t have time to deal with iTunes before leaving home.

And in everyday life flash drive for iPhone. an indispensable thing I threw a presentation from PowerPoint, a table from Excel or Word document on your iPhone, and while driving to work in the subway, had time to view everything. Even my wife took a genuine interest when she saw this miracle device.

Now she doesn’t have to ask me to download all the documents she needs on her iPhone.

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